Professional gifting by SIRIUS ITPL


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gifting option for the quarter by Sirius ITPL Delhi, India

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Professional gifting by SIRIUS ITPL

  1. 1. Sirius Marketing offers serious quality products for you to choose from the widest range Promotional products are exceptional tools for building brand identity. Customized products are far more cost efficient than paid advertising. They convey a strong impression of your product or service. Promotional products appeal to your target customers and give them a reason to help you advertise to other potential customers. Promotional products are an extremely affordable form of advertising. Unlike print or broadcast advertising, promotional items do not expire quickly. A promotional product remains valuable as long as the item can be used. The long-term value of promotional products make them extremely affordable advertising. By the time a promotional product is retired by the customer, it has long since justified its original production cost. Once your items are distributed, they spread the word of your brand identity. Promotional products establish a killer brand identity by conveying a strong message about the quality and reliability of your company or product. The ultimate goal is to embed your desired message into the memory of your target customers. The outstanding customized products produced by Sirius Marketing will exemplify your attention to detail and quality and reinforce your message. As your promotional products are exposed to the public, awareness of your brand will increase as a high rise to the investment made. Quality promotional products will always reward your investment. Sirius Marketing offers serious quality products for you to choose from the widest range of promotional products:S. Image / Product MOQ Description Branding IndicativeNo. Options Price Range 3/9/11 1
  2. 2. Floating Globe Your Logo on 1250/-1 See the wonders of the base. electro-magnetism with this floating globe. The globe will rotate 50+ automatically just like the rotation of the earth. It’s a great gift for home, library, and office. Everyone will admire this wonderful levitating globe. Mighty Mouse Your logo in2 50+ Sleek and Elegant front or back 1235/- wireless mouse with side of the wrist rest design mouse To Lets your brand comforts everyone With one year warranty Quick Heal This mini massager Your logo3 50+ gives you quick reliefs over the mini 550/- from back and body massager strain, riveted from the intense work. A great brand healer. LED: Let there be light4 50+ Your logo 1250/- Powerful over the top rechargeable LED surface reading lamp with strong 7 hours battery backup and rechargeable with USB port to re- charge. Great tech gift for quality gifting.3/9/11 2
  3. 3. for quality gifting. This LED desk lamp can be put on a desk or be hung. Multi Freedom 650/- Get rid from carrying5 50+ multi charger for your Your logo different gadgets as over the box and charger Black-Berry, ipods, iphones, different devices car charger or any device charger with this all in one Charging device. It has a USB, Car- charger, AC adaptor. All in one compact charging device, comes in a beautiful gift box. Charming Calculator Exquisite multi- Your logo6 50+ functional calculator beneath the 550/- with ultra-thin shape, broad surface high grade material, quality LCD screen, alarm clock, world- time (16 major cities), calendar and the day countdown. Good tool to promote your brand.3/9/11 3
  4. 4. Brand it with Crooning Head your logo and7 50+ customize it 500+ Rang of high quality in a beautiful headphones with extra gift box bass boosters from various brands. Digital Display Print with your logo on the top of the8 10+ Desktop digital picture display panel 2500+ frame turns your and digital file favorite pictures to all- of your logo Branded day long life on the display goes 5500+ Brand it with iPod your logo or9 10+ Personalize it 3200+ Ipods with & MP3 Players individual names Travel Trails Laser etching/ Altec travel speaker with Screen10 10+ crystal clear sound printing of 1500+ quality. Mark your your logo or sound behind every message journey. 3/9/11 4
  5. 5. Beguiling Bluetooth Elegant cellular11 50+ accessory! Branded Screen MRP_1500/ ONIDA Bluetooth printing - device with one-year warranty, your Price_ exceptional branding 750/- tool with unbelievable clear voice facility and long cover range. Notebook Coolers Screen12 10+ printing of 1550/- Laptop stand with your message cooling fan and resting or logo movement Vision Quest13 10+ Adjustable binoculars 500+ for cool distant vision and visionaries. 3/9/11 5
