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Awakening the Dreamer - Q&A


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Awakening the Dreamer - Q&A

  1. 1. Opening oureyes and heartsto what’s reallypossibleBring a bold new vision of a sustainable,fulfilling and just world to your communitycreated by The Pachamama Alliance! Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium Changing the Dream of the Modern Worldworld with our everyday choices and actions. s now offered in more than a dozen countries aroundQ. What’s the purpose of the Symposium?A. Awakening the Dreamer built on the guidingChanging the Dream Symposium environmental sustainability, spiritual fulfillment and social justice. Presented in partnership with moving you and your community into a (cont.) Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium Changing the Dream of the Modern World
  2. 2. effective in achieving their common goals. Q. What are our biggest challenges in today’s modern world? A. shortsighted interests encourage our slumber with of mass distraction. Q. What are the biggest possibilities of our time? A.leaders, including (clockwise from Once we wakeupper left):environmentalist and author, activistand environmentalist, working in concert with one another, tens of millions of us—each willing to author think and act in a whole new way:and Buddhist monk links author, cosmologist,educator, Q. How will the Symposium’s wisdom andmental social advocate, artist and(right in the middle) A.Achuar leader. and lively .
  3. 3. A. The structu What’s the true state of our modern world? Taking on our biggestglobal challenges and thatnew way will form the foundation for a bold new future? —both individually and cooperatively—new tools, new connections to move the world in a new direction? Live and interactiveextensive video from A. rationcommunity leaders of our timeTo learn more and finda list of scheduled of our world with our everyday choices and actions.go to: www. ParticiAwakeningThe ation or community are ready to be introduced engaged in changing the dream of our modern industrial culture— osium. (cont.) An idea whose time has come: Bringing forth an
  4. 4. Q. What should The Awakening I do next? us now to find out more at The Dreamer InitiativeA. Join us in changing the 415-561-4522 or visit our Presented in partnership with dream of the modern web site at www.Awakening The Pachamama Alliance world—starting with your PO Box 29191, Presidio Bldg. community: To see currently scheduled or visit us online to discuss 415-561-4522 world, visit us at www. your friends, organization or community. to change what matters in our modern world:give our energy to a different dream, the world istransformed. —John Perkins, Author