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Fulbright Undergraduate Newsletter - Summer-Fall 2013

  1. 1. STUDY IN THE USA! Quarterly Newsletter for Smart High School Students Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue FEAC CORE EDUCATIONUSA NEWS FEAC NEWS WISDOM OF THE SEASON FEAC CORE • Close-Up on U.S. Study: See You Soon, USA: The Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute • University Highlight: Babson College, MA • Student Highlight: Claudia Ogrezeanu, sophomore at Babson College, MA FEAC NEWS Developments • FEAC Comprehensive Outreach in June: Three High Schools in One Week • Celebrating American Culture through a Colorful Tradition: Flag Day at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence • U.S. Admissions Summer School in Alba Iulia in June • How U.S. Universities Do It: Ana, FEAC Intern Spring-Summer 2013, Saint Louis U • Post-Admissions Excitement: FEAC Success Stories Celebrated at Pre-Departure Orientation Upcoming Events and Activities • American Corners in 9 Romanian Cities. FEAC at American Corner in Targu-Mures, Sep. 23-25 • FEAC at American Corner Bucharest: A Fresh Avenue to U.S. Study • Ace the SATs with FEAC Resources: Upcoming Tests Starting Oct. 5! • Closer to U.S. Study through FEAC Internships • Smart Undergraduate Admissions: Training Program Sep. 24-Oct. 29 • Five U.S. Universities in Bucharest over September-October • U.S. Study and FEAC Support Prominent at Educational Fairs This October: RIUF and World Education Fair. Bucharest, Constanta and Timisoara • Promotion of U.S. Study to Fresh Audiences: “International Study Day” at Three New Locations, October-November • New Fulbright Commission Website to Go Live in October • New FEAC Video Library Launching in November • Want to Study in the USA? Great News: FEAC Undergrad Outreach Is on! EDUCATIONUSA NEWS • Excellent Student Perspective: What Is the Best College in America? • What Not to Do in College: Need an Extension on Your Paper? WISDOM OF THE SEASON If you wish to subscribe or cancel your subscription to this newsletter, please contact FEAC@fulbright.ro. This Newsletter is produced by the Fulbright Educational Advising Center in Bucharest, Romania. 1 Contents
  2. 2. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html2 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue Close-Up on U.S. Study See You Soon, USA: The Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute By Alina Dima, FEAC intern spring-summer 2013, currently a senior at Cosbuc Bilingual College, Bucharest Note: This year, Alina was the only Romanian student who was selected for this summer fellowship. The Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute/BFTF is a unique 4-week program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State which this year was held both at Wake Forest University, NC and Purdue University, IN, from 30th June until 27th July. BFTF at Wake Forest University brought together high school students from 35 different European countries and the United States of America. The Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Initiative offers opportunities designed to foster relationships among youth from Europe and the United States of America in order to advance links and awareness of shared values, and principles of freedom and cooperation in the global 21st century. Application Process The application process is different for every country. In my experience, the fellows are recommended by one of their teachers, so your first job is to get informed about the program and then to convince your teacher you’d be a good fit for the program. The application form will then keep you busy with a series of thought-provoking questions. The form also consists of personal information, information about the complexity of your high school curriculum, special interests, extracurricular activities, evidence of competence in written and oral English, and future study or career plans. So the application itself is quite an experience and a great introduction to the holistic application process also used by U.S. universities. After (finally) sending your application to the local American Embassy, all you have to do is wait and be positive. BFTF Calendar In the first week of the program we took classes on comparative constitutionalism, citizenship & conflict, documentary film in society and social entrepreneurship. We had professors from Wake Forest University and also mentors who were always available to help us with our projects or any problems we had. The second week of the program, and the most exciting for me and most of the fellows, started when we departed for Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. I say that this was the most exciting part for some of us because we got to be in two cities that we all saw in movies our entire lives and now we actually got to wander on all those famous streets, get lunch at a diner, go shopping in those huge malls and take pictures in front of the White House, the U.S. Capitol, and the Independence Hall. Continued on page 3 FEAC CORE