  6. 6. Travel Mate14 Your logo on 500+ Traveling Flask Set the Flask, along with two-travel mug and bag. mug with lid and a beautiful case. Premium leather finish metal Visiting card Your logo15 100+ holder on the 150+ metal Hold your Visiting Card, surface or Credit Cards Safely. And leather customize it with your cover logo engraved over the metal surface16 100+ Leather finish VCH Your logo 200+ as indicated17 100+ Metal Visiting Card Your logo 100+ Holder as indicated The oval design 3/9/11 6
  7. 7. 18 100+ Vertical flap-design Your logo 150+ Visiting Card Holder as indicated Your logo 75+19 100+ Sliding Visiting Card as Screen Holder printing or embossing Sleek Case Your logo 100+ on the top 150+20 VCH with triangular top of VCH or design in Triangular surface3/9/11 7
  8. 8. Your logo21 100+ Golf Ball VCH as indicated 150+ Your logo as indicated 100+22 100+ Round Logo VCH Your logo 450+ on top23 100+ Gold Plated Visiting Card holder24 100+ Aluminum Finish VCH Over the 50+ top surface25 100+ Inside idea VCH Over the 50+ top surface3/9/11 8
  9. 9. Your logo26 100+ Colorful Metal VCH as indicated 100+27 100+ Compact Personalized Your logo 150+ Business Card Holder as indicated28 100+ Aluminum and metal Your logo 40/- VCH as indicated29 100+ Plastic Promotional Your logo 50 Visiting Card Holder as indicated Multi cular Card holder and very light weight to carry3/9/11 9
  10. 10. Zig – Zag Card Holder Your logo 175+30 50+ in the left Desk top business card corner or holder with beautiful centre. clock in the right corner of the holder Smart Stand Your logo31 100+ inside the 100+ Cute pen stand with picture designer message holder frame or in and picture frame. the base A blissful gift to make your brand and lovable ;) Musing Maze Your logo 50+32 500+ as indicated Brain sliding game with your message.3/9/11 10
  11. 11. Desk Buddy Your logo33 over the 350/- Desk Buddy – 4 port USB round Hub, Speaker, Pen surface Holder, Light & Photo Frame IN ONE Clap Clock Your logo over the 350+34 50+ Mirror clock with mirror clapping sensor. Multi Tool Kit Your logo35 100+ over the 150+ Swiss Knife tool kit set tool kit for your versatile brand3/9/11 11
  12. 12. Puzzling Calculation36 100+ Stylish office calculator Your logo Below 500 with maze game in the over the Range back. To let you go out front surface from the official maze ... Happily !37 100+ Natures Notebook Your Logo 150+ as indicated Natural notebook Designs with eco-friendly pages option38 100+ Branded as well as Your logo Below 500 imported neck Tie as Range embroidery 100+ Wine opener pen & Message 250+39 keychain over the box and/or products3/9/11 12
  13. 13. Pen with Keychain in an Message40 100+ elegant box packaging over the 100+ box and/or products Message41 100+ Visiting Card Holder With over the 200+ Pen and letter opener box and/or products Message42 Pen with 2GB pen drive over the 500+ (with warranty) box and/or products Message43 100+ Leather Wallet with over the 250+ Keychain and pen box and/or products3/9/11 13
  14. 14. 44 50+ Precious leather and Message 250+ leatherette gift-box over the box45 50+ Leather and leatherette Message as 250+ picture frame embossing over the frame46 10+ Mini-Digital Picture Logo 2000+ frame in Leather cover embossing3/9/11 14
  15. 15. Leather Crafts 150+47 50+ Pure leather Wallet, Logo mobile cover, embossing Promotional design and concept48 50+ Pure leather envelopes Your logo as 500+ in embossing3/9/11 15
  16. 16. 49 50+ Sleek laptop Leather Embossing 1800+ Bag Jute Folder –50 100+ Rectangle Your logo 250+ over the tag Hand finished jute in centre folders Jute Folder – Round Your logo51 100+ Hand finished jute over the 250+ folders round tag3/9/11 16
  17. 17. Magic Memo This Magnetic Memo Pad Calculator is an eco52 50+ Your logo 450/- friendly product that on the top writes and erase easily without paper or pen! It uses magnetic power to save paper, save pen, protect our earth! 8- digit solar power calculator is a good companion for your office and home use. Diamond Delight53 100+ Diamond Shaped As indicated 850/- crystal memento (Laser Let your success glitters etching) forever (Because diamond is forever :)54 50+ Stalwart Reward Your logo as 1500+ indicated Beautiful trophy for and message all the success pillars over the of the company pillar3/9/11 17
  18. 18. Electric Sipper55 100+ Your logo as 150/- Metal sipper with indicated flashing color; A way to flash your brand with hot electric colors. Royal Quills56 50+ Your logo 275+ Royal writing over the gift instrument with new box and/or ball point body and ink on the quills filler design and/or pain surface stand3/9/11 18
  19. 19. 57 50+ Magnetic Dart Game Your logo 350+ over the dart Compact Leisure game sheet for those who have the aim for sweet success Tech Light: A real incorporation of hand held compact tool58 50+ kit and the torch to a Screen 155 holder… printing A concept torch to pave the way and guides ahead to the world of perfect mechanics! ‘Get prepared’ Fine Casing: This unique and MRP_1250/-59 10+ International Credit- Screen card case is an printing Company incredible gift price_ synonymous with 410/- quality, innovation, and craftsmanship with it’s sleek-sharp-beautiful care to your soft banking…3/9/11 19
