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Shgit on the ourstage site.txt


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Shgit on the ourstage site.txt

  1. 1. Discover MusicYou�re here for good music. We�re here to make it easy for you to find it. OurStage is filledwith opportunities for you to discover your new favorite band, or the next song you�ll want toput on repeat and drive everyone around you crazy.Here are the places you�ll want to check out first:Personal Radio Think of your personal radio is as your servant, programmed to fetch youamazing new music based on your tastes. Tune it and let it go! Listen_Radio2.jpegGenre Radio You vote them to the top of the rankings, we scoop them up and put them into aradio for your enjoyment. Win-win. Listen_Genre.jpegBest Of We don�t need fancy algorithms to identify the best artists in OurStage. We justneed fans. Our Best Of pages feature the music you like most. Listen_BestOf.jpegWhats Hot Warm up to new music with our What�s Hot list, which features the latest andgreatest artists on OurStage. Listen_WhatsHot.jpegCharts Published every week, our genre charts give you a birds-eye view on the artists that areruling the roost here at OurStage. Listen_Charts.jpegStandings Our standings let you see who�s pulling ahead and who�s falling behind in ourcompetitions, as determined by the fan community. Listen_Standings.jpegJudging There�s no better way to discover the new favorite artists than by judging in ourcompetitions. Tell us who you want to hear more from, and we�ll make sure you do. Listen_Judge.jpegJudge In CompetitionsWe�re pretty Darwinian when it comes to talent. That�s why we host a new artist competitionevery month here on OurStage. Not only do our competitions serve as gateways to incredibleexposure for artists, they also provide opportunities for fans like you to judge the music andmove the strongest contenders into the winner�s circle.Survival of the fittest begins in our music channels. Head over to your favorite genre of musicand start rating the songs that appear.Listen_Judge.jpgEarn BadgesNot only can you find great music, artists, friends and content on OurStage -- you can earnbadges along the way!Heres a full list of Fan badges on OurStageIcon Name DescriptionAudio Enslaved Audio Enslaved Listen regularly, create playlists and give tracksyour thumbs up or thumbs down and well reward your mastery of hand gestures. LearnMore
  2. 2. BackStage Pass BackStage Pass Complete your profile and start strutting your stuffon OurStage! Learn MoreFanatic Fanatic Join artist Fan Clubs and show them lots of non-stalker love. Learn MoreFollow The Leader Follow The Leader Command an army of followers just by sharing yourfavorite music. Learn MoreI Am The DJ I Am The DJ Spin hidden gems in your favorite genres by tuning your radio andrating the songs that appear. Learn MoreJudging Excellence Judging Excellence All you have to do is judge fairly in our competitions-- we can tell if you do. (Insert knowing look) Learn MoreKnow-it-all Know-it-all Get perfect scores on trivia quizzes and win a badge. Next stop,rocket science. Learn MoreLiterati Literati Share articles and amaze people with your erudition (whateverthat means). Learn MorePredictor Predictor Prove you�ve got music ESP with your judging skills -- if theywin, you win! Learn MoreSocial Light Social Light Sharing = instant popularity. Get some. Learn MoreStar Czar Star Czar Judge music and videos and tell us who deserves the spotlightand who shouldn�t see the light of day. Learn MoreWin PrizesWe know youre here for the music. But we also know that being a fan requires dedication, time,and care. Thats why we make sure that youre rewarded for your efforts by giving you lots ofopportunities to win cash and prizes. Really, its the least we could do.Here are some of the ways we make it rain for you here on OurStage:Sponsored CompetitionsEvery month the industrys biggest names and most celebrated brands host competitions,awarding fans like you for their participation. Some recent prizes include: prizes_KieferSutherland.png 2011 Kiefer Sutherland "The Confession" Attending alive screening of "The Confession" alongside Kiefer Sutherland in New York. prizes_TravisBarker.png 2011 Travis Barker "Your Next Record" A snare drumautographed by Travis Barker 2010 Beyonc�s "Sweet Dreams" at the Wynn Cover Competition A Sony ViaoFW Series Notebook and a copy of Beyonc�s "I Am ... Yours: An Intimate Performance atWynn Las Vegas" 2010 Bust It Like Busta Tickets to a Busta Rhymes concert and a meet & greetwith the man himself 2010 JetBlues "Live From Terminal 5"Two round-trip tickets to anywhere JetBlue flies
