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18 ottobre 2011 VMware presenta al Virtualization day,evento patrocinato dalla Provincia di Roma e organizzato da S&Q a Palazzo Valentini, l'ultimo software,denominato Vsphere 5.

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Vshere 5

  1. 1. Cloud Infrastructure Launch – What’s NewMichele Apa - Senior Systems Engineer – VMware Italymapa@vmware.comVirtualizzazione e Cloud Computing18 ottobre 2011 Palazzo Valentini, Roma © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Agenda The Approach in the IT Management Cloud Infrastructure 5 • vSphere 5 • vCenter 5 • The New Licensing Model2
  3. 3. The New IT Landscape: Promise & Challenge Empowered, Secure, Mobile Workforce • Any app on any device, anytime, anywhere – securely! New Generation of Enterprise Apps Existing Apps • Combining the social, mobile experience New Enterprise Apps SaaS Apps with enterprise requirements A More Flexible, Efficient Infrastructure • Exploiting modern, cost-effective hardware • Creating & spanning both internal and external resource pools Existing Datacenters Public Cloud Services3
  4. 4. The New IT Landscape: Promise & Challenge The Challenge for IT: Existing Apps Weave all this Apps New Enterprise together SaaS Apps into a cohesive, secure, compliant whole Existing Datacenters Public Cloud Services4
  5. 5. The Approach in the IT Management Traditional IT Management Management in the new Era Services and Service assets tied components are together in abstracted and complex, brittle, sourced from vertical stacks dynamic that are hard resource pools to change and with horizontal manage layers loosely bound into services Business agility IT able to keep up with suffers speed of the business5
  6. 6. Key Constituents for Infrastructure and Management What kind of How do I build the right infrastructure should I How do I keep OpEx infrastructure to deliver design for today and down and still deliver business value yet still tomorrow’s needs? Will high quality of service? Care keep the lights on? it work with our current infrastructure? About Head of Head of Head of Infrastructure Architecture Operations Balance Seamless extension ofDesired Maximize operational operating existing infrastructureOutcome efficiencies with more expense and interoperable with new dynamic lights-out innovation technology environment 6
  7. 7. VMware Infrastructure and Management Delivers the Infrastructure of the Future Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 APP APP APP APP APP Resource Pools VMware Cloud Infrastructure and Management Respond and Alert Physical Server Failed Servers vs. Alert and Respond Optimized for business critical workloads Hybrid Highly dynamic, scalable and adaptive Cloud Private Public Built-in intelligence to shift to new IT Cloud Cloud management paradigm Bridge Flexible Computing Model Intelligent Virtual Infrastructure. Delivered Your Way The Foundation for Your Cloud7
  8. 8. The Cloud Infrastructure 58
  9. 9. In 2010 VMware Unveiled a Complete Hybrid Cloud Stack… vCloud Director vShield Security vCenter Management vSphere vSphere vSphere9
  10. 10. Complete Hybrid Cloud Stack Leverage virtualization to transform physical silos into elastic, virtual capacity Increase automation through built-in intelligent policy management Move from static, physical security to dynamic, embedded security Enable secure, self-service to pre-defined IT services, with pay-for-use Organization: Marketing Organization: Finance Users & Policies Virtual Datacenters Catalogs Users & Policies Virtual Datacenters Catalogs Compute Storage Network10
  11. 11. In 2011 VMware is Introducing a Major Upgradeof the Entire Cloud Infrastructure Stack vCloud Director 1.5 vCloud Director New vShield Security vShield 5.0 Cloud Infrastructure Launch (vSphere, vCenter,Operations 1.0 Director) vCenter vShield, vCloud vCenter Management vCenter SRM 5.0 vSphere vSphere 5.0 vSphere vSphere11
  12. 12. vSphere 5: Accelerating the Path to 100% Virtualization 4x VMware VMware VMware ESX 1 ESX 2 Inf. 3 vSphere4 vSphere 5 CPU (VCPUs) 1 2 4 8 32 Memory (GB per VM) 2 3.6 64 256 1,000 Network (Gb/s) <.5 .9 9 30 >36 IOPS <5,000 7,000 100,000 300,000 1,000,00012
  13. 13. Companies are Increasingly Virtualizing Bus. Critical Apps Improve App Improve App Accelerate App Quality of Service Efficiency Time to Market The Niche Apps (LOB apps, Tier 2 DB, etc.) >60% Virtualized SAP Custom Java Apps SharePoint Exchange SQL Oracle 30% Virtualized The Easy Apps (infrastructure, file, print) vSphere vSphere vSphere13
  14. 14. Bigger Than The Biggest Exchange Configuration 25% performance improvement* Single Exchange 2010 Multiple Exchange 2010 role on a server. roles on a server. Microsoft recommended Single VM = 32 vCPU Microsoft recommendedmaximum = 12 cores/vCPUs maximum = 24 cores/vCPUs ~17,900 Mailboxes ~17,900 Mailboxes ~47,000 Mailboxes * For 4 vCPU VM14
  15. 15. Performance Comparison: Scaling SAP Native and SAP Virtual SAP on VMware scales extremely well, closely matching physical scaling factors even for the largest workloads15
