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Long tail keyword vs. short tail keywords


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long tail keywords versus short tail keywords, what is the difference?

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Long tail keyword vs. short tail keywords

  1. 1. Long vs. Short Tail KeywordsThe benefits of using Long and Short Tail keywords
  2. 2. Long Tail Keywords• Target a more specific audience• Typically 3+ keywordsExample:Where can I buy organicchocolate chip cookies? Where can I buy organic chocolate chip cookies?
  3. 3. Short Tail KeywordsTypically 1-2 keywordsTarget a broad audience Example: Organic cookies
  4. 4. The Benefits Long Tail Keywords:Where can I buy organic cookies? Easier to rank in search engines Short Tail Keywords: Organic cookies Target a more specific audience Broad results Cost less per click when doing More traffic paid advertising Helps with site ranking
  5. 5. Which should you use? It is beneficial to use BOTH! *Remember*You want to generateas much traffic as possiblewhile also making sure youare giving your blog a greaterchance of reaching yourtarget audience. Online Biz Information