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  1. 1. Jeremy,Why do some songwriters succeed while others only sink?It isnt always due to talent or dedication.Its not that one songwriter wants success more than the other.The difference lies in what each songwriter learns about his or her songs and how thisknowledge is applied.Allow me to illustrate...Seven years ago, two talented and ambitious friends from my home town moved to Nashville topursue their dreams of becoming professional songwriters.Friends since high-school, they would co-write music from time to time. Their songwriting styleand ability was extremely similar.Even though they lived and worked in Nashville, they didnt see much of one another.Recently, they met at a local coffee shop to catch up, as old friends do. Both had an impressivecatalog of songs, and each had artistically matured over the years.But there was one major difference.One of them is now serving coffee at Bongo Java to make ends meet. The other is a staff writerat Universal Publishing, writing songs for a living and making piles of money.Secret #6 : Test Your SongsThe Internet has made it possible for us to test everything. We can put our songs online, gatherfeedback from music fans in an instant, and use that valuable insight to improve the quality ofour songwriting.Before you spend thousands of dollars recording your album, wouldnt you like to know howmusic fans think you can improve each song? Wouldnt you like to know which of your songshas the greatest chance at climbing the charts?Every label, publisher and promoter would love to have this information.SoundOut provides an amazing service, providing songwriters with actionable data. They offermusicians the immediate insight they need to write and market their music all the way to alucrative publishing deal, number one cuts, and a career-long formula for songwriting success.Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and test your songs before its too late. Avoid themistakes before you lose time you cant have back or feel regret you wish you didnt.For We Are Listening members only, I have a $5 discount off your first SoundOut report. Justenter the code "SONGTESTWAL" and you can trim $5 from the total when youre ready to...
  2. 2. Click Here To Discover Your Formula For Songwriting SuccessYours for successful careers in music,Jeremy,Youre probably not having any luck getting your songs on the radio, right?Thats because terrestrial radio doesnt want you.You see, record labels have a full staff of professional radio pluggers whose full-time job is topitch their clients record catalog to station managers, playlist programmers, DJs and programproducers.They are insiders � they know all the politics and all the rules. Their rolodexes are packed withevery name, number and email in the industry.So how are you supposed to compete?Secret #4 : Plug Your Songs OnlineAlmost 70 million Americans tune into online radio each month. Overall listenership exploded bymore than a third last year alone. Online radio has become the single most powerful source ofmusic discovery, which is why up-and-coming artists are falling over themselves to land even afew minutes of airplay.Jango Radio is the 8th largest music site in the US with 7 million active, subscribing listeners.For We Are Listening members only, Ive made arrangements for you to have 100 FREE andguaranteed plays of your songs.In the music biz, its nearly impossible to find that kind of bang-for-your-buck value, but Imthrilled we could make it happen for YOU!Click Here To Get Your 100 Free Plays On Jango Radio NowYours for successful careers in music,Why arent your songs making you the money you deserve?Not every songwriter and recording artist out there succeeds in licensing his songs for film andtelevision.And Id be lying if I told you every music licensing opportunity pays big bucks.
  3. 3. But I can tell you that the music licensing business is the most lucrative and accessible businessfor independent artists. Songwriters and performing artists make more money by licensing theirsongs than performing live, signing a record deal and getting commercial radio airplaycombined.Secret #7 : License Your SongsMusic Supervisors spend all their time searching for great music to place in film, televisionshows and advertisements. They have big budgets, and are always willing to open their walletsfor fresh material.These are the people you want to get your music to, hard and fast.Best of all, unlike record labels and publishers, Music Supervisors love to receive unsolicitedsubmissions from artists. They even advertise for it.But you need to know where to look.Fortunately, a bright young mind (and good friend of mine) decided to create a marketplace forMusic Supervisors. Its a single hot spot where industry leaders come together to advertise theirprojects and access independent music from artists just like you.That place is called YouLicense and the licensing opportunities Im about to reveal might justchange your life.Click Here To Discover Hundreds Of Music Licensings Opportunities That Pay Cash UpfrontYours for successful careers in music,Jeremy,Tired of drum loops and sample CDs?Technology has made it all too easy for the modern musician to write music faster than everbefore, all while stretching the boundaries of what was previously possible.But though this quantum leap in available tools and at-home studios has allowed musicians toexperiment more than ever before, it has also led to a lot of lazy drum loops that all sound thesame.Youre a musician who cares about quality. This means that youre probably sick of hearingthese same old echoes.Secret #8 : Write To The Track Of A Professional DrummerWhat if you could write your music to the beat of a professional drummer, without hearing thelingering, looping banality of the same old tired beats?
