VI Israel: God's Timeline


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This, the sixth presentation in the series, briefly and in overview, describes the prophetic timeline of God's plan of redemption. Turns out that God bases this timeline on Jewish history. The fact that Israel emerges as a nation after 2000 years of diaspora among the Gentiles figures prominently in my application of this timeline. Treat this short presentation as an introduction to the more substantive treatment of the subject in Presentation XVII.

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  • VI Israel: God's Timeline

    1. 1. VI. ISRAEL AS GOD’S TIMELINE God Sets the Jews as His Prophetic Pole Star f tion o c Produ OG A the sk op orksh W
    2. 2. VI. ISRAEL AS GOD’S TIMELINE f tion o c Produ OG A the sk op orksh W
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    4. 4. Basic Information LICENSING: I grant a Creative Commons license made of the following elements: You may freely share and adapt this work provided you give me credit–(website info fine!), your efforts have no commercial application and you share extracted/ redacted work with others. God bless and have fun! VISIT: skOG Workshop Headquarters at for other items of interest. Prophecy Series 30 Presentation Set Table of Contents IMAGES: By Subscription: http:// bpg2009/frames.htm?members/ member_page.php By Permission: Creative Commons Licensing as noted EMAIL:
    5. 5. The Bible traces the story of the Jewish people from the time of Abraham’s calling to their presence in Eternity’s New Jerusalem. That story has several elements of interest to this study: Purely historical narrative Prophecy with historical fulfillment Prophecy having current fulfillment Prophecy yet to find fulfillment
    6. 6. Each element in the story of Israel helps shape our understanding of Bible prophecy in distinct ways: The purely historical narrative provides a guiding context to interpreting embedded OT prophecy. It roots OT prophecy in historical realities. Prophecy historically fulfilled provides a confidence boost and teaches us how to properly interpret prophecy not yet fulfilled.
    7. 7. Prophecy with current fulfillment locates us on God’s timeline, whets our enthusiasm for study and calls us to spiritual attention. Prophecy with future fulfillment finds us standing a-tip-toe, peering forward while we look back at patterns of fulfillments in the past for interpretive guidance.
    8. 8. Get acquainted with the story of Israel and its people from God’s perspective and you . . . Increase your confidence in the integrity of God’s Word We encounter fulfillment of the historical prophecies Prophecies surrounding and flowing from Israel’s 1948 return to the land appear in the process of fulfillment before our eyes.
    9. 9. Know the prophecies attached to Israel’s story and you have a secure and continuous timeline upon which to place the events of Revelation and the prophecies of Paul and Jesus. When we place God’s prophecies about the Jews alongside His promises to them and remember our God’s determination to keep His Word, we discover the means by which He will do precisely that!
    10. 10. T prophetic e the Bible’s O shall organiz I ony thusly: testim ham to Moses bra stimony from A e h Covenant Set: T quence of Jewis he se ua establishes t and Josh history. miah Daniel and Jere rom et: Testimony f Timeline S Jewish history. e of basic time fram lays out the ce ses, Ezekiel tra , Mo ophesied: Jesus n. Diaspora Pr spora and retur h dia jectory of Jewis the tra riah aniel and Zecha iel, D f the End: Ezek Mechanics o e the final acts escrib ess stand and d take the witn ry. of Jewish histo
    11. 11. ith a timeline provided us w God has prophecies ich to arrange along wh et’s discover His return. L about hat timeline! t nt in llme insta next link: this r the Fo click ries, is se th Search the Table of Contents for Other Offerings In This Series VII: Covenant/ Timeline