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Sisel International - The way to success


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Business presentation: Sisel International - More health, more income! Take back your life and get health, wealth and happiness!

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Sisel International - The way to success

  1. 1. The way to success © 2015 · Concept & Realization: Triple-S-Team · Graphic design:
  2. 2. More health More income
  3. 3. • Do you live in your perfect home yet? • Do you drive the car of your dreams? • Would you like to travel more often? • Would you like to make the world a better place? Do you still have dreams?
  4. 4. Where are YOU today? • Do you live a fulfilled life? •How high is your current income and how secure is it? •Where will you be 5 or 10 years from now? • Will your quality of life still be the same once you retire? • How fit and healthy are you?
  5. 5. What about OUR health right now? • The costs for health insurance rises year over year •Prescription medicine increases every year • Cardiovascular disease increases all the time • The risk of getting cancer rises permanently • Alzheimer disease and dementia are on the rise • 2 out of 3 people are overweight
  6. 6. Modern diet and lifestyle • Intensive agriculture leads to poor soil quality • Processed foods are full of problematic substances • Lack of exercise Environmental poisons and toxins in our everyday life • Chemical Cocktail: 100,000 new chemical and toxins in the last 50 years What is dangerous for YOUR health?
  7. 7. Toxins in our everyday life Skin and body care products, cosmetics and household cleaning products contain many harmful chemicals: • Toothpaste: Fluoride, triclosan • Shampoos: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, diethanolamine • Skincare products: Mineral oils, parabens, glycerin • Deodorants: Aluminum salts, alcohol • Color cosmetics: Propylene glycol, kaolin, lanolin • Detergents: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, fragrances • Packaging: Bisphenol A (endocrine disruptors), phthalates
  8. 8. • too much sugar • too much fat • flavour enhancers • dyes, coloring • lack of minerals • lack of trace minerals • lack of vitamins The problems of modern nutrition
  9. 9. MORE HEALTH MORE INCOME What if there is a solution?
  10. 10. The solution for your health is simple... Abandon what is harmful (parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol and many more) … and give the body everything it needs (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and many more) … and the way to prosperity as well: Sustainable referral marketing!
  11. 11. MORE INCOME ➜ Passive Income! Referral marketing offers you decisive advantages: • Unlimited income potential • You choose the people you want to work with • You have minimal start-up costs and take no risk • Opportunity to learn about many countries and people • The chance to be successful, while you make a difference for others
  12. 12. MORE INCOME Passive Income Active Income = Employees, workers, self-employed Monetary assets and property Write a bestseller Compose a hit Referral marketing
  13. 13. Everyone needs them and everyone uses them, often several times a day. That is why they are constantly being bought. This will earn you regular commissions! MORE INCOME Why can you build a stable passive income with consumer products? People stick loyal to quality products!
  14. 14. Because through these you take the most harmful substances. Daily! This is why even the smallest amounts over time lead to big problems. MORE HEALTH Why is the choice of consumable products so important to your health?
  15. 15. Tom Mower Sr. Tom Mower Jr. Extremely effective products, which are completely free of harmful ingredients! The Mower Mission For more than 30 years!
  16. 16. Sisel Safe Home Anti-Aging/ Age-Reversal Weight- ManagementBeautyKaffé/Té
  17. 17. More than 250 amazing products! „Only with us“-products • Biological rejuvenation (Eternity and TS-X) • Toxin free skin care and cosmetics • Inner balance for men and women (InnerChi) • Cell regeneration (FuCoyDon) • Complete Omega-3-Product (SupraOmega Plus) „Anyway“-products • Toothpaste • Shampoo • Shower gel • Laundry detergent • Kaffé and Té
  18. 18. MORE HEALTH Dental care Supra Shine without Fluoride, without triclosan and without propylene glycol • prevents tooth decay • prevents tartar formation • ensures shiny teeth Terminator without alcohol, without chlorhexidine and without artificial flavours • prevents bleeding gums • prevents periodontitis • remineralizes teeth Examples of „anyway“-products