  4. 4. Drum Tracks offers full-length professional drum beats, expertly played by some of Los Angelestop drummers. Each track is packed with interesting fills, helping you to write the songs that willhelp you stand out in a sea of sameness!These professional loops can be used in master recordings. Not only is this cheaper than goingto the studio or hiring a live drummer, the quality of these tracks sound every bit as good. Bestof all, youll never have to wait for that one perfect take again!Click Here To Start Writing To A Brand New Beat!Yours for successful careers in music,Lior ShamirManaging DirectorWe Are Listeningwww.wearelistening.orgP.S. Next week, Ill show you how to radically improve your odds of winning a song contest withmy Best Kept Music Marketing Secret #9 - delivered right to your inbox!Sell your music on Facebook, SoundCloud & YouTubeVibeDeck is a free service that makes it easy for you to sell your music online. Its free Easy to use You keep 100% of your sales Fans pay you directlyAnd creating your VibeDeck-powered music store and placing it wherever your fans are is asnap.You can easily... Create a Facebook store Sell your SoundCloud tracks Add a buy link to your YouTube videos Embed your store on your own site Design a custom mini-site...all in just a few clicks.Jeremy,Are song contests just a scam?
  5. 5. Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby, wrote on his blog:"Im thinking about song contests, what a scam they usually are, but dont have to be. By song contests, I mean all those ones that want a submission fee to enter, promising bigprizes if you win, and whose judges are a small group of insiders."And who am I to argue? The man is a legend.But before you write off the possibility of entering a song contest, consider this:Secret #9 : Song Contests Are Not A ScamEntering a song contest is no different to buying a T-shirt, booking a room in a hotel, or startingyour own business.You want to know who youre buying from, what customers are saying, and whether yourinvestment will pay off.You want to know what youre buying into before you buy.If you dont perform a bit of due diligence, youre likely to be disappointed: your T-shirt unravels,your hotel is dirty, your business fails.Or you enter a song contest and dont win. It can all be very disappointing.But it doesnt have to be that way...Click Here To Radically Improve Your Odds Of Winning Any Song ContestYours for successful careers in music,Lior ShamirManaging DirectorWe Are Listeningwww.wearelistening.orgP.S. Next week, Ill send you a summary of all my Best kept Music Marketing Secrets thatyouve received over the past nine weeks. Look out for 9 Best Kept Music Marketing Secrets InA Nutshell, delivered right to your inbox!Reach new fans with Grooveshark.With millions of songs to search and play, mobile apps that allow users to take tunes on-the-go,and all the social features a fanatic could ask for, Grooveshark is the best way for 30 millionmusic fans to discover and engage with your music.Its also the best way for artists to engage new fans.
  6. 6. Artist tools.Groovesharks slew of artist tools makes it easy to reach new fans and track whos falling in lovewith your music. Targeted radio plays help grow your fan base by putting your music in front oflisteners predisposed to love it, and our easy-to-use analytics bring you of listenerdemographics and trends, as well as direct feedback while they listen.Style & Target.Give your fans an experience theyll love while giving your music the love it deserves. Skin theentire Grooveshark homepage with your tunes, Twitter, and tour info. Target banner ads to runalongside a site skin, or run them with your Radio campaign. And do it all with the tools, theteam, and the 20-million strong fan base ready to love your music.