SiriusDecisions Webcast: Next-Generation Sales Competency Model


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In this SiriusDecisions Webcast, Jim Ninivaggi, service director of our Sales Enablement Strategies advisory service shares frameworks, insights and best practices on the next generation sales competency model. He addresses the vital components that make up a competency model, how to create competency models for each key sales role and how to leverage the competency model to build out your sales enablement structure and frameworks, including sales training.

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SiriusDecisions Webcast: Next-Generation Sales Competency Model

  1. 1. June 2012Next-Generation SalesCompetency ModelJames NinivaggiService Director, Sales Enablement Strategies #sdwebcast @jninivaggi
  2. 2. The Typical Sales Job Description• Bachelor’s degree• Prior experience in sales is required.• Excellent customer service, sales, and relationship building skills.• Dedication, professionalism and drive for results.• Experience developing and implementing effective marketing plans, account management, as well as sales and sourcing strategies that increased top-line performance.• A clear understanding of meeting quotas and sales metrics.• The ability to build relationships with clients.• Self-motivated and ability to work on your own• A consultative approach to sales.• The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently through verbal and written correspondence.• A positive attitude and team player mentality.• A desire to have fun at work. © Copyright SiriusDecisions. All Rights Protected and Reserved. 2
  3. 3. Executive Summary• Key issues – There continue to be dramatic shifts in b-to-b buying behaviors – Many sales organizations are still hiring and training to an outdated competency model – The emergence of three generations in the b-to-b workforce is having an impact on sales competencies and development• What you will walk away with – An understanding of what a sales competency model is – A deep dive into the knowledge, skills and behaviors emerging as critical for sales success today – A model you can use to identify and develop the critical competencies for the selling roles in your organization © Copyright SiriusDecisions. All Rights Protected and Reserved. 3
  4. 4. What Exactly Is a Competency?
  5. 5. Competency DefinitionA defined level of expertise that is essential or fundamentalto a particular job; the primary area of expertise; specialty;the expertise that allows an organization or individual to beatits competitors. Knowledge Skills Behaviors © Copyright SiriusDecisions. All Rights Protected and Reserved. 5
  6. 6. The Changing Sales Engagement DynamicsSiriusPerspective: B-to-b buyers are engaging with sales reps laterin the buying process, compacting time to influence. ① Loosening of theEducation Status Quo Phase ② Committing to Change ③ Exploring PossibleSolution Solutions Phase ④ Committing to a Solution ⑤ Justifying the Vendor DecisionSelection ⑥ Making the Phase Selection © Copyright SiriusDecisions. All Rights Protected and Reserved. 6
  7. 7. Emerging Competency: Buyer-Focused BehaviorSiriusPerspective: The ability to understand where a buyer is inthe decision process, and adjusting approach accordingly. © Copyright SiriusDecisions. All Rights Protected and Reserved. 7
  8. 8. Emerging Competency: Social Listening Skills SiriusPerspective: Reps will need to use social tools to listen to their buyers, partners, and competitors. Prospects Geographies Influencers Competition Business Units Products Partners BrandEmployees Customers Major Accounts © Copyright SiriusDecisions. All Rights Protected and Reserved. 8
  9. 9. Three Generations Across Buying and SellingSiriusPerspective: Along with Boomers (1946-64) and Gen X (1965-81),Generation Y (1984-2002) will play a larger role in buying processes.Fifty-six percent of college students who responded to a recent survey said they would either not accept a job offer from a company thatblocked access to social media in the workplace, or would join and attempt to sidestep the company policy. Source: Cisco Connected World Study © Copyright SiriusDecisions. All Rights Protected and Reserved. 9
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