Website Redesign: Less Hassle, More Happy


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Website Redesign: Less Hassle, More Happy

  1. 1. Website Redesign Less Hassle, More HappyPresenter: Melanie SpringSisarina Inc | | @sisarina |
  2. 2. you need a new site because: ● it was built in 1998 ● your cousin/nephew/sisters friend built it for you ● youre growing and need more functonality ● you want to be able to update it yourself ● your branding has changed ● youve never had one beforereasons for a new website
  3. 3. website = house Domain: - address of your house Hostng: where your website lives – property your house sits on Design: the look & feel of your website – blueprints of your house Development: how your site functons – your house is built Content Entry: adding your text/pictures – you move into your houseknow the diference
  4. 4. so... who do you hire? ● do your homework ● ask other organizatons like yours ● review sites similar to yours & fnd credits ● consult the interwebs ● get recommendatons from friends/colleagues ● review frm websites ● interview untl it feels rightfinding a web frm
  5. 5. will they ft your style? ● review portolios ● ask to see sites similar to your organizaton ● ask to see diferent styles of sites ● fnd out their approach to a project like yoursfinding a web frm
  6. 6. what will you get? ● fnd out about their processes ● get a sense for typical number of optons and revisions ● get a good feel for typical tmelines ● ask how they do meetngs (in-person, phone or skype) ● know who will own the fnal product ● make sure they do both design AND developmentfinding a web frm
  7. 7. do they ft your budget? ● website design ranges ● website development ranges ● sofware costs ● hostng costs ● payment schedules ● maintenance costs ● upgrade/change costsfinding a web frm
  8. 8. do they have good references? ● why did you work with X frm? ● how was the overall process? ● what was your favorite part of working with them? ● what was your least favorite part? ● would you use them again? ● would you refer them to your friends?finding a web frm
  9. 9. Congrats! You picked one! Now what?!
  10. 10. Do you know your organizaton? Youd be surprised at how many dont.Next: Design Scope
  11. 11. HOW TO: write your own design scopeWord doc with instructons at htp://
  12. 12. writng a design scope 1. Who are you? 2. Where do you want to go? 3. How do you want to be perceived? 4. What do you have already?key: be honest and transparent
  13. 13. writng a design scope 5. Who is your competton? 6. What colors should be worked with? 7. What logos do you love? 8. What websites do you love?dont make your designer try to use osmosis to get this info
  14. 14. writng a design scope 9. Who is your favorite brand? 10. What keywords describe your/your organizaton? 11. What images describe you/your organizaton? 12. What are your sacred cows?give your designer as much as you can
  15. 15. What does agreat website look like?
  16. 16. The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page: htp://
  17. 17. 1. page headings & ad copy 2. clear, concise headlines 3. impeccable grammar 4. taking advantage of trust indicators 5. use a strong call to actonThe Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page: htp://
  18. 18. 6. butons & call-outs should stand out 7. go easy on the links 8. use images and videos that relate to copy 9. keep it above the fold 10. always be testngThe Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page: htp://
  19. 19. HOW TO: write your own development scopeInstructons at: htp://
  20. 20. writng a development scope 1. What does your sitemap look like? 2. What content will be included on the homepage? 3. What informaton must be displayed on the homepage? 4. Will you have a blog or newsfeed?tip: keep top-level navigaton to 5-8 items
  21. 21. writng a development scope 5. What will your main visual be? 6. What is your call-to-acton? 7. What informaton needs to be on multple pages of your site? 8. What informaton has to be on every page of your site?your call-to-acton cant be contact us
  22. 22. writng a development scope 9. What areas will need to be changed frequently? 10. What areas will most likely remain statc? 11. What items will be used ofen throughout the site? 12. What do you want people to ultmately do on your site?make sure to ask if your site is able to grow with your organizaton
  23. 23. writng a development scope 13. Where do social media icons/feeds need to be included? 14. How will users contact you via your site? 15. How will users sign up for your newsleter/updates? 16. How will users know where to donate and/or signup?make it easy for people to contact you
  24. 24. communicate!no one can read your mind
  25. 25. fnal tps ● dont have too many cooks in the kitchen ● set one point of contact in your organizaton & web frm ● make sure tmelines are manageable ● start the content writng before you sign a contract ● take care that everything is yours once its fnished ● fnd a frm that will develop your site in a CMS ● enjoy the process & make it fun!they do this all the tme. its up to you to keep on task.
  26. 26. Resources found here: htp:// htp:// htp:// Send to: