SSJD News from the Fundraising Office - April 2013


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SSJD News from the Fundraising Office - April 2013

  1. 1. News from the Fundraising Office “ … and to pray and work for peace, justice, unity and the integrity of creation.” (from the Rule of Life of the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine)As Sisters, we believe that God has called us to an extraordinary ministry of prayer, outreach, hospitality, compassionand education, all within the context of living a vowed life in Community. We have included a project for a Solar–Alternative Energy Project, which we believe is consistent with our commitment to the spirituality of eco-sustainability.SOLAR—ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PROJECTAn integral part of our life, which is shaped by gospel values, is a reverence for the whole creation. We work together totry to create a lifestyle committed to simplicity, one that respects life, each other and the earth as a sacred gift. In littlesteps we have tried to walk in a direction that honours our partnership with creation and our call to stewardship, byencouraging lifestyle changes and reducing our footprint on the earth. In our commitment to the spirituality of eco-sustainability, we have agreed to go forward and install solar panels.Our decision has come after careful discussion—a desire to create a more energy efficient Convent, a concern aboutecological issues, a longing to do more to protect the earth and find ways to contribute towards a more sustainablefuture. Ontario’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) program for renewable energy generation is a cornerstone of the province’s GreenEnergy Act. The provincial government launched the program in September of 2009, and the Ontario Power Authoritystarted accepting applications in October of 2009. After a review, in March 2012 the Ontario government renewed itscommitment to a clean energy economy. It is North America’s first comprehensive feed-in tariff program for renewableenergy.The demand for electricity in the Province, and particularly in Greater Toronto, continues to tax the current capacity toprovide the electricity needed. Electricity produced by coal plants contributing to pollution and nuclear power stationsbadly in need of repair and upgrading continue to be a concern for many of us. The Ontario government’s long-termenergy plan in moving the province to clean sources of power, like the MicroFit program, has given us an opportunity toparticipate and give back something towards a more sustainable lifestyle.SOLAR—ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PROJECT: THE COSTCompany engaged to do the work: Eco Alternative Energy – to install and provide a contract for a Solar Grid System designed for theOPA Feed-in Tariff ProgramThe cost of the proposed system will be $61,675.15($54,579.78 + HST of $7,095.37)Toronto Hydro New Meter Charge $ 2,500 Total Cost $64,175.15OUR CHALLENGES AND GOALSAs you have already read in our Narrative Budget 2013,to sustain our goals and meet our budget in recentyears, we have had to take more from our FoundersFund than it earns. This is partly the result of increasedexpenses and an unfavourable investmentenvironment. And you will have noted the GAP of$100,000. Notwithstanding these challenges, theopportunity offered by the Ontario government by therenewal of their commitment to continue the Solar Our neighbours Willowdale Manor and their solar project!MicroFit program at this time was an opportunity thatwe believed important to grasp. Not only is it an investment in eco-sustainability, it is also a cost saving investment inour electricity bill. Consistent with our commitment to the spirituality of eco-sustainability, the time seemed right totake the risk and go forward, confident that in doing so we would find support for our decision.