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You have stumbled onto a table of contents for a study of biblical prophecy through 30 or so separate slide presentations. God may have a place for my distinct and one-of-a-kind response to biblical end-times prophecy. Students of prophecy will find both novelty and challenge here. Newcomers to biblical prophecy will find I keep them rooted in God's Word and give fair notice of when and where I deal with inference and personal conjecture.

Short descriptors of each presentation accompany the listings. My prayers for their usefulness to you in your walk with the Lord precede them.

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  • Content of Prophecy Study Set

    1. 1. SURVEY OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY, A STUDY OF THE END TIMES ANDOF THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST Index to Content t ion ofAP roduc G t he skO op sh VISIT: Work skOG W orkshop www.len Headqua rters at interest. m for ot her item s of EMAIL: leonard. hoy@gm
    2. 2. SET ONE: STRUCTURE AND TIMELINE OF 70TH WEEK1 ASSUMPTIONS: in which we consider who ‘you’addresses when encountered in biblical prophecy.“Are you talking to me?”2 BIBLE AS A BRIDGE: in which a suspensionbridge’s architecture serves as a graphic illustration ofthe Bible narrative’s integrated structure.3 WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED: What has the abovegraphic given us for a view of the God of prophecy?
    3. 3. SET ONE: STRUCTURE AND TIMELINE OF 70TH WEEK4 ALL BOW DOWN: in which we consider glory andmagnificence at the formal end of human history.5 DISPENSATIONS: the twin towers of our biblicalbridge support a prophetic roadway along which God’splan of redemption plays out in ordered measures.6 ISRAEL, GOD’S TIMELINE: in which I explain theunique role Jewish history plays in our use of biblicalprophecy. (An introduction to Slide VII)
    4. 4. SET ONE: STRUCTURE AND TIMELINE OF 70TH WEEK7 BASIC COVENANT: in which we consider in somedetail God’s covenant with Israel and its role inprophecy.8 DIASPORA: the tragedy of Israel’s ejection from thePromised Land and its role in prophecy.9 CONTENT OF THE 70 WEEKS: A treatment of the70 Weeks’ prophecy, concentrating on its centralelements and events.
    5. 5. SET TWO:PROPHECY IN THE GOSPELS AND IN PAUL’S LETTERS10 INTRODUCTION: in which we consider who ‘you’addresses when encountered in biblical prophecy.“Are you talking to me?”11 THE ASCENSION: in which we consider how dayto day life fits in with an interest in the hereafter12 THE OLIVET DISCOURSE: we look at Jesus’treatment of His own return. This discourse formsTHE bridge between Daniel and Revelation.
    6. 6. SET TWO:PROPHECY IN THE GOSPELS AND IN PAUL’S LETTERS13 OLIVET COMPANION VERSES: I offer you a seriesof verses that guide and deepen our understanding ofChrist in the Olivet Discourse14 RAPTURE AND RESURRECTION: I Corinthians-one of THE classic rapture passages comes to the fore.15 I THESSALONIANS: the companion passage to ICorinthians 15’s treatment of the rapture andresurrection.
    7. 7. SET TWO:PROPHECY IN THE GOSPELS AND IN PAUL’S LETTERS16 THE CHURCH AVENGED: II Thessalonians 1and the justice of God on behalf of His Church17 THE MAN OF SIN: II Thessalonians 2 and theMan of Lawlessness released and revealed18 APOSTASY IN THE CHURCH: Paul warnsTimothy about the winnowing of the Church19 SALVATION: A companion piece to #18, whichhas begged the question, “Can I lose my salvation?”
    8. 8. SET THREE: BACKWARDS THROUGH REVELATION20 INTRODUCTION TO REVELATION: In which Iexplain the purpose of ‘backward engineering’ thebook of Revelation21 GATES NEVER CLOSE: The architecture ofEternity– a comparison of islamic and christianvisions.22 THE ETERNAL CITY: The amazing physicality ofRevelation 21’s treatment of the Eternal City
    9. 9. SET THREE: BACKWARDS THROUGH REVELATION23 THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST: Chapters 19and 20 depict the return of the Savior24 MILLENNIUM AND REVELATION: I spotlightand expand on Revelation’s thin treatment of thisvery real dispensation.25 ON THE EDGE OF THE END: Five wholechapters (14-18) devoted to circumstancesimmediately leading to the return of Christ.
    10. 10. SET THREE: BACKWARDS THROUGH REVELATION26 TIMELINE FOR REVELATION 5-13: I superimposethe 70th Week’s geometry on the distinctlynon-sequential progression of these chapters.27 SEQUENCE OF SEALS, TRUMPETS AND BOWLS:How do these three judgmental series arrange themselvesin on our 70th Week Timeline? (Thank you, RobertGundry!)
    11. 11. SET THREE: SIX TRIBULATION ACTORS28 SATAN IN REVELATION: ENTITY I–TheAdversary of old tries to go toe-to-toe with his Maker.What’s he hope to accomplish . . . .and how?29 THE ANTICHRIST IN REVELATION: ENTITYII–focusing mostly on Chapter 12, we follow his storyarc through several scattered passages.30 THE SAINTS IN REVELATION: ENTITY III–Theovercomers, the margin of God’s victory! Thebrothers!!! US?????
    12. 12. SET THREE: BACKWARDS THROUGH REVELATION31 THE JEWS IN REVELATION: ENTITY IV–Thethin references in Revelation to this group’s role in theTribulation receives full treatment.32 THE NATIONS IN REVELATION: ENTITY V–Thesource of a harvest of souls you never saw coming!33 THE CREATION: ENTITY VI–Waiting for thefreedom of the children of God and its own gloriousredemption