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Sip project and innovation (2)


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Sip project and innovation (2)

  1. 1. SIP Project and Innovation<br />Kyle Offenback<br />University of Advancing Technology<br />September 2011<br />
  2. 2. SIP Objective<br />Create a game engine that offers a casual massive role playing game that utilizes the global positioning of the players to interact with the player versus environment and player versus player aspects of the game.<br />
  3. 3. Character Creation Concept<br />Summary: The character creation screen will give options to select race, sex, hair style, hair color, eye color and class.<br />Image: Vitruvian Man created by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1487<br />
  4. 4. Character Creation Concept (cont)<br />The game engine will include 5 races. Each race will have one ‘racial’ ability.<br /><ul><li>Human – The human race will have balanced attributes. Racial ability increases faction gained by 5%.
  5. 5. Elvish – The Elvish race will start with 10% higher intelligence though also has 10% lower strength. Racial ability increases trade skill learning rate by 5%.
  6. 6. Tladir – The Tladir race will start with 10% higher agility though also has 10% lower stamina. Racial ability increases the amount of gold received from enemies by 5%.
  7. 7. Orc – The Orc race will start with 10% higher Stamina though also has 5% lower strength and 5% lower intelligence. Racial ability increases the radius for PVP detection by 10%.
  8. 8. Nmordish – The Nmordish race will start with 10% higher spirit though has 5% lower Intelligence and 5% lower strength. Racial ability increases the speed of research done by 10%.</li></li></ul><li>Character Creation Concept (cont)<br />The Game will initially include 5 initial classes.<br /><ul><li>Warrior – The warrior offers high defense and damage absorptionand low physical damage.
  9. 9. Mage – The mage offers high magical damage.
  10. 10. Priest – The Priest offers high healing for allies as well as low magical damage.
  11. 11. Rogue – The rogue offers high physical melee damage.
  12. 12. Hunter – The hunter offers high physical ranged damage.</li></li></ul><li>Combat Engine Concept<br /><ul><li>The combat engine is a turn based system.
  13. 13. Each player and mob is controlled by the AI.
  14. 14. Players can choose what abilities their characters will use, however can not directly control the characters.
  15. 15. The engine will check if a player has moved in real life, if they have a fight could take place. Similar to random battles of first generation RPGs.
  16. 16. Future plans might be to implement player controlled battles for PVP. However, to keep the game casual PVE fights will be automatically controlled.</li></li></ul><li>Combat Engine Concept<br /><ul><li>Each class has 4 abilities that the player can choose that their character uses during combat.
  17. 17. Built in Macro assigning tool tips allows the option for the player to dictate when an ability is used. For example, a Priest can macro their heal ability to only be used if a team mate is below 80% health.</li></li></ul><li>Combat Engine Concept<br />Character stats improve the damage done, mitigated and hit points of players. Each class has two primary attribute points that they will be focused and balanced around.<br /><ul><li>Stamina – Stamina increases the hit points of a character. Every class will want to get stamina, this is the secondary attribute each character will focus on raising.
  18. 18. Agility – Agility increases 1 hand melee and ranged physical damage. Agility will be the prime attribute for the Rogueand Hunterclasses.
  19. 19. Strength – Strength increases 2 hand melee and ranged physical damage. Strength also increases the effectiveness of shields. Strength will be the prime attribute for the Warriorclass.
  20. 20. Intelligence – Intelligence increases detrimental magic. Intelligence will be the primary attribute for the Mage class.
  21. 21. Spirit – Spirit increase beneficial magic. Spirit will be the prime attribute for the Priest class.</li></li></ul><li>User Interface Concept<br />The user interface should be simplistic and visually appealing.<br /><ul><li>The user interfacewill have multiple screens accessed by simply sliding a finger across the screen. These screens include: Character info screen, map view, quest log, spell book, combat screen/log, inventory and combat strategy.</li></li></ul><li>User Interface Concept<br />Character Creation UI Concept<br />Class Selection<br />Field<br />Name<br />Visual Appearance Customization<br />Class info and Role description<br />
  22. 22. User Interface Concept<br />UI Interaction Concept<br /><ul><li>Each individual in game interactive screen can be selected by swiping across the screen
  23. 23. World Map can be found by swiping up on the screen
  24. 24. Options, UI customization, Logging out, account information, store button and disconnecting from the game can be found by swiping down on the screen</li></li></ul><li>User Interface Concept<br />Option Menu Concept<br /><ul><li>Upon swiping down on the phone, the user should see a menu similar to the one shown on the left
  25. 25. Buttons that allows customization of controls, sounds, user interface, account information, and logging out will be found here</li></li></ul><li>User Interface Concept<br />Map UI Concept<br /><ul><li>A visual interpretation of the map can be found by swiping up on the main screen
  26. 26. A player can move to an old discovered location by clicking on the icon on the map
  27. 27. Red icons indicate dungeons and raids, green icons indicate zones, blue icons indicate city</li></li></ul><li>Strategic Battle Ground Concept<br /><ul><li>Battles will take place on a grid battle ground.
  28. 28. Players can pick their character’s starting position offering a simple strategic style of combat.
  29. 29. At release, 7 battle ground maps will be released. Each new day a battle ground map will be picked to be used for combat.
  30. 30. The map includes obstacles.</li></li></ul><li>Strategic Battle Ground Concept<br /><ul><li>10x10 square layout combat field
  31. 31. 7different maps at release
  32. 32. Each day has 1 of the 7 maps as the battle field for that day’s PVE fights
  33. 33. Group formations are related to the map
  34. 34. Maps will include obstacles </li></ul>Example formations:<br /><ul><li>“U” formation
  35. 35. “T” formation
  36. 36. “+” formation</li></li></ul><li>Business Model Concept<br /><ul><li>The initial game will have a low cost. This will insure that players do not feel bad about purchasing a casual game.
  37. 37. Item Shop which sells vanity items. No items should increase any statistic in game, this will offer a fair and balanced battle field for PVP
  38. 38. If this game engine is being used as a side game for a major franchise, offer vanity rewards for the main game</li></li></ul><li>World Design Concept<br /><ul><li>At release the game will offer part of a continent and not an entire world. The world should also include the following:
  39. 39. One City – The city will include shops, auction house, guild house and player house
  40. 40. One Quest Area – This quest area should have a large view that offers quests from levels 1 to 10.
  41. 41. One PVE Dungeon – This dungeon will be designed for small groups and offers item upgrades for level 10 and above players.
  42. 42. One PVE Raid – This dungeon will be designed for a large group of players and offers epic item upgrades for level 10 and above players.
  43. 43. One PVP Zone – This area allows players to fight against other players.</li></li></ul><li>Six Thinking Hats Self-Analysis<br />White Hat – Through out the document a lot of concept designs have been shown. The next phase will be to create working models.<br />Red Hat – I do feel that the project idea is coming along nicely. I have a lot of the basic concepts written down and figured out. Once working models are created a lot of balancing will have to be implemented, which feels a little overwhelming.<br />Yellow Hat – During the project, once I started designing a certain topic of my project a lot of ideas started to come out. For example originally I thought that PVP would be automatic, however I think that having players control their characters sounds like a lot of fun.<br />Black Hat – The amount of work I gave my self was a lot of work. I still have a long way to understand how KML and KMZ files work.<br />Green Hat – As expressed above, implementing a player controlled PVP battles could be highly liked by the community. Having a casual PVE system combined with a skill PVP system might be what players actually want.<br />Blue Hat – I really need to focus on what I can realistically do. This week was a lot of work and research. Most of my time went into researching how other games balance their combat instead of actually coding a working model. <br />