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Companyprofile Sistemi&Qualità ing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Companyprofile Sistemi&Qualità ing

  1. 1. THE COMPANYSistemi&Qualità was created in order to form the joint between technological innovation andproduct research and its application in the business world.The company helps businesses, public and private institutions in the design and implementationof telecommunications systems and security.Combining innovation and expertise to ensure its customers assistance of values:The requirements that ensure competitiveness and growth opportunities are the result of aconstant evolution that requires the company to consider the fundamental technologicalchange and innovation of its activities serve as the stimulus and continued support2Maggio 2010
  2. 2. VALUESistemi&Qualità poses as thefoundation of its values, growth andcustomer satisfaction. The activity andbusiness aimed at achieving concreteand tangible results.Quality services and advancedtechnologiesThe company offers its customers highquality services uses the most efficientand cutting edgeThrough these values Sistemi&Qualità will:Develop the company in time ;Support the professional development ofemployees ;combine innovation and expertise to provideits client assistance and support constant overtime ;3Maggio 2010
  3. 3. ORGANIZATION CHARTDivisione.ConsulenzaDivisioneIngegneriaProgettistiSistemistiConsulentiInstallatoriC.D.APresidenteDirezione MarketingDivisione.FormazioneProgettistiDocentiDivisioneEnergiaProgettistiNonRinnovabiliGasInstallatoriRinnovabiliUfficio relazioniEsterne/IstituzionaliDirezione CommercialeAmministratoreDelegatoProcacciatoriRSQ/RDD4Maggio 2010
  4. 4. FIELDS OF ACTIVITYEngineeringTrainingEnergyConsuleting5Maggio 2010
  5. 5. Sistemi & Qualità designs and develops a wide range of products and systems andensures their eventual integration in accordance with the specifications of customers,for space, avionics, defense, industry and telecommunications, for purposes of boardor land.The integration of systems "ad hoc" becomes operational with the versatility of thecompany and its ability to integrate their expertise with that of leadinginternational companies chosen as partners.ENGINEERING6Maggio 2010
  6. 6. TelecommunicationsThe telecommunication sector is certainly one of the strengths of the organization,among other projects including:Satellite telecommunications with broadband connectivity and the distribution ofdigital contentsRemote sensing and satellite positioningMobile telecommunications in civilian and military sheltersRadio BridgesVideo surveillance systems7Maggio 2010
  7. 7. SystemsOur experience and professionalism give us the ability to work on other projects,including:Realization of a well for water-miningImplementation of the infrastructure for mobile distributionConstruction of photovoltaic power station and an auxiliary generatorImplementation of mobile infrastructure for water distributionRealization of a device for making drinkable8Maggio 2010
  8. 8. TRAININGThe company has many years of experience in training and is credited, among others, withthe Region of Lazio, Abruzzo and other organizations that deal with the joint funds.Our company operates in accordance with procedures and forms that allow continuousmonitoring of service, from design and management, until the final statement of theeducational activity. We have a team with years of experience in the field of training andadvice and We also have the assistance of technical advisors, depending on the thematicreference training.The training is mainly addressed to the following Target:Unemployed / UnemployedStaff from the company in Midle Top ManagementHealth Trusts9Maggio 2010
  9. 9. The importance of TrainingThe training in-house allows you to customize course content and determine the besttime to take advantage of the teaching directly from the company.The training in-house concerns:The provision of courses in the catalogThe development of training programs "ad hoc" designed to promoteThe development or management of some or specialized business figures orgrowth and improved performance individual areas or the entire companyThe growth and improved performance individual areas or the entire companyOur training calendar is structured to cover different thematic areas:Marketing, Health , Engineering , Facility Management , Business organization,Renewable Energy (photovoltaic, wind, biomass), Environment and Security10Maggio 2010
