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Off page Seo .. What are the benefits and how do I optimize my presence ?

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Off page seo

  1. 1. Off-page SEO
  2. 2. What is Off-page SEO Backlinks, also known as; incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward linksincoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link receivedby a web node (web page, directory, website, or toplevel domain) from another web node. Off Page SEO is the number of backlinks you have directed towards your site.
  3. 3. Anchor TextWith backlinks you want to make sure you are varyingyour anchor text. There are 4 different variations ofanchor text you can have when setting up your backlinks. In your main post be sure to use descriptivekeyword rich anchor text. Download My Free EBook Online Business Strategies !
  4. 4. Anchor Text Type 1: Exact Match Anchor TextWith Exact match anchor text, you want to make sureyou are using this 25-40% of the time with yourbacklinks.For example: If your keyword is Hot Wheels, you shouldmake sure that anchor text is hyper linked to valuablecontent linking back to your original blog , or website.
  5. 5. Anchor Text Type 2 : Partial Match Anchor TextWith Partial Match Anchor text, you want to make sureyou are using this 10-20% of the time with yourbacklinks.For example: We will use the same keyword HotWheels, a partial match for this would be something likeHot Wheels Supplies or Hot Wheels on Sale. The mainkeyword is still in the anchor text however now you arepartially matching the link.
  6. 6. Anchor Text Type 3: Random Anchor Text With Random Anchor text you want to make sure you are using this 15-25% of the time with your backlinks. Examples of this are : Click here, more information, continue reading, and so on and so forth. *These you can use with more low quality links.
  7. 7. Anchor Text Type 4: URL Anchor Text With URL Anchor text you want to use this 20-30% of the time . Most of your URL anchor text links you want to post on videos. Examples of this are;,, and so on and so forth. Now none of these percentages are set in stone. Google is forever changing and evolving. Coming out with new algorithms to post the most relevant content to its viewers. These percentages are just suggestions. Figure out what works for you. Download My Free EBook Online Business Strategies !
  8. 8. Off Page SEO: Backlinks Basic Tip 1When setting up backlinks for your site make sure you have link diversity. Youcan obtain link diversity by having links from various sources and IP addresses.Sources such as Web 2.0 Sites, Social Networking Site, Forums etc..The new Google Penguin also likes to see multiple visitors to your site thatcomment and share. This lets Google know your site is valuable. Now this doesnot mean to go out on Fiverr and hire a bunch of people to comment on yourpost. There can be cost and benefits to doing this. Cost, you want high qualitycomments. You are only paying these people $5 for there service. So you canfigure out how much quality a $5 post is. Benefit, you have a comment from adifferent IP address and your site may or may not be shared dependent uponwhat that person is offering.
  9. 9. Off Page SEO: Backlinks Basic Tip 2 Build your backlinks steadily and maintain link velocity as time goes on. The average new website takes from 3 to 6 months to rank high in Google. So if your site magically 100,000k links and tries to rank over night , get ready for those red flags from Google.Start slow and build up… do not build links all at once.. a site doesnot naturally grow like that.. YOU WANT TO BE….OR AT LEASTLOOK, NATURAL. Download My Free EBook Online Business Strategies !