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Marketing Automation in Travel Industry


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Case Study of Lemon Tree Hotels: Increasing direct online bookings through Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation in Travel Industry

  2. 2. Best hotels in Delhi Technology has changed the way customers book hotels CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  3. 3. Best hotels in Delhi Search Technology has changed the way customers book hotels CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  4. 4. Best hotels in Delhi Search Select Technology has changed the way customers book hotels CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  5. 5. Best hotels in Delhi Search Select Book Technology has changed the way customers book hotels CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  6. 6. While the OTAs keep the hotel rooms filled.. 76% of online bookings happen via OTA Source: The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) ReportCASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  7. 7. OTA commission costs between 15% to 30% ..They hurt your bottom line.. Source: Report from global hotel consultancy HVSCASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  8. 8. Our Client India’s fastest growing chain of upscale business and leisure hotels CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  9. 9. Challenge To increase Lemon Tree’s direct online sales and reduce Cost of Acquisition CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  10. 10. To effectively attract& retain more visitors to direct hotel booking, we need to build a systematically planned Email Marketing Automation Our Strategy CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  11. 11. Attract OTA Customers to direct online bookings through exclusive loyalty program Retain customers who booked directly in the past with exclusive Loyalty program THE PLAN Attract Retain CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  12. 12. “One of the best ways to boost hotel’s repeat business is to establish a guest loyalty program Loyalty programs account for 57% rise in bedroom revenue - The Centre for Hospitality Research Attract CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  13. 13. Retain CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  14. 14. “It is far more logical to retain your existing customers than acquire new ones It costs 5-8 times less to retain existing customers than attracting new customers - Second Opinion Marketing Retain CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  15. 15. Automation Workflow CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  16. 16. OTA Booking Direct Booking Automation Segment Loyalty Discount Voucher Email 1 30 days Check if still in segment END Voucher Reminder Email 2 END Attract Retain Automation Workflow Redeemed voucher Did not redeem voucher CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  17. 17. Recipients of these automated emails had rewarding offers ABOUT THE LOYALTY PROGRAM FOR DIRECT BOOKINGS - Guests got a Rs 1000 worth voucher which they could redeem upon direct website booking - In addition, they also received Rs 500 bonus points and hidden offers - All bookings done through Loyalty program were entitled for special benefits like free wifi and complimentary breakfast CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  18. 18. Our Idea Leverage on past OTA bookings and build loyalty with customers booking directly Guests who books through OTA or directly would be added to automation segment Establish a Loyalty program to this email list Offer exclusive voucher, which can be redeemed upon direct booking Guests who avail this offer are removed from the list (successful in migrating & retaining direct online booking) Guests who do not redeem the voucher are sent an automated reminder email 30 days after the first email CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  19. 19. Offer for direct online bookings was extended to direct check-ins as well. Guests who had the voucher could redeem it directly by taking the voucher print or sharing the voucher code Integrate Online & Offline direct bookings CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  20. 20. EMAIL CREATIVEAttract Retain CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  21. 21. We could reach out to each guest with personally targeted messages and extensively promote direct bookings. The systematic approach through automation helped us save time and improved our cost of acquisition considerably. “ Protik Basu Head – Digital Marketing and Loyalty The Lemon Tree Hotel Company CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  22. 22. How Automation helped Lemon Tree CASE STUDY OF @SitaSpeaks
  23. 23. DECREASE IN ACQUISITION COST 93.76% How Automation helped Lemon Tree CASE STUDY OF INCREASE IN ENGAGEMENT 157.25% Increase in email open rates compared to their average for the period Sept – Oct 2015 Lemon Tree pays an OTA commission of 25% per hotel booking @SitaSpeaks
  24. 24. GET SUCCESSFUL WITH MARKETING AUTOMATION Talk to our experts: CORPORATE OFFICE 8th Floor, Peninsula Towers, Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai - 13 Email: Phone: +91 22 6178 2222 | Missed Call: 022 6155 0888 BRANCHES New Delhi | Chennai | Bengaluru | Hyderabad | Gandhinagar | Pune @SitaSpeaks