  3. 3. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html3 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue First we arrived in Philadelphia where we stayed at a hotel in the heart of the city. In Philly, we visited the Independence Hall, the Benjamin Franklin Printing Press, the Constitution Center, and the Chemical Heritage Foundation. After three days, we left for Washington, D.C. We checked in at Thurston Hall on the George Washington University campus and we went wandering around the city. During our stay in this wonderful city we visited the Department of State where we had a NATO simulation, the U.S. Capitol, the NEWSEUM (Museum of News, where they also have Romanian newspapers on display), the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Washington Center. After spending five unforgettable days in this amazing city, we headed back to North Carolina. When we returned to Wake Forest University it was time for our home stays. For ten days each of us was lucky enough to be hosted by an American family. This helped us to better understand the U.S. culture and to experience the true American lifestyle. Over the last two weeks in the USA we returned to our apartments on the Wake Forest campus for the last part of the program: the civic engagement classes and workshops. We took part in presentations on different topics related to civic engagement, visited the animal shelter in Forsyth County – The Humane Society – and the campus garden in Wake Forest. When the last week came, we had to deliver our social entrepreneurship presentation which focused on developing a plan for an organization that would make a change in our community. After the presentations were done, we had a farewell party and then the graduation ceremony. When these two events came to an end, every fellow departed for their home with unforgettable memories and knowing that we made some lifetime friendships. At BFTF, we never say “Goodbye”, but always “See you soon!”. Personal Experience When I got back home, everybody was asking me one main question “What was the best part of the program?”. My answer was always the same: “The program itself”. You get it? OK, let me explain. When you get back home, you’re like in a trance, you start remembering everything, what you did in those four weeks, the conversations you had with fellows, professors, and mentors. It all starts to come back to you and you realize that each part was the best part and each conversation has its meaning and importance for you. For me, BFTF was for sure the most enjoyable and unforgettable experience of my life. This kind of program is unique and getting to know people from so many different cultures and backgrounds is a lifetime opportunity; and what better place for it to happen than the United States of America which is indeed the land of opportunities, with endless diversity in culture and people. Now, I can say that I’ve lived my American dream and I’m ready to relive it anytime I’ll have the opportunity to - perhaps during an undergraduate study program in the USA as I am currently preparing my application :)! Continued on page 4 FEAC CORE
  4. 4. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html4 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue Who would have thought that at 17 I was going to board a plane to the USA? Not me, but from now on I know how unexpected life is and I’m sure there are a lot of wonderful experiences out there waiting for me. What I know for sure at this moment is: however my life will turn out to be, I will always have this amazing experience to remember, the skills and life lessons that will always guide me to solving any problem I may face, and friends that in the beginning were just names on Facebook, but over four weeks somehow man- aged to become my friends for a lifetime. I sincerely wish that every high school student could experience what I experienced during this program because it does not only broaden your social engagement and political views, but it also helps you grow as a person so much that you won’t recognize yourself when you return home. BFTF also helps you tie some life lasting friendships. Here’s a picture of me and my friend from Estonia :). The BFTF application period is usually in spring. Make sure you ask your English teacher about it! And get in touch with FEAC to explore U.S. study opportunities! University Highlight Babson College, MA: Follow Your Dreams By Claudia Ogrezeanu, sophomore at Babson and FEAC advisee in 2012 Babson College is a private business school located 14 miles away from Boston, in Wellesley, Massachusetts. In 2013, Babson has been ranked #10 for International Business, #3 for Corporate Strategy, and #20 for Finance, by Bloomberg Businessweek. Princeton Review Undergraduate has ranked it as #1 in Entrepreneurship, among one of the best colleges in the USA, and also #5 for Lots of Race/ Class Interaction. Payscale has made a study in 2013 regarding colleges that are “worth the investment” and Babson was ranked as #1 for busi- ness colleges and #7 for mid-career salary rank for private schools. As for accreditation, Babson has certificates from New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). It is also one of the three U.S. schools accredited by EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System). At Babson College, there is strong emphasis on experiential learning: the knowledge gained from every course is applied to the real world through case studies and simulations. Also, another way to experience the challenges one can encounter in the real world is by participating in both curricular and co-curricular activities. Community life involvement is encouraged, as the college itself is guided with an emphasis on the SEERS (Social, Environmental, Economic Responsibility, and Sustainability) principle. Because we live in a constantly changing world, Babson College tries to anticipate change and adapts the curriculum so that it is relevant and applicable to the current global context. In this sense, for instance, the students enrolling at Babson in Fall 2013 will enjoy a new curriculum designed specifically for them. Continued on page 5 FEAC CORE
  5. 5. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html5 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue Due to an innovative curriculum, the students gain both business and liberal arts knowledge: 50% of the coursework represents business courses, like Finance, Microeconomics, Marketing, Accounting, and 50% liberal arts courses, such as History and Society, Literature, Psychology, Sciences, but also Macroeconomics, Calculus, and Statistics. In order to graduate, every student has to earn at least 126 credits and a minimum 2.00 GPA, based on a 4.00 scale. Everybody receives a Bachelor of Science degree and each student may concentrate on a maximum of two areas. There are currently 27 concentrations and the most popular include Finance, Real Estate, International Business Environment, Social and Cultural Studies, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship. Every student has to start by choosing the foundation courses (both management and liberal arts classes) during their freshman year, continue with the intermediate requirements in their sophomore and first part of junior year, and then focus on a specific area of study by choosing elective courses and a capstone requirement (Strategic Problem Solving). Regarding the students, for the Class of 2016 – my class – Babson received more than 5,500 applications, and enrolled 470 students. As of Fall 2012, Babson has boasted 2,015 undergraduate students from 41 states and 69 countries, 28% of them multicultural and 27% international (excluding those who are permanent residents or dual citizens). On campus, there are around 46 languages spoken. Babson has an intense global impact, proven not only by the diverse population, but also by the fact that a high percentage of students choose to study abroad, by enrolling in one of the semester, year-long, or elective abroad programs. Furthermore, the Babson “experience” is spread all over the world through the network of alumni that provide current students with internships and jobs, but also with coaching through the unique mentoring program called Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork (CLTP). Concerning student life, the college offers a rich variety of options: you can be part of one of the 22 varsity teams, get involved in community life by volunteering, or just become a member of a club or organization (there are more than 95 student-run clubs and organizations). On-campus housing is guaranteed for all four years; the college has 15 residence halls, some of them specifically designed to encourage special interests, for example the Investment Tower, Healthy-Living Tower, Liberal Arts Tower, and Green Tower. After all, the students are informally called "Beavers Belivers" (the beaver is the official mascot and the athletic nickname) with a purpose: we believe in our dreams and the college encourages us to find the career that we want to pursue. That is why 99% of the Class of 2012 employment survey respondents said they had jobs or were in graduate school within six months of graduation. FEAC CORE
  6. 6. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html6 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue Student Highlight Claudia Ogrezeanu, sophomore at Babson College, MA by Claudia, writing from Babson on her first day of sophomore year Note: Claudia’s college costs are covered by the generous scholarship she won from the Kronospan Foundation www.kronospan.ro to study at Babson College. Create your dreams and believe in them At Babson, every school day brings something new! There are plenty of activities and even from the first day of school you can feel the hustle and bustle of college life. When I arrived at Babson, I was impressed not only by the academic conditions, but also by the fact that here education is centered on forming people who can interact and work together on a global scale. Also, I was impressed by the academic rigorousness and by the diversity on campus (27% of the students are international). Additionally, the opportunities we have at Babson – such as, for example, attending seminars and lectures outside the academic syllabus, being part of a student club or organization, taking an extra course – are outstanding! The professors are very helpful and do their best to engage