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JJ Law vs Spirit 3


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How does walking in the Spirit differ from trying to please God by keeping the Law?

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JJ Law vs Spirit 3

  3. 3. WHEN WE WALK IN THE SPIRIT . . .We walk using God as our model. itators of God, as b eloved children;1. Therefore be im lso loved you and2. and walk in lo ve, just as Christ agave Him self up for us . . .Ephesians 5: 1 Verses 2-9 explain some of the changes we’ll make in how we conduct ourselves.
  4. 4. EPHESIANS 5 TELLS CHRISTIANS WALKING IN THE SPIRIT– D on ’t steal Avoid immorality, Yeah, ounds li right! S Testament, ke impurity, greed– ld usual Othe joy-ki le lling, Bib sk a Allow no filthiness, silly s, if you legalism e! talk, coarse jesting– m Do n’t be foolish . . . nor participate in the un fruitful deeds of darkness
  5. 5. You couldn’t be more WRONG,mister! Walking in the Spirit is a wholedifferent experience from following the Law.
  6. 6. Chan ging and beha unde vior Spir r the unde it dif influ r the fer t ence Law hree of th eMOTIV way s: EMEANS METHOD
  7. 7. MOTIVE LAWFocus on the SelfFear of God’swrath-Deut 30:17Hope for God’sblessing– Deut 30:16Pride–Matt 23:25
  8. 8. MOTIVE LAWFocus on the Self SPIRITFear of God’s Focus on Our Relationshipswrath-Deut 30:17Hope for God’s Love/God–(5:1)blessing– Deut 30:16 Worthiness–(5:5)Pride–Matt 23:25 Gratitude–(5:10,20) Respect/husband– (5:22) Love/Wife–(5:25)
  9. 9. MEANS LAW EarthlyHuman effort–(Romans 7:21-5)Will power–(Romans7:21-5)
  10. 10. MEANS SPIRIT Heavenly God’s effort–(Phil 1:6, 2:13) LAW God’s gifts–(Eph 1:17) Earthly God’s design–(Eph 2:10)Human effort– God’s power–(Eph(Romans 7:21-5) 3:20)Will power–(Romans7:21-5)
  11. 11. METHODS LAW ExternalOutward displayso f religiosity–(Matt23:25)B odily Discipline–(1Tim 4:8)E thical Decrees: (Col2:20)E motional Excess:(Col 2:20, Rom 10:2)
  12. 12. METHODS LAW External SPIRIT InternalOutward displays Learn Christ–(Epho f religiosity–(Matt 4:20)23:25) odily Discipline–(1 Know Christ–(PhilB 3:8+10)Tim 4:8) thical Decrees: (Col Renew Minds–(EphE 4:23 vs. 4:17)2:20) motional Excess: Put off the Old SelfE (Eph 4:22)(Col 2:20, Rom 10:2) Put on New Self– (Eph 4:24)
  13. 13. sible Outc omes of Pos nder Law ighte ousness U Woe to youPu rsuing R scribes and phar isees . . . 1. The Hypocrisy of the Pharisees (Matt 23) or of Peter (Galatians 2) 2. The Virtue-Without-Love Syndrome (I Cor 13) 3. Continual Frustration (Romans 7:24) decre es . . .Why do you submit yourself to I have become a noisy gong . . . You were run n ing well–who hindered you ... w ay . . . You did not learn Christ in this
  14. 14. Possible Outcomes of Pursuing Now I shall sa more exce how you llent way . . . Righteousness By The Spirit 1. We walk in love (Eph 5:2) as imitators of God and as the children of God (Eph 5:1) 2. We live as God’s workmanship (Eph 2:10) 3. We bear spiritual fruit (Gal 5:22) 4. We are strong in the Lord (Eph 6:10) That I may k and the pow now Him er of His resand the fello urrection Live by the Spirit and wship of His sufferings . . walk by the Spirit . . . . ness ... love, joy, peace, patience, kind It is God who is at work in you . . . Rejoice in the Lord always . . .
  15. 15. In essence, the difference between these two pathways to righteousness boils down to this:Working in the flesh to please God amounts to performing CPR on A CORPSE: Our old, dead crucified-with-Christ self. We struggle to clean this corpse up and make it worthy of God’s grace and acceptable in His sight.No wonder we’re frustrated with our lives!
  16. 16. In essence, the difference betweenthese two pathways to righteousness boils down to this:
  17. 17. In essence, the difference betweenthese two pathways to righteousness boils down to this:
  18. 18. In essence, the difference between these two pathways to righteousness boils down to this:Working in the Spirit to please God amounts to DISCOVERING OUR NEW SELVES: Which God has already created!We live to discover and put on this already- in-existence New Self, made in truth to reflect God’s righteousness and holiness. Stop CPR! Walk in the Spirit!
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