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Hidden In Plain Sight - Australia's Forgotten Market


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On March 22 2018, our UX Director, Áine Hart, presented at ad:tech Sydney , the original industry authority for marketing and media technology.

Drawing on learnings from a recent UX project for our client Anglicare, Áine explored some of the challenges and benefits associated with engaging older audiences on a digital platform, and discussed common flawed assumptions.

The over 65s currently account for 1 in every 6 Australians, and that number is continually growing, however, they are often overlooked by marketing and customer experience professionals alike, despite their considerable spending power, and being responsible for more than 20% of Australia’s internet traffic!

Anglicare have kindly agreed to let us share Áine's slides with you, so even if you weren't at ad:tech this year you can still check out the presentation and gain insight into how you can target this market.

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Hidden In Plain Sight - Australia's Forgotten Market

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