every student during class discussions. Every day comes with a new opportunity: there are lectures to listen to involving speakers that are well known not only in the business world, there are theatrical performances, sports events and many other events to attend! You can get involved in community life by volunteering for a local charity, or just by getting a job on campus and feeling the taste of actually being employed. The amount of new information, the growing number of activities seems to be overwhelming sometimes, but with good time management and passion, you will find a way to do it! What I like most about U.S. education is that students are exposed to experiential learning and they have the chance to act as if they were in a real life situation. The Kronospan scholarship I got also provides me with the opportunity of interning in one of their branch offices. I consider this internship to be a valuable chance to apply what I have learned so far and to get to know what working in different departments means. The college also provides support for all the students through the multitude of academic resources, such as the Math Resource Center, the SPARK peer tutoring program, the Media Design Studio or the Writing Center. There are also centers that focus on a specific subject, such as the Stephen D. Cutler Center for Investments and Finance and the Retail Supply Chain Institute. For international students, the Glavin Office is the main resource whether you need to check what documents you have to bring with you to enter the USA, or just participate in events dedicated to celebrating diverse cultures, customs, and traditions from all over the world. From a personal standpoint, I would like to continue to improve myself and benefit from the excellent academic conditions for the rest of the time I will be studying here. And as for the moment, I am very excited for my sophomore year because of the courses I’m taking and because I am part of the Healthy Living Tower, a community that fosters healthy behaviors among its residents. One of the mottos students often hear here is “Dreams do come true” and Babson College is encouraging its students to believe in their dreams and to follow their passions. In fall 2013, two more Romanian FEAC advisees - from Bucharest and Craiova, respectively - joined Claudia at Babson. One of them applied for and got almost full financial aid covering tuition and living expenses. Stay tuned for pics and updates on Facebook http://on.fb.me/FEACfb! FEAC CORE
  7. 7. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html7 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue Developments FEAC Comprehensive Outreach in June: Three High Schools in One Week At the beginning of summer, FEAC and U.S. study made new friends in Bucharest and also caught up with some old ones. We discussed U.S. study opportunities with over 150 students at Mihai Viteazul National College, Mihai Eminescu National College, and Marin Preda High School. Our interactive presentations touched upon unique features of the U.S. educational system, the application process, as well as FEAC face-to-face and online support. The students shared what they knew about U.S. study, asked smart questions, and talked about their dreams for the future. Together we figured out how U.S. study may answer their needs and aspirations. The FEAC rep also shared Romanian success stories in the U.S. admissions process. Each school we visited got copies of FEAC’s new undergraduate booklet for their libraries, together with CD- ROMs with the 4 volumes in the “If you want to study in the USA” series produced by EducationUSA. More pics at http://on.fb.me/FEACfb. Celebrating American Culture through a Colorful Tradition: Flag Day at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence As always in mid-June, festivity filled the air as the Public Diplomacy section at the U.S. Embassy brought together around 200 students and English teachers from five top high schools: four in Bucharest and one in Oltenita. The participants celebrated Flag Day through colorful projects on the 50 U.S. states. Particularly memorable projects included the Big Book of Massachusetts which featured creative depictions of milestones in the state’s history, as well as a profile of Harvard University complete with average SAT scores; the state of Florida which starred a swimming pool with water in it surrounded by tiny detailed hand-made plasticine figures; and a big dancing crowd as reps of New Mexico. Pictures at http:// on.fb.me/FEACPics. Honoring a cherished tradition, the Fulbright Commission took part in the event with an educational booth staffed by the EducationUSA team. The Cultural Affairs Officer and Fulbright Commission Executive Director graced the event and engaged the participants. Our booth was joined by students who had enjoyed the full range of our advising services and got admitted on full-need funding at Caltech, Tufts University, New York University, Abu Dhabi campus, and Middlebury College. Will you join us for upcoming Flag Days? FEAC Provides In-Depth Support to Applicants outside Bucharest: U.S. Admissions Summer School in Alba Iulia in June In late July, with funding from the U.S. Embassy, the Fulbright Educational Advising Center/EducationUSA Romania organized the third U.S. Admissions Summer School in Romania. Continued on page 8 FEAC COREFEAC NEWS