  16. 16. vSphere 5 What’s new16
  17. 17. ESXi is the Trusted Place to Run Business Critical Applications Overview • vSphere 5.0 exclusively utilizes the thin ESXi hypervisor: 144MB footprint versus 2GB for VMware ESX with the service console vSphere ESXi ESX Benefits • Smaller security footprint • Streamlined deployment and configuration • Simplified patching and updating model17
  18. 18. Capacity: vSphere 5 with Autodeploy Before After vSphere vSphere vSphere vSphere Time: 30 mins Time: 30 mins Time: 30 mins ...Repeat 37 more times… Total time: 20 Hours! Total time: 10 Minutes!18
  19. 19. New Virtual Machine Features vSphere 5.0 supports the industry’s most capable virtual machines ’ • 32 virtual CPUs per • 1TB RAM per VM VM • 4x previous capabilities! VM Scalability • 3D graphics Richer Desktop Experience • Client-connected USB • VM BIOS boot order config API devices and PowerCLI interface • USB 3.0 devices • EFI BIOS Broader Device • Smart Card Readers for Coverage VM Console Access • UI for multi-core virtual • Support for Mac OS X Other new CPUs servers features • Extended VMware Tools compatibility Items which require HW version 8 in orange19
  20. 20. Performance: vSphere 5 with Network and Storage I/O Controls VIP20
  21. 21. Performance: vSphere 5 with Network and Storage I/O Controls VIP “Noisy Neighbor” Granular IO service level guarantees21
  22. 22. Placement: vSphere 5 with Profile-Driven Storage & Storage DRS High IO Throughputs Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Set it and forget it storage configuration in as few as 3 clicks Automated storage placement22
  23. 23. Storage DRS Operations • Load balancing between datastores in a datastore cluster via Storage vMotion based on storage space utilization and I/O metrics, i.e. latency. • Datastore Maintenance Mode: Evacuates all VMs & VMDKs from selected datastore. Place VOL1 in maintenance mode 2TB datastore cluster VOL1 VOL2 VOL3 VOL4 datastores23
  24. 24. Storage DRS Operations Datastore Cluster Datastore Cluster Datastore Cluster VMDK affinity VMDK anti-affinity VM anti-affinity Keep a Virtual Machine’s Keep a VM’s VMDKs on Keep VMs on different VMDKs together on the different datastores datastores same datastore Useful for separating Similar to DRS anti- Maximize VM availability log and data disks of affinity rules when all disks needed in database VMs order to run Maximize availability of Can select all or a a set of redundant VMs On by default for all VMs subset of a VM’s disks24
  25. 25. vSphere Storage Appliance 1.0 vSphere vSphere vSphere All the power of vSphere without the cost and complexity of shared storage25
  26. 26. vCenter 5 Web Client e vCenter Appliance26
  27. 27. vSphere Web Client ArchitectureThe vSphere WebClient runs withina browser FxApplicationServer that Flex Clientprovides a Back Endscalable back end The Query ServicevCenter in either Query obtains optimizedsingle or data live from the Service core vCenterLinked modeoperation vCenter Server process27
  28. 28. Introducing vCenter Server Appliance The vCenter Server Appliance is the answer! • Simplifies Deployment and Configuration • Streamlines patching and upgrades • Reduces the TCO for vCenter Enables companies to respond to business faster! VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance Automation Visibility Scalability28
  29. 29. New Licensing29
  30. 30. vSphere 5 licensing: Evolution Without Disruption vSphere 4.x vSphere 5 Licensing Unit Processor = Processor ! Core per proc Restricted < Unlimited Physical RAM Restricted < Unlimited per host Amt of vRAM pooled Pooled vRAM NA ≠ across entire entitlement environment30
  31. 31. What is vRAM? Virtual memory configured √ to virtual machines ≠ Physical RAM available in X the server31
  32. 32. What is vRAM? Assigning a certain amount of vRAM is a required step in the creation of a virtual machine32
  33. 33. Pooled vRAM Entitlement 4 licenses of vSphereEach vSphere Enterprise Enterprise Edition Edition license entitles to 64 GB of vRAM. vRAM Pool (256 GB) provide a vRAM pool of 256GB (4 * 64 GB) Consumed vRAM = 80 GB 64GB 64GB 64GB 64GB Customer creates 20 VMs with 4GB vRAM each vSphere Ent vSphere Ent 1 1 1 1 CPU CPU CPU CPU Host A Host B33
  34. 34. vSphere 5 Editions New in vSphere 5.0 Essentials Essentials Enterprise` Essentials Essentials Standard Standard Advanced Enterprise Plus Plus Plus vRAM Entitlement per proc 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 64 GB 96 GB vCPU 8 way 8 way 8 way 8 way 32 wayFeaturesHypervisorHigh AvailabilityData RecoveryvMotionVirtual Serial Port ConcentratorHot AddvShield ZonesFault ToleranceStorage APIs for Array IntegrationStorage vMotionDistributed Resource SchedulerDistributed SwitchI/O Controls (Network and Storage)Host ProfilesAuto deployProfile-Driven StorageStorage DRS All editions include: Thin Provisioning, Update Manager, Storage APIs for Data Protection, Image Profile, and SLES (except Ess and Ess +)34
  35. 35. Questions35