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What it means to be an Oblate                                                 The Sisterhood of“As an Oblate, I have made ...
At the time of making her initial Oblation,            Requirements of an Oblate                                          ...
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SSJD - Oblates brochure


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SSJD - Oblates brochure

  1. 1. What it means to be an Oblate The Sisterhood of“As an Oblate, I have made a promise toGod within the wider community of theSisterhood that allows me to live in a St. John the Divine Oblatesmore intentional and accountable way,• I make time daily for prayer, ST. JOHNS CONVENT study, and worship Attn. Director of Oblates• I try to make a difference where I 233 Cummer Avenue live, using the gifts God has given Toronto, ON M2M 2E8 me TEL: 416-226-2201 FAX: 416-226-2131 E-Mail:• I try to acknowledge Gods presence in everything I do.• I spend several weeks a year in ST. JOHN’S HOUSE, BC residence with the Sisters, 3937 St. Peters Road entering into their rhythm of Victoria, B.C. V8P 2J9 prayer and working beside them TEL: 250-920-7787 FAX:250-920-7709 in whatever jobs they give me to E-Mail: do.I am part of a supportive community who www.ssjd.cawelcome me into their fellowship of love,who pray for me and sustain me as I dofor them.” An Oblate of SSJD A Monastic Community within the Anglican Church of Canada The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine is a registered charity. Our charitable donation number is BN 11925 4266 RR0001.
  2. 2. At the time of making her initial Oblation, Requirements of an Oblate the new Oblate is presented with the distinctive cross. Oblates renew their Oblates are required (where physically promises annually and may apply to make possible) to: life promises after three years. • Be in retreat of at least five days annually • Spend a minimum of two weeks per year in residency at one of the houses of the Sisterhood - at least once at the Convent during the Discernment time.Oblates are Christian women who discern • Prepare a reflective report to the Oblatea vocation to make a self-offering to God Director every three months during thealongside and in partnership with the discernment period and annuallySisterhood of St John the Divine. This thereafter.self-offering includes a life of Prayer • Meet monthly with a qualified spiritual(liturgical, intercessory, and contemplative) director, chosen by the Oblate orand Service both to the Sisterhood and to Discerner, and with a spiritual supportthe Oblates local community. group at least during the discernment period.A woman applying to become an Oblate is • Attend a gathering of Oblates everyone who is called to a life of contemplative three years, for mutual reflection andprayer and active service and who has a sharing, and for ongoing formation anddeep longing to live the monastic life in the deepening of the Oblate She first contacts the Oblate Oblate Rule of Life • Make a financial commitment to theDirector for an initial exploration of her The Oblate promises of Prayer and Service Sisterhood according to their means.sense of call. If appropriate. she may then take shape through her individualized Rulewrite a formal request to the Reverend of Life, developed in consultation with theMother asking to be considered for the Oblate Director and within guidelinesOblate Discernment process. An interview established by the Sisterhood. She makesand formal application follow. Only a small a commitment to live a monastic rhythm ofnumber of new Oblate discerners are life with daily prayer and reading. The Ruleaccepted each year in the spring, and the is meant to be an expression of thedeadline for initial inquiry in a given year is Oblates deepest desires with regard to herMarch 31. relationship with God. It reflects her particular way of living out the gospel inWhen formally accepted as an Oblate partnership with SSJD, in the tradition of St.discerner, the period of discernment and Benedict, and rooted in her own baptismalinitial formation lasts 1-2 years. covenant.