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Soul Purpose Presentation[1]

  1. 1. Are You a Visionary?
  2. 2. Visionaries are quite often awe-inspiring. They are individuals who appear to have extraordinary talent and/or courage and make profound, beneficial changes in some fashion. While it is true such people are worthy of enormous respect, I contend that each of us has the power to be a visionary. I believe anyone who has the vision to challenge herself or himself to believe there is something greater to be achieved—however that is represented to each individual—is a visionary who can manifest amazing change. As a socially Soul Purpose was founded on this premise—that change for the good is inherent in all of responsible company, us and it requires only that we step beyond our perceived notions of what can be. Our the goal of Soul goal is to illuminate every aspect of people’s lives—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and Purpose is to redefine financially—by giving them exceptional products to use and to market, by offering a busi- empowerment in ness opportunity that will enable them to create greater wealth for themselves and their support of fulfilling families, and by giving back to communities to help foster healthier societies and the individual purpose world at large. and vision through the marketing of exquisite, In creating Soul Purpose, I used simple yet powerful words from the bible, Hebrews 11:1, quality products that as my inspiration: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things illuminate body, not seen.” It is this unrelenting faith and vision that is often not seen or held by others beauty, style, and that transforms lives and makes the “impossible” possible. Through the years, I have no- spirit … one person ticed that great leaders are also visionaries—people who see through the fog of doubt and at a time. challenges to make a difference in the world. I challenge each of you to become a visionary. Look beyond your present situation and imagine all of the possibilities. With Soul Purpose lighting the way, I am confident your life—and the lives of all those you touch—will be illuminated in many wondrous ways. Nadine A. Thompson Founder & CEO
  3. 3. crème not for resale not for resale not for resale fraiche rich body creme rich body creme rich body creme Breathe soulpurpose tangerine lychee mediterranean SOU LPU RPOSE SOU LPU RPOSE SOU LPU RPOSE handcr eme fig golden ambe r lotion shampoo Nsoromma • “Child of the heavens [stars]” It is meant to convey the actual meaning of stars, with the cosmological understanding that the stars, the lesser lights of the sky, visible only in the darkness, are the children of the sun and the moon, the father and mother of heaven. • A symbol of guardianship and a reminder that God is the father and watches over all people. It is meant to communicate constancy, and the benevolent protection of the Creator, hence, guardianship, and to evoke the matchless comfort young children know because of the protection of family, especially the parents. • It communicates the power of light, or illumination, embodying the concept of light cursing darkness. We embody this concept by caring for those often overlooked, and by dedicating our- selves to the care of those who may otherwise not know opportunity. Our service is to those in need of support as they pursue their stars, their highest level of achievement. Nsoromma hopes that it will serve as God’s lights on earth, and will, in fact, encourage each one to reach for her star. Written by Rev. Robert H. Thompson
  4. 4. the Lifestyle Everything we do at Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company is built around the concept that individuals have the ability and deserve to enrich their lives. Our products are the focal point of the Soul Purpose Life- style. Our goal is to transform lives on every level, in every realm, from our customers, consultants, and employees to those who benefit from our foundation projects. People often work hard to provide a good home for their families and make it a special place and then the Products We have created an innovative product line with four distinct categories: Body, Beauty, Style, spend their days elsewhere. As an and Spirit. Our vision is that our products and our lifestyle approach will help you redefine your ideas independent consultant, you’re in about beauty and personal style. The product line includes bath and body, skin care, teas, candles and complete control. You are the CEO home fragrances just to name a luscious few. The products will be botanically based with an emphasis on of your own business. You can have natural and organic ingredients. In addition, we will have grooming products for men, beautiful silk and the flexible schedule you’ve always leather journals, elegant note cards and an intriguing selection of world music. the Lifestyle Gatherings dreamed of, giving you more time for what really matters to you. You can work 4 hours a week or 40 hours…it’s To share the Soul Purpose experience, we offer Lifestyle Gatherings that give people a chance to sample your choice. You can have your home our fabulous products and learn more about the company and the business opportunity it offers. Soul and be there too. Purpose Lifestyle Consultants guide those attending on an exquisite journey of relaxation and sensual delights—pampering at its best. Here people can share their visions, experience the quality of the products, Maybe you’re looking for and discover new ways to empower themselves. It is a journey that starts many on a path filled with the peace of mind that comes with prosperity and wellbeing. financial independence. Maybe you want a supplemental income to make a car payment, or a family vacation. the Business Opportunity We’re committed to making the dream of business ownership a reality through an exciting and Maybe you’re looking to financially rewarding compensation plan. From earning immediate cash to building long term residual build a dream house or send a income and lots of money in between, we’ve placed the financial motivators in just the right places to child to college. inspire and reward participation. In a revolutionary move, your demonstrated commitment to success will be rewarded with shares in Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company -- an enterprise we’ll build together! No matter what you aspire to create, Soul Purpose Lifestyle Consultants are empowered to earn the income they the Dream We have created a unique vision. A vision that will take time to come to full fruition, but one we believe want and live the life of their dreams. holds promise in transforming lives in many profound ways. Soul Purpose is filled with love and joy, You can, too. The sky’s the limit! hope and vision, and most of all—acceptance and growth for all who share our dreams. Join us! What would it be worth to build a legacy for your family, to be part of an inspiring and empowering community and to do it all while in total control of your life? Soul Purpose is redefining empowerment in this innovative and ground-floor opportunity where you can start as an independent consultant and achieve shareholder status in the Company. Make the pledge to be part of this movement today by becoming a Visionary Circle Member (available through March 2008). There’s no obligation and it’s FREE! Then, as part of the official launch of Soul Purpose, you’ll have an opportunity to complete a Consultant Agreement and purchase your starter kit which will contain everything you need Nadine Thompson Founder & CEO to launch your Soul Purpose business. Then, beginning April 2008, everyone who joins will be part of our Founders Circle (through September 2008). This is another honor we will bestow upon those who seize this SOU L PU R POSE Lifestyle Company opportunity from the very beginning. 81 Water Street Exeter, N H 03833 This is an investment in you, your future and the lifestyle you can create. Your Soul Purpose Lifestyle Consultant 888.298.3359 can help you get started today. SOU LPU R POSE.COM 0001 | 01.08