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My atempt to work with ourstage with non profit.txt


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My atempt to work with ourstage with non profit.txt

  1. 1. im a music producer/promoter from Richmond California. my label D z NUTS PRODUCTIONhas team up w/ the Non Profit Organization 23rd Street Productions Group. Which has workedw/ the Probation Officers and the Contra Costa County School District in the goal to keep boththe youth, teens, and adults out of the streets and in the studio. Even if your not sure if you wantto make music we will give you that opportunity (w/o any down talk). In the five years that theorganization has been in existence they have helped more then its amount of people in eitherkeeping them out of the streets or just a place to be other then being out in the elements of thestreet life that had previously got them incarcerated or getting bad grades and falling behind intheir studies. so anything we could do to help to make not only Richmond, San Pablo, ContraCosta County area a better/safer place to live but maybe even help to get them (theartists,producers,beatmakers,promoters,etc) more things to contribute to the music industry.