  10. 10. Our ServicesAnalysis of training needsThe analysis is carried out by our head of training with the customer.The designThe project activity is the essential point of the entire training process.This is entrusted to a team that offers the maximum guarantee of the project.Proposed technical economicOur company makes an assessment of the budget to be allocated for the course activities. Inthis phase, Sistemi&Qualità selects teachers based on their past experiences.Planning of educationalThis activity is carried out in cooperation with management to minimize the impact onproduction. Sistemi&Qualità will make the teaching timetable.Continuous monitoring of teachingThis activity allows you to "redirect" the educational process in real time, in order not to losesight of the ultimate goal.Test, interview or final examDepending on the type of assistance may be provided for final assessment tools targeted toa precise assessment of expected benefits. At the end of each course, each participant willbe issued a certificate of attendance.11Maggio 2010
  11. 11. ENERGYSistemi & Qualità has a highly qualified staff with technical expertise, which is able toimprove significantly the efficiency of the implementation process of the action energy.Renewable EnergySistemi & Qualità is sensitive to the environment and aims heavily at renewable energiesthat help keep our planet clean.The company is the interlocutor for the different target market by ensuring qualityservices through the value of our people, technological excellence and the validity ofour offerings. For years Sistemi & Qualità is part of a network of partnerships andrelationships that enable it to participate in structured projects and to propose innovativeand integrated solutions in different contexts firmly cast as the Solar and Gas.12Maggio 2010
  12. 12. PhotovoltaicThe recent energy growth is oriented towards renewable energy and energy efficiency.The Solar Energy will be the star of the new integrated solutions, solutions at the base of asuitable design for the economy and oriented towards the preservetion of the environment.Sistemi & Qualità is at the heart of this development with know-how fully agree with thisinitiative.Our service includesDesign of the photovoltaic plant that meets customer needs, using quality materials andcertificates.Installations, with the management and security of work, testing and commissioning of thesystemDrafting of all the practices of the incentive for the Activation of Conto Energia, the requestto the GSE and energy certification13Maggio 2010
  13. 13. GasSistemi & Qualità, thanks to the agreement with Energy Ti, is able to offer cost-effectivesolutions aimed at various targets on the market by providing specific offers based on thetariff profiles of individual users.Sistemi & Qualità can save its customers up to 5% in the bill and also ensure:Clearly in offerContractsBillingTo move to a new operator it is sufficient that the buyer signs a new contract with theselling selected selling company, and withdraws from the previous contract. ChangeOperator does not involve any risk of interruption of supply, because the switching processof a client by a seller to another does not involve any action on the plants.14Maggio 2010
  14. 14. CONSULTINGSistemi&Qualità using experienced and qualified professionals, is present throughout thenational territory in the area of quality management consulting and technology, and ourcompany is able to support all the organizations that want to strategically invest in foreignmarkets.Best image quality and efficiencyOur company is synonymous with the best image, organization, efficiency andcompetitiveness, especially in those companies that have increased their production capacityand therefore must increase the management.For each collaborative project is selected a dedicated team, consisting of professionals bestsuited to ensure the success of the project and coordinated by a project manager reportingdirectly to the company.15Maggio 2010
  15. 15. Management consulting16Maggio 2010Sistemi&Qualità operates in the following areas of business consulting andcertification:ISO 9001:2008 Quality managementISO 14001:2004 Environmental managementOHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational health and safety management systemUNI CEI EN 16001:2009 Energy efficiencySA 8000:2008 Social AccountabilityISO 27001:2001 Information Security Management SystemProduct CertificationCE MARKINGsafety at work DLGS.81/2008 and subsequent amendmentsmanagement controlFinancing PMIAdvice for Privacy DLGS 196/2003 and subsequent amendmentsISO 22000:2006 Food safety management system
  16. 16. Technical Advice17Maggio 2010The company helps organizations achieve certification of the product in several industrialsectors of production, service companies and agro-industries.Sistemi&Qualità performs the following tasks:Initial check-up aimed at analyzing business processes with the evaluation of anydeviations from regulatory requirementsPreparation and drafting of the documentation management system (manual,instructions, forms)Assistance in the preparation a "quality plan"Awareness and training courses on the topics covered by the advisoryAssistance during the audit of certification body
  17. 17. PARTNERS18