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Self publishing is it worth it.txt


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Published in: Business, Education
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Self publishing is it worth it.txt

  1. 1. Self Publishing - Is it worth it?For those who want to make a bit of money, or at least cover costs, the strongest area for self-publishing is undoubtedly the non-fiction market where special and/or local interest makesmarketing a viable task. If you just want to write, and see your book produced, think aboutgroups or clubs which might be interested in a history of their organisation. With some it mightbe possible to work on a subscription basis, so that production costs are covered from theoutset.For aspiring novelists, the prospects of making money via self-publishing are very poor. But, ifyou have a bit of cash to spare, it would be a way of making things happen and at least youwould see your work in print. If you have an ISBN number then the British Library will demand acopy; you�ll be in the national archive! And there are some who will have the energy andconfidence to put themselves about, selling copies to friends and acquaintances, maybe evenselling them on the street! I have never come across anyone doing this. Maybe you could be thefirst.