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Singular Spot The Ad Fraud Presentation


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Singular recentlty hosted our first-ever Spot The Fraud event where mobile marketing and product leaders gathered to discuss the future of mobile ad fraud prevention and Singular unveiled the Singular Fraud Index -- a first of its kind report analyzing the most effective prevention methods in 2017 and identifying the mobile ad networks driving the lowest rates of mobile ad fraud:
Download the full report for free here:

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Singular Spot The Ad Fraud Presentation

  1. 1. The Most Powerful Unified Marketing Analytics Platform
  2. 2. The Digital Landscape Email Marketing Push/SMS Paid Acquisition RetargetingOrganic Acquisition Analytics Attribution
  3. 3. Connecting Siloed Data Marketing Data We collect Connect Measure Optimize We collect User Behavior Data
  4. 4. Cost Data & ROI Granularity Audiences The Singular Unified Product Fraud Mobile Attribution Creative Optimization Solving Challenges for Our Customers
  5. 5. *Gartner Fraud is expected to divert $6.5 billion from the advertising ecosystem in 2017
  6. 6. The Singular Fraud Index is the first of its kind to utilize mobile fraud data from multiple prevention tools
  7. 7. 63% of marketers do not utilize fraud prevention techniques in their mobile marketing systems
  8. 8. The Different Faces of Mobile Ad Fraud Fake Users Attribution Manipulation
  9. 9. Fake Users
  10. 10. Click Injection Attribution Manipulation Click Spamming Indicator Short Time to Install Indicator Abnormal TTI Distribution
  11. 11. New Attribution Manipulation Method Discovered NEW!–Referrer Injection
  12. 12. The State of Mobile Ad Fraud Prevention Nearly 70% of total fraud prevented is caused by attribution manipulation
  13. 13. Most Secure Ad Networks Check out our Fraud Index at
  14. 14. Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite Proactive Transparent Flexible
  15. 15. Fake users Different Faces of Mobile Ad Fraud Questions?
  16. 16. Spot the Fraud Panel Gadi Eliashiv CEO & Co-Founder Singular Patrick Witham Director, User Acquisition Postmates Nebojsa Radovic Director, Performance Marketing N3twork Yevgeny Peres Mobile Ad Fraud Expert
  17. 17. Click Injection Demo
  18. 18. The suppression analysis approach Benchmark ironSource installs Installs attributed to other paid channels, although users clicked on ironSource Installs attributed to other paid channels, although users viewed on ironSource
  19. 19. Time To Install Analysis - Legitimate traffic - users driven through video ads
  20. 20. Time To Install Analysis - Click injection traffic Clicks are fired after a user has decided to download and after the installation is complete
  21. 21. Click Spamming
  22. 22. Click Spamming iOS Click Spamming script for 50 different campaigns, through a DSP channel running on MoPub
  23. 23. Cleaning up Attribution Manipulation
  24. 24. APPENDIX
  25. 25. Ad fraud is a game where losing can actually look like winning
  26. 26. How Does Fraud Prevention Work? real time