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Multipolar world presentation modified (2)


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Multipolar world presentation modified (2)

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The world is moving into a more global community and globalization looks unstoppable now.  Reliance is the efficient effective approach to improve on each other’s states’ development. There’s a lot of possibilities in depending on each other’s efforts, skills, knowledge and expertise other than competition. The United Nations(UN) aids states to maintain peace and security and the performance of its activities is under the leadership of the Secretary General.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONo Chapter one of UN charter cite the principles and purposes of this international organization which among them are; o to maintain peace and security o develop friendly relations o achieve international co-operation and also acting as a centre for harmonizing actions of governments.o If I had an opportunity , this is what I would demand from the UN secretary general if UN’s goal is to be achieved with integration.
  4. 4. POTENTIAL OUTCOMES FROM A DEPENDENT MULTIPOLAR WORLD Balance of power  Decisions are made based on strategic reasoning and not necessarily ideological or historic reasons. Trade opportunities  Both developing and developed states will benefit as they will know what, when and how to export their goods and services. Spread of high technologies  As different states interact regardless of the regional borders, knowledge, skills and expertise will flow.
  5. 5. POTENTIAL OUTCOMES CONT…. Poverty reduction  The gap between the rich states and poor nations will be narrowed because of the economic, technologic and political interaction of states. Minor conflict cases  The assumption is that there will be cooperation among states because of their interaction in different sectors and fields.  Hence an opportunity to easily resolve or point out their threats to each other for the sake of maintaining their relationship.
  6. 6. Instruments to use for multipolar’s world successEconomic Politics Environment Technology Social Law
  7. 7. INSTRUMENTS TO USE FOR MULTIPOLAR’S WORLD SUCCESS Economic  International trade organizations i.e. World Trade Organization (WTO)-Trade to be considered as a complimentary tool between and among states and not necessarily a competitive tool. Politics  Diplomatic relations  Alliances  Human rights focus  Good governance focus  Peace and Security focus Environment  Focus on global warming  Focus on natural conservation  Focus on Climate change
  8. 8. INSTRUMENTS TO USE FOR MULTIPOLAR’S WORLD SUCCESS Technology  Information technology  Through knowledge, skills and expertise Social  Cultural Interaction  Recreation activities  i.e. World cup  Ceremonial gatherings Law  International legal instruments  i.e. International Criminal court, international law
  9. 9. EFFECTIVE USAGE OF THE INSTRUMENTS Effective Usage of the Instruments  The use of international organizations like the United Nations (UN) Continental Approach  The use of continental organizations  Africa- African Union(AU)  Europe- European Union (EU)  America- Organization of American States (OAS)   Asia- Asian Group   Australia/ Oceania-Pacific Islands Forum(PIF)
  10. 10. SUB-REGIONAL APPROACH Theuse of small organizations that are formed within the regions e.g.  Arab League  Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)  Southern African Development Community (SADC)  Arab Maghreb Union (AMU)  Western European and Others Group (WEOG)  Eastern European Group
  11. 11. THE INVOLVEMENT OF THE BODIES The involvement of states in ensuring effective use of the instruments in a multipolar world, should not be a hindrance for the international body to take control. The continental bodies should consult and allow fully participation of its Sub-regional groupings before its final decisions. Most importantly, the international body should be organized in a way that represents all the continents regardless of how poor the continent is. With respect to the multicultural world, it is important for the international body to focus on the general instruments that should incorporate most continental bodies’ decisions.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION International peace and security is vital for the world’s development. It is only through cooperation between and among states, continental bodies, where the greatest good for most people can be achieved. The UN being a representative of almost every state should refrain from being manipulated by stronger states’ ideologies.