  3. 3. Not to mention the over 90 sponsored competitions in 2010!Monthly Genre CompetitionsThere are more than 40 genre competitions on OurStage each month. Artists battle, fans judge,and a victor emerges. The winning artist gets cash prizes and industry recognition. But whatdoes the fan get? Well, well tell you. Well tell you right now.Gold Predictor PrizeIf you judge in competitions and have the highest level of accuracy in picking the winner, youeither have an incredible knack for identifying talent, or youre psychic. Whichever it is, wellreward you with 100 bucks.Silver Predictor PrizeYou came, you judged, and you had the second highest level of accuracy in picking the winner.Frankly, were impressed with your ear for awesome. You just won yourself $50.Bronze Predictor PrizeHaving the third highest level of accuracy in picking the winners in our competitions is nothing tosniff at. Enjoy $25 and the warm glow of our admiration.Get socialWhether you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert, the leader or the follower, anexhibitionist or voyeur... theres a virtual world ready to interact with you. Dont keep themwaiting!Getting social means youll always be in the loop on cool competitions, awesome magazinearticles, and relevant community updates. Here are some of the ways to play nice with others onOurStage:Opt in to our bi-weekly newsletter. Get a first look at our exclusive interviews with some of thehottest artists on the map.facebook logo Like us on Facebook. Every month the editor of OurStage Magazine shares herfavorite tracks via a free download page on our profile.twitter logo Follow us on Twitter. Follow @OurStage to stay up-to-date on the latest newsfrom our neck of the woods. Tweet us if you want to share songs by your favorite OurStageartists or just want to give us a shout out. We like those.myspace logo Lets be friends on MySpace. You still on MySpace? We are too. Call usnostalgic�but not so nostalgic that we kept our Friendster account.foursquare logo Check in with OurStage on Foursquare. Were leaving tips on the best livemusic venues and amazing local talent in your area. Lets take this relationship to the streets.tumblr logo Tumble for us on Tumblr. Well share daily musings on pop culture, independentmusic, and whatever else catches our fancy. No Charlie Sheen coverage� logo Watch us on YouTube. Not to brag, but we have our own YouTube channel andhave filled it with some pretty sweet videos over the years. Check out our coverage of nationaltours, concerts, and other events as well as features on some of the artists we love.8tracks logo Play us on 8tracks. Each month our editor lovingly assembles playlists for yourconsideration. All you have to do is press play.
  4. 4. oslogothumb Scrobble us on See what were scrobbling, and whos scrobbling us.Scrobble, scrobble.ustream logo COMING SOON! OurStage rocks USTREAM. You heard it first, friend. Weregetting ready to launch a weekly video countdown and wed love for you to tune in.oslogothumb Read all about it in the OurStage Daily. Peruse our headlines on industry newsand pop culture and stay in-the-know.Feeling overwhelmed by the endless opportunities for virtual popularity? Were happy to keepthis good thing between us exclusive. Join the OurStage community today, if you haventalready taken the plunge!Overview for FansYou say you want a revolution? Come join ours.OurStage is a community of audiophiles like you, looking for a whole new music experience.Here you get deeper relationships with your favorite bands and amazing new music from artistsspanning every imaginable genre. Love hip-hop? Got you covered. Diehard rocker? You�re allset.Can�t live without klezmer? Weird, but yes, there�s something here for you, too.OurStage is all about giving you, the fan, the power to break bands. Just by judging in ourcompetitionsyou can raise undiscovered artists to new career heights. On the flip side, it�s up to you to telluswho isn�t making the cut.Whether you want to help shape the future of music in our competitions, read features on yourfavoriteartists in our online magazine, or get your hands on some new tunes, you�ve come to the rightplace.Take a look around. We think you�ll like it here.Crowd2.jpg WorldHeadphones.jpg BandSilhouette3.jpgJoin a community 4 million members strong�made up of artists, music lovers, and industry prosfrom around the world. Let your voice shape the future of music by listening, rating,sharing, and judging songs. Discover the one amazing artist you cant live without. Thendiscover another.Let�s get it started in here.Music Competitions PrizesYour new favorite band is waiting for you. Find them, join their fan club, and make their day.Learn more Help change the face of music, one artist at a time. Judge in our competitionsand watch your favorite artists rise to the top. Learn more Quid pro quo is our middle name.Get involved on OurStage and we�ll make you eligible for killer prizes. Learn moreBadges Magazine Social
  5. 5. For every action, there is an equally awesome reaction. Complete tasks, earn badges, andenjoy a little friendly competition. Learn more For the latest industry buzz and features onnational and undiscovered artists, look no further than Plugged In. Learn more Let your socialdisease go viral and interact with us on other sites! Learn more