  20. 20. Marble Pen set Marble set and/or60 50+ holder with gift box Screen 250+ packaging… printing or Extravagantly the most etching traditional hand-held product! Coffee Shaker Mug61 50+ Whirling mug with a Screen 200/- powerful motor to printing shake your liquids Health Magnetic Mug62 100+ Cleanse your cells every Your logo as 150+ time you drink! indicated Takes 5 minutes for liquids to receive a magnetic charge. Because these are natural earth magnets, the longer the liquid remains in the cup the greater charge it will receive. World Watcher63 10+ Screen 1200-1500/- Keep the earth’s time in printing your hand! With all metal rotating world clock-set alarm for any 195 country…3/9/11 20
  21. 21. Infra Calculator Winsome range MRP_2250/- calculator!64 10+ The number crunching Screen Company assets’ with day, date, printing price_ time and temperature 1250/- over one go… This compact and stylish desktop device showcase the systematic set with a Calculation made easy by infrared remote service technology ‘Behind the Wheels’! The staring analogue MRP_1250/-65 50+ clock set to speed Screen ahead in a wooden printing Company steering wheel on a price_ metal gear base will 745/- keep you on track… Double Lock Ring…66 50+ Conscious about style Laser 155 statement every time; etching/ Speak it with our high Screen quality leather keychain printing in black and brown with trendy and super sturdy looks!3/9/11 21
  22. 22. Drive with care! This emergency car light fitted with a Screen MRP_1250/-67 50+ swiveling head for printing sharper focus, magnetic Company support, a clip and a 3- price_ meter long winding 765 power cord, is a must have for every driver. The gadget flashes light continuously whenever you plug it inn… Sleek tool Sleek metallic tool kit! This compact design kit68 50+ has no less than 6 tools Screen 145+ in its’ neatly designed printing metallic finish case along with a torch. So now you can be prepared wherever you go… Digital Count Rope Here’s la mode to your weight…69 50+ This new age digital Screen 255 jumping rope is as printing modern as they get, with a little screen that displays the number of jumps made you’re your burned calories! Digital heating cup70 50+ For all car lovers it’s a Screen 1150 great opportunity to printing keep your coffee warm every time inside your little world…3/9/11 22
  23. 23. Transparent Calculations For those wants71 50+ transparency in work, Screen 280 comes the crystal clear printing calculator to see through the number game Brand it with your logo to be a crystal clear mathematician… Course up your team game session with these72 50+ creative balls! Screen 135 printing Yeah, it’s a sipper too to revitalize you in the middle of the game. Crystal time73 10+ A modest curvy crystal Laser 550-850 cube with the analog etching/ clock positioned the Screen centre... printing Shows it’s entirety in message over your command!3/9/11 23
  24. 24. Au Courant Back pack 345-68574 10+ Screen Price range A remarkably high printing/ with pockets, quality bag available Embroidery/ laptop pack with the complete Metal batch & trolley option of customization over your choice… Talk strand - Mobile! Laser Even if you are running etching,75 50+ out of battery and have screen 75 to do those important printing calls, this stylish mobile charging device is your choice of last minute saver… Carry your style! Compact carry bag for76 50+ your outings and Screen 545 excursions… printing/ Embroidery A perfect carry case for your outdoor trips and value added conclaves Dandy Design MRP_550 Thumb-drives for for 2GB77 50+ gifting special Screen memories… printing Company An exclusive five-year price_445 warranty and water- with black proof techy engineering box over this sleek model! packaging3/9/11 24
  25. 25. Auto- Umbrella ! Enjoy this rain with automatic ON & OFF Screen78 50+ umbrella… printing 55-550 digital An elegant carry case printing powered to aspire you over the sprinkling shower this year! Track your tick! MRP_550/-79 50+ Tick-tickk… Here’s your Screen to 1550/- brand to your time. printing Company These trendy watches price_325/- cover a style statement to 690/- with your speechless values! Budget beater frosted mug! Enjoy your drink in Screen80 50+ verve; this translucent printing/ 115+ cup gives a different Digital experience of your printing drinks… boost your brand without breaking your budget! Mobile Holder Relocate your mobile~ from your palm to this holder and your data Laser81 50+ from these four USB etching/ 675/- hubs to your computer. Screen printing A special non-marking adhesive holds your mobile in place making it a convenient and unique device that you can brand and gift…3/9/11 25
