Results and conclusions of questionnaire results


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Results and conclusions of questionnaire results

  1. 1. Results and conclusions of questionnaire results
  2. 2. I gave out 20 questionnaires, 60 % of the people I asked where female andthe other 40 % were male. This shows me that I will make my magazine forboth males and females.
  3. 3. I have covered the full range of ages within my target audience which is 16-20 year olds, however the majority of the people who filled in my questionairre were 16 year olds. Only 20% ofthe people I asked were 20 year olds. Therefore I am more than likely to design my magazineto appeal to a younger audience such as 16-17 year olds.
  4. 4. I asked 20 people who there favouriteband or singer was, this table shows theresults. Two people both said Beyonce, asdid two people also say Justin Bieber andMcfly. This tells me that in my magazinesomewhere I should use these artists atsome point. By asking people who therefavourite band or singer is this gives me anidea of who I should include in mymagazine, for the feature content andregular content which will make up thecontents page in my magazine.
  5. 5. 20 people gave me three words in whichthey associate with indie. I will tally up theresults to show which words appeared tobe the most popular and which words Icould consider to use in my magazine.These results have shown me that thewords ‘fashion’, ‘hair’ and ‘unique’ are themost popular words in which peopleassociate with when they think of theword indie. This gives me an idea of whatpeople associate with indie music andindie magazines. This also helps me whendeciding on a title for my music magazine.
  6. 6. These results shown that..• 3/20 people have the favouritecolour Red•6/20 people like the colour Purple•2/20 have the favourite colour pink•1 person out of 20 has the favouritecolour grey•7/10 have the favourite colour blueand the other 1 person likes orange.This helps me when doing mymagazine as I know what colourspeople will like to see on themagazine, for instance I am morethan likely going to use the colourblue as a main colour rather thanorange as more people like thecolour blue.
  7. 7. I asked people how often they buy a magazine. The results shown me that 45% ofpeople only by a magazine monthly, how ever 35 % said fortnightly. This helps memake a decision of how often my magazine will be out. For instance I am not going todo it weekly as only 20% of people said they buy a magazine weekly. How ever asnearly half of the people I asked said monthly, I am more likely to make my magazineevery month.
  8. 8. These results show me which aspects people prefer to see in a magazine. These resultswill have an impact on my magazine. An example this would be that 30% of people saidthat they like the pictures the most in a magazine. Whereas no body said that they likedthe competitions the most. This gives me an idea of what people prefer and will pay forto read in a magazine, helping me to decide what to put and what not to put whencreating mine.
  9. 9. I asked 20 people how much they would be willing to pay for a magazine. No body said thatthey would be willing to pay £4.00-£5.00 therefore by magazine will defiantly not be thisprice. How ever 70% of people said they would spend £2.00-£3.00, this gives me anindication of how expensive my magazine should be.