  8. 8. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html8 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue To increase students' chances for securing admissions and financial aid at U.S. universities, the Fulbright Educational Advising Center engaged 50 students from high schools in Alba county in a 3-day intense training program intended to help them become familiar with the U.S. study environment and with U.S. cultural values. FEAC reps talked admissions tips and strategies with the eager students and shared insights into life on the U.S. campus. The interactive presentations that out team of advisers devised were also interesting and engaging discussion starters. More about this free new service targeted at 10th -12th graders is available on our Facebook page http://on.fb.me/FEACfb. A big thank you to the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest for the financial support. How U.S. Universities Do It: Ana, FEAC Intern Spring-Summer 2013, Saint Louis University Our intern Ana fell even more in love with the USA this summer when she took part in “The 2013 Leadership Discovery Institute Program” hosted by St Louis University, MI, an inspirational program for high schoolers that combines communications with aviation training. Ana is thrilled to share the following about her U.S. educational experience: “When it comes to the communications component, they divided us into teams of four: a reporter (that's my job), a video technician, an audio technician and a photographer. We had to interview different people (leaders). Also, at the end of the trip we presented our own leadership story in a 3-5 minute documentary. Regarding the expensive equipment we needed: they gave it to us to use for our project. I was walking around with a $1,000 Canon camera and a tripod. When it comes to the aviation component, they divided us into teams and we learned to fly a quad copter built by the Parks Institute engineers of St. Louis University.” Post-Admissions Excitement: FEAC Success Stories Celebrated at Pre-Departure Orientation This year, 23 undergraduate and 6 graduate independent students FEAC worked extensively with attracted almost $1 million in yearly merit scholarships from the U.S. universities they enrolled at. Many of them were admitted by several universities with full or near full financial aid. Our students enrolled at Caltech (two full need students), University of Pennsylvania, Brown, MIT, Princeton, Hamilton College, New York University at its campuses in NYC and Abu Dhabi, the New York Film Academy, Northwestern, Northeastern, Tufts, Syracuse, UCLA, Boston University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Colorado School of Mines, Hawaii Pacific University (two students), University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and more. All the students we worked with got extensive support throughout their admissions process in the form of admissions training, university selection counseling, essay feedback, post-admissions advice, and more. Continued on page 9 FEAC COREFEAC NEWS
  9. 9. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html9 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue While last year one former FEAC intern went on a full ride to Middlebury College, this year two of our past interns are headed to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona and NYU Abu Dhabi, respectively. The Pre-Departure Orientation was enriched by three former FEAC advisees who shared their U.C. study experience: Corina, rising senior at Grinnell College, IA, Alexandra, rising junior at University of Pennsylvania, and Alberto, rising junior at New York University, Abu Dhabi campus. More pictures: http://on.fb.me/FEACPics. Upcoming Events and Activities American Corners in Nine Romanian Cities. FEAC at American Corner in Targu-Mures, Sep. 23-25 American Corners are centers set up by the U.S. Embassy to promote U.S. culture through a wide range of resources and fun events. They are based in Bacau, Baia Mare, Cluj, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Timisoara, Targu-Mures, and, as of June this year, Bucharest. Read more: http:// romania.usembassy.gov/resources/american_corners.html. FEAC is a long-time fan and collaborator of all the American Corners. During Sep. 23-25 we are planning exciting educational events alongside the Corner in Targu-Mures hosted by Mures County Library. On Sep 25 we will visit two high schools in Sighisoara. Details coming up on our site http://bit.ly/feacevents. Do you live in/near one of the nine cities boasting American Corners? Visit the American Corner and stay tuned for FEAC events at your local Corner, too! Fulbright Educational Advising Center at American Corner Bucharest: A Fresh Avenue to U.S. Study In September, FEAC launched an exciting new EducationUSA project in collaboration with the new American Corner set up by U.S. Embassy Bucharest at the National Library of Romania. On Monday afternoons and Friday