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Companions on an ancient path


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Join the Sisters of Saint John the Divine for a year’s travel adventure as we follow Jesus on the road of prayer, community, learning, service, and creative enjoyment. The program will start September 2016.

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Companions on an ancient path

  1. 1. Companions on an Ancient Path
  2. 2. Are you contemplating your life’s journey?
  3. 3. Do you want to experience life in community?
  4. 4. Learn more about prayer?
  5. 5. Develop the gifts God has given you in service to others?
  6. 6. Follow Jesus’ example of action and contemplation?
  7. 7. Balance friendship with silence and solitude?
  8. 8. Be a change-agent for the church and a missionary to our culture?
  9. 9. Would you like to be part of a new monastic expression within an established community of prayer and service?
  10. 10. Then consider being a Companion on the Way with the Sisters of St. John the Divine.
  11. 11. “Thus says the LORD: Stand at the crossroads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; walk in it, and find rest for your souls.” (Jeremiah 6:16)
  12. 12. The Sisters of St. John the Divine invite women between the ages of 22 and 40 to join them on an ancient path,
  13. 13. from September 2016 to August 2017
  14. 14. exploring an expression of new monasticism rooted in the Anglican tradition.
  15. 15. Companions will • develop a rhythm of life including corporate and private prayer • share their gifts and find new gifts • engage in service to others • develop leadership skills • find help in discerning future directions – while living in intentional community.
  16. 16. Room and board are provided free at St. John’s Convent in Toronto, and most living expenses are covered by the Sisterhood.
  17. 17. Spiritual formation will be provided through courses at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto on topics such as • Contemplative prayer in active ministry • Christian classics • Monastic history and values • The missional church
  18. 18. Wycliffe courses: • may be audited (with no requirement of papers or exams) • or may be taken for credit by those who are in an academic program
  19. 19. And there will be discussion groups and individual guidance on topics such as • Creating a personal rhythm of life • Discerning your future • Integrating monastic values into contemporary life • Developing leadership skills for a missional church
  20. 20. What do the Sisters hope for from the Companions program?
  21. 21. The Sisters desire to plant new seeds of community life and mission that will help renew monastic life both in the church and for the church. The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the renewal of the church will come from the “ancient future” monastic tradition, taking us back to the roots of the gospel and giving us a viable alternative to the consumerism and individualism of our culture.
  22. 22. As St. Benedict’s Rule did 1500 years ago, we believe the monastic life provides a radical way of following Jesus. Companions will learn how to make that life relevant to their generation. Benedict established “a school of the Lord’s service,” and that is what we want to do.
  23. 23. Who is Eligible?
  24. 24. Companions will be women between the ages of 22 and 40 with • a desire to deepen their relationship with God • a willingness to follow Jesus in his radical obedience • an openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit on the path of life
  25. 25. They will • be members of the Body of Christ, whether through baptism or intention • be regular participants in some spiritual or religious community • have the ability to live creatively with others in community • be in excellent mental and physical health
  26. 26. Above all, they will be women who have • a love of prayer • a commitment to compassionate action • a desire to learn
  27. 27. Who are the Sisters of St. John the Divine?
  28. 28. Inspired by the Rule of St. Benedict, we are a contemporary expression of the monastic life for women within the Anglican Church of Canada.
  29. 29. The Sisterhood is young – only 130 years old! But we follow a path as old as Jesus . . .
  30. 30. . . . and as new as the sunrise each morning.
  31. 31. Our Mission Statement:
  32. 32. Founded in Toronto in 1884,
  33. 33. we are a prayer- and gospel-centred monastic community, bound together by the call to live out our baptismal covenant in the monastic life.
  34. 34. Nurtured by our founding vision of prayer, community, and service,
  35. 35. we are open and responsive to the needs of the church and the contemporary world, continually seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our life and ministry.
  36. 36. During our 130 years in the Canadian church, we have had houses and ministries across Canada.
  37. 37. founded and ministered in hospitals, homes for the aged, schools, and community missions.
  38. 38. and provided hospitable places for retreat, renewal, and spiritual guidance.
  39. 39. St. John’s Convent, Toronto, Today, we are located at
  40. 40. and St. John’s House, Victoria, BC.
  41. 41. We also serve at St. John’s Rehab (now part of Sunnybrook)
  42. 42. and we enjoy rest and relaxation at the Sisters’ cottage in Muskoka.
  43. 43. Wherever we are,
  44. 44. Associates and Oblates gather,
  45. 45. guests come for retreats and workshops,
  46. 46. we give and receive spiritual direction,
  47. 47. we participate in diocesan events,
  48. 48. we make decisions together,
  49. 49. we play together,
  50. 50. and most important, we pray together . . .
  51. 51. . . . which also means choir practice!
  52. 52. Our current areas of mission include • Providing a centre of spirituality, prayer, worship, and music • Outreach to others through preaching, teaching, retreats and missions • Pastoral and spiritual care • Education and spiritual formation • Community life
  53. 53. Join us as a Companion, helping to meet the spiritual hunger and material needs of the world around us.
  54. 54. What will Companions do?
  55. 55. share in prayer and worship with the Sisters,
  56. 56. sing and make music to the Lord,
  57. 57. develop community,
  58. 58. participate in the Sisters’ ministry of hospitality,
  59. 59. welcome retreat groups,
  60. 60. share in some household duties,
  61. 61. participate in classes and discussions,
  62. 62. read and study,
  63. 63. receive individual & group mentoring,
  64. 64. assist at St. John’s Rehab,
  65. 65. serve others in community- based ministries,
  66. 66. and have fun!
  67. 67. What will a day in the life of a Companion look like?
  68. 68. Morning 6 am Early coffee/tea Individual quiet time Walk or exercise 7:45 Breakfast 8:30 Morning Prayer 9:00 Daily community conference 9:30 Depending on the day: Study/class OR Work in Sisters’ ministries
  69. 69. Afternoon 12 noon: Eucharist 12:45 Dinner 1:30 Personal time (resting, walking, reading) 2:30 Depending on the day: Study/class OR Work in Sisters’ ministries Work in neighbourhood ministries
  70. 70. Evening 5 pm Evening Prayer together 5:30 Supper 6:15 Dishes and clean-up 7:00 Community time / recreation Depending on the day with the Sisters OR among the Companions 8:10 Compline (night prayer) 8:30 Quiet time
  71. 71. Time Off (Yes!) Mondays: Day off Thursday evenings: Free time Saturday evenings: Free time One Monday a month is a retreat day Four weeks during the year are vacation One week a year is a guided retreat
  72. 72. Would you like a year’s travel adventure as we follow Jesus on the road of prayer, community, learning, service, and creative enjoyment?
  73. 73. then
  75. 75. The Sisters wish to thank Phil Hamilton for design of print materials Molly Finlay for writing promotional materials Karen Isaacs for the Companions website Barbara Jenkins for facilitating the Wycliffe course connection George Sumner and Peter Mason for their vision and support Tom Arban, Michael Hudson, and Sisters of SSJD for photos
  76. 76.