The Sisters extend a warm welcome toindividuals and groups to come and                ST. JOHN’S CONVENT                  ...
Who Are We?                                The Sisterhood of St John the Divine at                                        ...
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SSJD BC House brochure


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SSJD BC House brochure

  1. 1. The Sisters extend a warm welcome toindividuals and groups to come and ST. JOHN’S CONVENT St. John’s House, B.C.share with them in their life and prayer. 233 Cummer Avenue In the Diocese of British ColumbiaThere are regular services of morning Toronto, Ontario M2M 2E8and evening prayer, Eucharist and TEL:416-226-2201 FAX:416-226-2131compline in our chapel. Please call St E-Mail: convent@ssjd.caJohn’s House for the times of theseservices. ST. JOHN’S HOUSE, DIOCESE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA 3937 St. Peter’s Road Victoria, BC V8P 2J9 TEL:250-920-7787 FAX:250-920-7709 E-Mail: bchouse@ssjd.caHow are we supported?The Sisters’ ministry in the Diocese ofBritish Columbia is supported in part bythe Diocese who provide ouraccommodation and a contributiontoward our food; in part through thehonoraria that the Sisters receive fromthe mission work that they do withinthe Diocese; and in major part from thefinancial support received fromParishes, our Associates and Oblates, The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine is aindividuals, friends, and organizations registered charity. Our charitable donation number is BN 11925 4266 RR0001 A Monastic Community within thewho value the religious life within the Anglican Church of Canadachurch. website:
  2. 2. Who Are We? The Sisterhood of St John the Divine at St John’s House in the Diocese ofThe Sisterhood of St. John the Divine is British Columbia are a community ofa contemporary expression of the Sisters committed to being a prayingreligious life for women within the presence in the Diocese, by providing aAnglican Church of Canada. house of prayer, hospitality and worshipFounded in 1884, we are a prayer and with the context of St John’s House, BC.gospel-centred monastic community Intentional community, prayer,bound together by the call to live hospitality and mission are at the heartout our baptismal covenant. Nurtured of their our founding vision of prayer,community, and ministry we are open What do we do?and responsive to the needs of the Where are we?church and the contemporary world, The Sisters’ ministry of prayer andcontinually seeking the guidance of the presence includes: The home base for our SistersHoly Spirit in our life and ministry. < intercessory prayer for the Diocese ministry in the diocese of British < visiting and praying with Columbia is at St. John’s House, BC onCalled to be a sign of Christ, the congregations throughout the St. Peter’s Road, Victoria. The house isSisterhood witnesses to the power of Diocese the rectory of St. Peter’s LakehillChrist’s reconciling and forgiving love < speaking about the Religious Life Anglican Church, and is on the samethrough the gospel imperatives of and providing opportunities for property as the Church. Near one ofprayer, spiritual guidance, justice, others to share in our life-style the main intersections in Victoria,peace, care for creation, hospitality, < leading retreats, quiet days, and McKenzie and Quadra, it isministering to those in need, promoting workshops; and preaching located on a main bus route, and withunity, healing and wholeness. < discernment around vocations easy access to both the airport, BC < spiritual direction ferries, and downtown. < participation on committees, leadership teams and as resource persons for Diocesan and Parish events < as time and opportunities allow, outreach to other western dioceses. < some involvement in local inner city outreach work The Sisters in the Diocese of British Columbia also provide support to our Associates in BC, Alberta and the Prairies Provinces.