mornings, the Fulbright Educational Advising Center will set shop at the American Corner and advise visitors on U.S. higher education opportunities and engage them in interactive sessions ranging from individual advising to group presentations and in-house produced movies followed by discussions. The first session was held on Monday Sep. 2 and was a full success. The participants were extremely engaged throughout the 2-hour session and asked lots of questions about the application process, the benefits of a gap year after high school, early admissions, merit versus need scholarships, and more. The audience was very diverse, as some of the participants had already visited the Fulbright Advising Center, while others were completely new to U.S. admissions. Ace the SATs with FEAC Resources: Upcoming Tests Starting Oct. 7 Most colleges in the USA use the SAT Reasoning and Subject tests as objective tools for evaluating a student's college readiness and knowledge of various academic subjects. Visit FEAC to access our many free resources – textbooks, practice tests, online materials – to prepare for the upcoming SAT test administrations. Or access the free practice on our site under Testing. Continued on page 10 FEAC NEWS
  10. 10. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html10 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue FEAC is one of the four SAT testing centers in Bucharest. You are welcome to take the tests here! Please bear in mind that our testing capacity is limited to 18 seats for SAT I and 13 for SAT II, so register early to secure a seat. Good luck! Closer to U.S. Study through FEAC Internships Visit http://bit.ly/joinfeac for info on the part-time internship programs designed by FEAC for high school students! They will bring you closer to education U.S.-style and to the work the Fulbright Commission and EducationUSA do in Romania to support the efforts of students who dream of furthering their studies in the United States. Four intern positions are available at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center for the program running Oct 1 through Jan 31. Learn more about the program, about former interns’ inspirational projects, and about the application process by accessing the link above! Deadline: Sept 23! Smart Undergraduate Admissions: Training Program Sep. 24-Oct. 29 Interested in living a vibrant college experience in the U.S.? During Sep. 24- Oct. 29, Tuesdays, 3-5 pm, join us for a new Undergraduate Admissions Training program. The five sessions will highlight U.S. application tips and strategies leading to success: admissions and funding. You will learn how to select U.S. study programs and connect with your dream American universities. You will master the art of negotiating strong recommendation letters. You will explore efficient self-marketing techniques that will make you a memorable candidate. The result? Your well-rounded application will show that you are a great fit for the U.S. campus of your choice. Details about starting your successful journey to U.S. universities at http://bit.ly/feac_events! Five U.S. Universities in Bucharest over September-October This fall FEAC has been working on a very exciting calendar of joint events with U.S. universities. Get ready for sessions at the Advising Center, high school visits, and live web seminars with Wellesley College – Sep. 27, University of Pennsylvania – Oct. 3, New York University, Abu Dhabi campus – early Oct., as well as University of Notre Dame and Emporia State University that will take part in an international college fair hosted by Iulia Hasdeu National College on Oct. 16. The first three schools are all featured in articles written by Romanian students there and available on the FEAC site at http://bit.ly/feac_events. Happy reading and see you at the sessions! U.S. Study and FEAC Support Prominent at Educational Fairs This October: RIUF and World Education Fair. Bucharest, Constanta and Timisoara Ready to get closer to U.S. study? The exciting opportunities available at American colleges and universities will be highlighted by representatives of the Fulbright Educational Advising Center during the fall RIUF. Continued on page 11 FEAC COREFEAC NEWS
  11. 11. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html11 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue RIUF/Romanian International University Fair www.riuf.ro is the foremost educational fair in south-eastern Europe. Mark your calendars for Oct. 19-20 Bucharest, Oct. 22 Constanta and Oct. 24 Timisoara (TBC). We’ll be there with a booth, presentations, interns, U.S. Fulbrighters, and other friends of U.S. study. You can also meet us earlier that month, on Oct. 13 during the Bucharest edition of the 2013 World Education Fair at Hilton Hotel www.world-education.ro. The event will also take part in Constanta and Timisoara. Check out our Facebook page for lively pictures of past editions http://on.fb.me/FEACfb and stay tuned for details and locations! Promotion of U.S. Study to Fresh Audiences: “International Study Day” at Three New Locations, October-November Time for a new series of International Study Days! After successful events in