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General information regarding to shopping cart and type of shopping carts available.

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Shopping Cart

  1. 1. Shopping Cart Web Technologies and E-Commerce Sisuru Shamith Kekiriwaragodage MSCIT/13/063
  2. 2. Agenda • • • • • • • About Shopping Cart Shopping Cart Process Types of Shopping Carts Shopping Cart Selection Conclusion References Question S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 2
  3. 3. About Shopping Cart • A web based shopping cart is similar to the original grocery store shopping cart? S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 3
  4. 4. About Shopping Cart “ Graphic representation of a supermarket shopping cart on a vendor's website which serves to keep the list of items a user (buyer) has 'picked up' from the online store.” • Foundation for any online store • It’s Software. S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 4
  5. 5. About Shopping Cart Shopping Cart Elements• • • • • • Website wizards Merchant tools Shopping features Payment options Shipping and Taxes configurations Statistics and Security *Get Some limited tracking details about customer. S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 5
  6. 6. Shopping Cart Process S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 6
  7. 7. Shopping Cart Process- Payments S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 7
  8. 8. Type of Shopping Carts S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 8
  9. 9. Type of Shopping Carts • Licensed software -Free (open Source) -Purchased • Hosted solutions S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 9
  10. 10. Type of Shopping Carts-Further Divided Based on e-commerce platforms • • • • Light add-on Carts Hosted or SaaS Carts Self-Hosted Open-Source or Licensed/Purchased Cart Custom e-commerce shopping cart S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 10
  11. 11. Type of Shopping Carts Licensed Software • software that can be downloaded from a vendor and installed on a Web server computer • one-time fee or completely free for a merchant to use • Require Fee- Use enterprises that generate large monthly sales volumes, its comes with premium support and upgrades. • Free- Available under an open-source that allows the personalized the software, cart normally run on any server platform. Notable disadvantage is the lack of official support. S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 11
  12. 12. Type of Shopping Carts-Further Divided Light Add-On Carts: • Cart that integrates into your existing website or content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, joomla. Benefits - Inexpensive - Effective solution for a limited amount of items - Requires less custom development S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 12
  13. 13. Type of Shopping Carts-Further Divided Drawback - Limited design features - Less customer service management features - Not easily personalized Examples: Cart66 Shopp PayPal Standard Buttons – Easiest of them all Woo Commerce S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 13
  14. 14. Type of Shopping Carts-Further Divided Hosted or SaaS Carts: • Hosted carts typically provide more features for inventory management and customer service than an add-on cart. • Start-up businesses with limited resources and less customized need. • Suitable for business owners who lack technical computer experience. • This a very cost-effective option. S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 14
  15. 15. Type of Shopping Carts-Further Divided Benefits - Low startup costs - Quick to setup - Available support - No software maintenance Drawback - Limited design freedom on some solutions - Limited customization - Maintain cost (monthly hosting fee, service adding) Examples: 3D Cart Bigcommerce ChannelAdvisor eBay ProStores S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 15
  16. 16. Type of Shopping Carts-Further Divided Self-Hosted Open-Source or Licensed/Purchased Cart: • Carts place on your own server or web hosting service • recommend for our custom website designs Benefits - Design limitations are minimal - Custom data formatting - Custom product formatting - Custom checkout procedures S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 16
  17. 17. Type of Shopping Carts-Further Divided Drawback - High initial cost - Requires a hosting environment - Less strong support than a hosted cart - Self-service maintenance and potentially high upgrade costs Examples: AspDotNetStoreFront CS-Cart Magento nopCommerce S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 17
  18. 18. Shopping Cart Selection “What are my goals for ecommerce?” “What features do I need in my shopping cart?” • Test trial versions or demo accounts and decide what is most suitable solution for use. S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 18
  19. 19. Conclusion • Shopping cart is a Foundation for any online store. • Shopping cart have some key element. • Get Some limited tracking details about customer. • Available number of shopping cart solution with different flat forms. • Users needed to decide most suitable solution for their business. S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 19
  20. 20. References • • • t.html • • • S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 20
  21. 21. References • • • • • • S.S.Kekiriwaragodage MSIT/13/063 21
  22. 22. Questions?
  23. 23. Thank You !