  19. 19. MORE HEALTH Biological Rejuvenation Telomere Support Xtreme (based on Nobel Prize Research) • rebuilds the protective caps (Telomeres) of the DNA • improves cell division • rejuvenates the body at the cellular level • boosts brain power • mood-lifting Examples of „only with us“-products Eternity (Liquid Resveratrol - international patent) • activates Sir2 genes (youth genes) • acts like calorie restriction • strengthens the cardiovascular system • promotes eye health • slows the aging process • contains powerful antioxidants
  20. 20. How many people do you know, who want to live long and stay fit? How many people do you know, that brush their teeth? How many people do you know, who want to make some extra money? 3 The law of duplication You know 3. These 3 also know 3! 3 x 3 9 x 3 27 x 3 81 x 3 243 x 3 … MORE INCOME How does the business work?
  21. 21. Standard- COMPANY Wholesale Intermediate trade Retail Production Client Advertising The classic distribution channel High distribution costs lead at comparable prices to lower product quality.
  22. 22. Manufacturer How do we do it? From person to person! Enthusiastic users talk about their own experience with our products. SISEL delivers the products to your front door and you receive a commission on all sales that happen through your recommendation. Over and over again! For every purchase. For all your life. Recommendation Recommendation Recommendation
  23. 23. MORE INCOME How do you get paid? You will receive money for all the transactions of your customers and partners! • Sisel offers 6 lucrative profit centers • Commissions are paid directly to your eWallet and can be transfered anytime to your bank account • SISEL pays overall more than 60% commission through 10 levels • Up to US $ 1,500 per month Luxury Auto Bonus for the car of your dreams!
  24. 24. 8. Paul 1% 7. Ruth 2% 6. Jörg 2% 5. Pia 5% 4. Kay 5% 3. Eva 5% 2. Mike 5% 1. YOU 20% Tim FSB BronzeSilVerGoldPlatinUM Sign-inlevel You sponser Tim MORE INCOME Immediate income! „Fast Start“-Bonus (FSB) for every order within the first 36 days! • Daily payout throughout 8 levels! • Depth of monthly payments is deter- mined through your qualification • No limitation! • Full dynamic compression „Fast Start“-Bonus also for your costumers (35%)
  25. 25. MORE INCOME Grow your income! Direct Commission for all subsequent orders • Monthly payouts up to 10 levels deep • Level 1 to 7 does not need rank qualification or volume • Full dynamic compression • 20% extra customer retail commission for the signing in sponsor, actual daily Platinum-Partner-Program • Voucher up to 8.33% on your own purchases • Complete shipping reimbursement by product voucher
  26. 26. MORE INCOME Enjoy prosperity! Master Check Match • This commission rewards you for the successful build-up of leaders (Star-Masters) • You will be rewarded up to 5 generations for helping others in your team Global Bonus Pools • Global Fast Start Pool: 5% on all new sales worldwide (shares from 1-Star-Masters) • Global Leader Pool: 1% on all sales worldwide (shares from 3-Star-Masters)
  27. 27. MORE INCOME How to start concretely Sign in.* + Place your first order. = Your own business, website included, is ready to go! * You need the ID of the person that recommended SISEL to you.
  28. 28. Basic * Calculation base: 200 BV Partner Bonus-Volume (BV)* Monthly income 3 600 24 $ 9 1.800 144 $ 27 5.400 540 $ 39 7.800 708 $ Extra US $700 per month! All income calculations in this presentation are examples only. Your actual earnings will depend both on your own activity as well as the commitment from your team.
  29. 29. What is your spearhead? • Getting younger? • Being more healthy? • Weight management? • Look better? • Enjoy unique Kaffé Té? You invest in yourself! MORE QUALITY OF LIFE! More health More income
  30. 30. Partner Bonus-Volume (BV)* Monthly income 4 800 32 $ 16 3.200 265 $ 64 12.800 1.280 $ 256 51.200 5.120 $ 340 68.000 6.688 $ Advanced *Calculation base: 200 BV Realistic after about 16 to 20 months!
  31. 31. Team success You get help and support... …from Sisel • valuable products • reliable delivery • accurate accounting • Website incl. webshop • Brochures • Incentives …from our Team • Online and offline tools • Online-Training (Webinars) • Live-Events • Conference calls • Training videos • 2+1 meetings
  32. 32. Pro Partner Bonus-Volume (BV)* Monthly income 5 1.000 40 $ 25 5.000 400 $ 125 25.000 2.500 $ 625 125.000 12.500 $ 3.125 625.000 50.000 $ 3.905 781.000 65.440 $ Monthly! *Calculation base: 200 BV Sisel pays more than 10 levels and 5 generations… many more bonuses!
  33. 33. Sisel No • Based-on-science-company • Invested-more-than $ 100,000,000 in its manufacturing facility • Completely debt free • Distinct company philosophy • Experienced management • Extremely lucrative, global compensation plan
  34. 34. Congratulations, your timing is excellent! Get active NOW with us and with SISEL!