This morning, grooveshark sent us this angry email....txt


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This morning, grooveshark sent us this angry email....txt

  1. 1. This Morning, Grooveshark Sent Us This Angry Email...paulMonday, October 17, 2011Heres an email sent to us this morning from Grooveshark SVP Paul Geller. It responds to ourpublication of several email exchanges involving King Crimson, a band frustrated by theirinability to remove their content from the service. (The first sentence addresses a delivery error- apparently there was a problem receiving our emails initially.)_________________Paul [Resnikoff],I am writing to let you know that I received this email, but it is the first. I also dont appreciatethe headlines youve been creating out of my exchanges with Mr. Fripp. He has left out a lot ofemail correspondence including the repeated attempts we made to contact him via phone. Heeven stripped out parts of emails from Aaron and Marshall (our GC) when he posted them onhis blog. He has consistently doctored the conversation to fit his message.Thats not to say his complaints werent legitimate. Far from it. We couldnt have messed up atakedown for anyone worse. But you could have dug a little deeper. You might have noticedthat King Crimson is on Virgin (EMI) -- who we have a licensing deal with. We have deals withall the PROs in the US and over 1,000 labels and imprints. Lots of artists dont even know wehave licenses for their content so you cant take claims like Fripps at face value without a littleresearch.However, theyre in this weird situation where their content was never delivered by EMI but theywere not on an EMI blacklist -- which is the "weird case" I speak of. We didnt have a system toidentify these problems and thats why it took so many emails. Turns out EMI doesnt have thedigital rights to King Crimson, but while the attorney from Virgin was CCed on all of the previousemails, no one ever said anything. People like to see us squirm and it appears youre noexception.The truth is, we should have thought about these contingencies and you can be damn sure wewill from here on out, but the headline you published made it seem as though we hadntprocessed his takedowns and that they came to you for help. The email thread shows that theywere just looking for attention.In short, I think your coverage has been disingenuous at best and I would appreciate it if youdidnt publish my emails anymore. Im trying to teach our company to be more transparent, toparticipate in a process that we have been disconnect from. Its good for us. Its good for artistsand in the end its good for you. But seeing the headline you used really puts a damper onthings. I dont even see how you derived it from the single email exchange� unless of courseMr. Fripp sent you emails weeks old to support his argument, which it appears he did.-Paul [Geller, Grooveshark SVP]