Bucharest, Sibiu, Oradea, Petrosani, Constanta, Pitesti, Arad, and Bacau, this fall FEAC, Campus France, DAAD, and British Council will be in Suceava on Oct. 16, Cluj on Nov. 7, and Galati on Nov. 20. Join us to learn about undergraduate and graduate study opportunities in the USA, France, and Germany and about standardized tests like the TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, DELF/DALF. More details soon on the FEAC site at http://bit.ly/feac_events. New Fulbright Commission Website to Go Live in October With around 90,000 page views and 75,000 unique page views over the past academic year, the FEAC website and Facebook page continue to be the premier online resources that connect Romanian applicants to current, complete, and unbiased info on U.S. study and financial aid. In October the Commission is launching a new dynamic website. FEAC has contributed dozens of sections and sub-sections on U.S. study and multiple aspects of a successful U.S. application. The site also features resources for U.S. students interested in a Romanian study or internship experience. Details on the Romanian educational system are available for U.S. universities. New FEAC Video Library Launching in November FEAC will round off its services in support of Romanian students and U.S. study by launching a dynamic video library that will be constantly enriched. With over 20 video clips produced in house, the library will include visual materials featuring U.S. university representatives (Yale, New York University Abu Dhabi, and much more), Romanian students thriving on U.S. campuses, graduates of U.S. universities, FEAC interns heading for a U.S. education, and more. Their interviews document successful strategies for attracting admissions and financial aid, inspirational features of U.S. study, unique opportunities available on U.S. campuses, success stories. and significantly more. Continued on page 12 FEAC COREFEAC NEWS
  12. 12. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html12 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue Their interviews document successful strategies for attracting admissions and financial aid, inspirational features of U.S. study, unique opportunities available on U.S. campuses, success stories. and significantly more. Our video library will be launched during International Education Week in November. Join us face-to-face and online for the event! Want to Study in the USA? Great News: FEAC Undergrad Outreach Is On! Are you interested in U.S. education? Would you like to learn more about the American university system and the funding available for international applicants? Take initiative, tell your teachers about FEAC and contact us at FEAC@fulbright.ro to discuss a FEAC presentation in your high school. We look forward to visiting you! Excellent Student Perspective: What Is the Best College in America? Starting from the idea that the “best college” in America is a myth, how would you choose your college or university? Of course, in each case opinions and criteria differ, but how important or reliable are tops and charts created by others? That is exactly the question and challenge that a 17-year old student’s insightful article proposes http://bit.ly/1cOPyRu. What Not to Do in College: Need an Extension on Your Paper? So, you lost your USB, the printer ran out of ink or any number of misfortunes prevented you to turn in your paper in time. “As a college student, you will inevitably run into situations like this. Despite your best efforts, sometimes things go wrong. And then you have to figure out what to do about it.” Learn how to avoid such situations and how to become more responsible in college by reading this interesting article about your responsibilities as a student: http://bit.ly/13nW4Ma. “Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life”. Dr. David M. Burns, adjunct professor emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine “It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it.” Jacob Bronowski, Polish-Jewish British mathematician, biologist, historian of science, theatre author, poet and inventor who also lectured at Yale University FEAC COREFEAC NEWS EDUCATIONUSA NEWS WISDOM OF THE SEASON
  13. 13. www.fulbright.ro/ educational-advising-center.html13 Bucharest, September 9, 2013 Year V, Summer-Fall Issue Need more info? Contact us! Public hours at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center/FEAC: Tue: 1:00 - 7:00 pm Wed-Thu: 1:00 - 5:00 pm Phone no: 021-231 9015 Website: http://www.fulbright.ro/educational-advising-center.html Facebook fanpage: http://on.fb.me/feac_ro Address: No. 2, Ing. Costinescu St., Sector 1, Bucharest 011878, Romania Comments? Suggestions? E-mail us at: FEAC@fulbright.ro All articles are contributed by FEAC staff, unless otherwise stated. Advising at American Corner Bucharest: Visit the American Corner to get U.S. admissions advice from an EducationUSA adviser: Mon: 4:00 - 6:00 pm Fri: 10:00 am - 12:00 noon Phone no: 021-311 03 23 Website: http://romania.usembassy.gov/resources/ac_bucharest.html Facebook fanpage: http://facebook.com/ACBucharest Address: American Corner Bucharest, National Library of Romania, 22 Unirii Blvd