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Developing a successful social recruiting strategy


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This presentation addresses the following: (1) how to build an effective social recruiting strategy (2)
how to involve and engage employees to share jobs (3) how to be efficient with your social networking time (4) how to determine which social networks are right for your organization and how to successfully execute your social recruiting strategy.

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Developing a successful social recruiting strategy

  1. 1. Developing a SuccessfulSocial Recruiting Strategy Presented by Genia Stevens, MBA 608.466.7612
  2. 2. LinkedIn: 42% female/58% male Facebook: 51% female/49% male Twitter: 43% female/57% maleOf workers who said social networks led to their most recent job,Facebook was the leading source at 78%. (source: Job Seeker 2011)
  3. 3. Q: What is a social recruiting strategy?A: A plan of action, utilizing various social media tools,designed to achieve a specific recruiting goal 1st – Clearly define your organization’s goal(s) 2nd – Determine what social recruiting means to your organization
  4. 4. Recruiting is: building relationships and finding the rightpeople for your organizationSocial networks: make recruiting easier and more focusedBenefits of social recruiting:1. Connect to the largest pool of both passive and active job seekers2. Encourage employees to refer job seekers who are in their network3. Lower your organization’s cost for sourcing
  5. 5. Before developing a social recruiting strategy:1. Understand the organization’s business objective: why are you using social media as part of your recruiting effort?2. Set specific (realistic) goals a. What would you like to accomplish short-term (this quarter)? b. What would you like to accomplish mid-term (1 year)? c. What would you like to accomplish long-term (>1yr)?
  6. 6. Defining Your Company’s Culture1. What is your company’s current brand promise/unique selling proposition to its customers?2. What is your company’s current or desired employment brand promise? HINT: If you’re having trouble defining your employment brand promise, you can use the answer to #1 to shape the answer to #2
  7. 7. Defining Your Company’s CultureSocial recruiting can be tailored to help you find candidateswith the right skills and who fit your organization’s culture. Todo that, you must learn more about your employees andwhat they think is great about your organization.1. Determine the one value/vision/mission every employee at your organization shares.2. Based on your company’s culture, who would be your ideal job seeker?
  8. 8. What Value Do You Have to Offer Job Seekers?-Benefits-Perks-Career AdvancementYour social recruiting effort should reflect the promises you offer aswell as provide an accurate representation of the company culture.ContentAll content should relate to your employmentvalue.
  9. 9. Content Ideas1. What is your sale’s pitch when sourcing candidates?2. Leverage content from the marketing department3. Suggested ratio for social recruiting content: 25% company culture 25% job postings 25% how to get hired 25% fun4. Create a content schedule5. Experiment with video
  10. 10. Utilizing Employees in Your Social Recruiting Strategy1. Empowering employees as recruiters increases the number of contacts in your organization’s database2. Engaging employees in the recruiting process increases the number of high quality prospects your or your recruiter has access to3. Engaged employees serve as your organization’s brand ambassadors; they help to positively promote the company’s cultureSee:
  11. 11. Utilizing Employees in Your Social Recruiting StrategyQuestions you need to ask yourself:1. Which social networks do you use to engage employees?2. Are your employees currently referring friends and network contacts?3. Why do your employees do referrals? - referral bonuses - easy to broadcast job descriptions - love the company4. Are you making it easy for employees to utilize their social network to refer friends and network contacts?
  12. 12. Questions?Genia Stevens, MBA608.466.7612 (office)608.466.5230 (mobile)