  26. 26. Universal travel plug! Globetrotters, say goodbye to bulky adaptors and short- circuits and greet this Screen82 50+ universal travel plug printing 355 that comes with multiple adjustable pins, all neatly fitted into a compact case tinier than your palm! One plug for over 150 countries!! Clean Computer Keep your computers completely clean with this double convenient brush. Open its sleek83 100+ and compact case - on Screen 45+ one side youll find a printing brush to wipe your screen and another on the other side to dust your keyboard. When youre done, just pack it up again leaving your machine squeaky clean. Sun Power Modern coverage ~ What do the sun and your mobile phone have in common?84 50+ This solar- powered Screen 950+ phone charger! printing This eco-friendly charger draws energy from the sun and transfers it to your phone, ipod via any of the multiple adaptors that comes with it. Book Bars Tired of using bookmarks that get85 100+ worn out? Laser 85 Then use this durable etching/ steel one instead. It Screen marks your page with printing the flat metal square as its steel loop neatly presses the other pages together.3/9/11 26
  27. 27. Water powered clock! This revolutionary clock fancily attract, its eco-86 50+ friendly Green Tech Screen 400+ consumers; Doing away printing with the traditional batteries, uses only water as its source of energy to display the time on an LCD screen. The obvious winner of the most Innovative Product of International gifting Exhibition. Book Ends Your logo87 10+ over the 790+ Beautiful Bookends for bookends your desktop. Golf Pen Stand Your logo88 Designer pen stand over oval 690+ with 3 penholders for surface the golf lovers. Bridge Clock Your logo89 10+ over the 500+ Beautiful rotating clock and desktop clock stand3/9/11 27
  28. 28. 90 50+ Flower Vase Your logo 250/- on the stand Designer flower vase World time 50+ Your logo91 Beautiful four-clock over the 750+ set to give toy exact crystal base control over the world time. Write UP! Laser 100+ professional etching/92 100+ writing pocket Screen 5/- to instrument for your printing 25000/- team… Aspire-Inscribe- Achieve Crystal Clock Crystal clear and Laser transparent mechanism etching with93 1+ clock… your 2000+ Count your each message motion with this stylish German engineering!3/9/11 28
  29. 29. Regular Merchandise Cap & Cup, T-shirts94 100+ & Shirts, Pens & Made to be 10-1000 Stands, Watches & customized Bags, Folders & shoulders. Gifts and branding options of all seasons and reasons.Sirius Marketing is an active market driven gifting company specialized in delivering unique business solutionto our clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We have a unique work environment thatcombines the freedom, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of a small company with the financial stability andbenefits of a large corporation.We have over cutting edge corporate gifts and branding concepts to make theabsolute gifting concoction.!Some of our active clients we are working with:!Adobe, Agilis International, American Express, American-Indian-Foundation, Aricent, Areva, Artech, Agilis International,Bread-n-Butter,!!CII,!Cigma events,!Dalmia Cement, Dupont, !Development Alternatives Group, Ernst and Young, Exchange4mediagroup, Gemalto, HCL, !iEnergizer, Indian Council of World Affairs, ITC-infotech, K.S.Oils Ltd, Micromax-mobile, !NDTVWorldwide, Nokia-Siemens-Network, Netgear, Quinnox Consultancy, Rotary Club of Assam,!Siemens, Standard Chartered Bank,Steria, Tata Consultancy Services, Times Of India, 360 Degree, Un-commonsense production, United health group.Regards: Navin Gautam | 9891095111 Sneha Bharadwaj | 9910113761 Gifting | Merchandising | Branding | Promotions 364 - IInd floor, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, New Delhi - 110065, India Office: +91-11-41005453 | Email: Website : | Socials : facebook | Blogspot : seasonsgifting.blogspot.comThank you for considering the environmental impact of printing emails.The content of this email and any attachments (email) is confidential, may be privileged, subject to copyright and may be read and used only by the intendedrecipient. If you are not the intended recipient please notify us by return email or telephone and erase all copies and do not disclose the email or any part of it to anyperson. Email transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure, or error free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost or destroyed as a result of thetransmission process. The sender, therefore, does not accept liability for any errors, omissions, viruses or delay in transmission as a result of this mail. We monitoremail communications through our networks for regulatory compliance purposes and to protect our clients, employees and business. Opinions, conclusions, andother information in this message that do not relate to the official business of_SIRIUS INTEGRATED TRADING PVT. LTD._or its affiliate(s) shall be understood tobe neither given nor endorsed by SIRIUS INTEGRATED TRADING PVT. LTD. or its affiliate(s).3/9/11 29