Digipak analysis


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Digipak analysis

  1. 1. + Digipak Analysis Sinead Simpson
  2. 2. Drake- Take Care Unlike most albums, Drake doesn’t have his name on the cover, this connotes an already known fame, he no longer needs to introduce himself to the world, they already know who he is. The album cover clearly has a colour scheme/house style, it’s consistent in the use of Gold, bronze/brass and black., these colours connote something classic., the use of the rusty colors show something timeless, which is most likely what Drake wants audiences to feel when listening to his music, that it’s timeless., this idea is also given by the old looking pieces of art on the wall, as art is something timeless and music is considered an art, Drake has coined onto the never-ending, ‘never growing up’ idea that many artists cling onto. The main image is a medium close up of Drake looking into his cup, his avoidance of eye contact into the camera gives a sense of vulnerability, he is captured sitting down, this coupled with the fact that his head is down implies that she’s thinking about something, the album name being ‘take care’ suggest a new approach to rap, a more soft and caring side. Drakes outfit is very simple, a plain black shirt with 4 gold chains, this is him subtly showing his wealth and possibility humility (by the lack of showcasing it to the camera and non direct eye contact) Front cover The typography used is consistent throughout the album, the title ‘Take Care’ stands out for it’s simplicity, it’s consistent with the minimalistic image, props and background used, this could represent Drake as in the rap world he is seen as a soft person however is still seen as a classic, the ‘take care’ font, is bold and italic so it stands out yet represents something of a higher class. The album cover allows the audience to focus on the visuals of the artist, which is consistent with the ideas being held by the rap genre, that the center of attention is the rap artist. This album cover also allows for the appeal of a new audience, Drakes audience is typically 16-25 year olds, however the colours, simplicity and visual matureness of drake (the abundance of chains, the expensive props and physical characteristics such as his beard) open up his target audience to an older audience. This visual matureness correlates with the colour scheme, as he is quite young , the visual maturity of drake portrays something timeless, as he is young yet stuck in something quite old. The simplicity of this album cover is commonly seen with Drakes album, this allows him to create an obvious style which can be easily identified and recognised by those in drakes target audience and outside.
  3. 3. The pictures inside of the digipak follow the colour schemes and the connotations of Drakes wealth. The images used in the digipak (this specifically) juxtapose the album name (take care) this is evident by him to be seen smoking a cigar, this doesn't’t follow the name of the album ‘take care’ as evidently he is not taking care of himself by risking his health care. The simplicity of the mainly black filling makes Drakes name and album name more prominent following the theme of simplicity which however is not followed through by his actual music which is a mixture of complex beats along with mundane melodies. The fact that Drakes name is just on the CD opposed to the front cover suggests that although Drake doesn't’t necessarily need to advertise himself, he still feels it’s necessary to somewhat identify his brand. Colour scheme As previously mentioned, the colour scheme features gold's, bronzes and black. These simple colours connote wealth, the minimalism of the colour scheme conveys something classic and simple. This picture also shows him looking away from the camera like the album cover, the background of the picture is the corner of a frame with some statues which is consistent with the album cover, and the theme of timelessness. A close up is used in this picture making the audience feel somewhat closer to drake and invading his personal space, the quality of the picture represents a something homely, like the image was taken at home in the spur of the moment with friends, making the audience feel like they have a personal connection /relationship with Drake
  4. 4. The back of the album is simple and only features the album track listing, executive produces, producers and the music companies that are affiliated with drake. The text used is a very simple sans serif font The side panels show the album title and artist name which is consistent to the front cover in regards to colour. The back is very simple which is evidently consistent with the album in general. It has a barcode and production company acknowledgement Back cover
  5. 5. One Direction- Take Me HomeThe main image is the group playing on a phone box, this represents the group as playful and carefree which is the idea the group wants to give, that they’re young and free, this correlates with the genre of music that they put out- pop, just the name in itself ‘pop’ connotes something vibrant and quite childish, as the group are quite young it’s natural that they would be portrayed as childish. (which is evident by them using the phone box as a climbing frame). The name of the band is boldly shown on the album cover with their band logo placed in the corner of the album, the album name is subtly placed underneath the band name, this is probably as it’s only their second album and they want to promote themselves, it’s more essential that people know who they are rather than their album name, this also evident by the band logo ‘1D’ being at the corner so whenever someone see’s it they automatically associate it with the group. The album cover has a clear theme, everything British. As they are a British band the classic telephone box is a representation of Britain, the chaos that the band members are causing in front of the clear sunny British skies not only shows the band as mischievous and playful but represent Britain as youthful and slightly chaotic In the front cover the group members look very young, this is in order to attract a younger audience, a younger audience being 11-18 year olds, the simplicity of the album logo is easy to replicate so the younger audience can easily draw the album logo, this essentially means more advertisements as the more the logo is shown the more attention it will get. The album cover definitely follow the conventions of pop, as pop is catchy happy music the easily replicable band logo is easily remembered, thus catchy and the fact that the band members are being seen to have fun by climbing and smiling/laughing, thus happy. The album cover however does not have a clear color scheme however the bright colors do allow for it to attract to their target audience.
  6. 6. Back cover and track listing The cd is very simplistic,. Following the bands key colour of red and having a newspaper like strip whereby they’re heading plays along with their desire for stardom and all things British. The ‘1D’ logo is displayed twice on the cd, this shows their desire to make themselves a brand, this constant placement of the bands logo plays along with Richard Dyers star theory that 'pop stars' have a lasting significance, they have 'brand awareness' and are constructed, artificial images. This is evident by the boy group whom were constructed by the Xfactor to become pop stars The inside panels are pictures of the boy band posed and perfected to look like the ideal pop star, they’re all smiling/being shown to have a good time and once again the bands logo is seen on the image. The inside cover has childlike drawings in it, this could be to appeal to a younger audience or to simply highlight the fact that the boys are young which's follows the theme of the front cover; the band is young and playful. The back of the album where the track listing is placed is again quite bold, colourful and child-like the drawing of the starts highlights this. The list is set out on note like form with font that looks hand writing, it doesn’t have red anywhere on, so it has diverted from the colour scheme, however it is very attractive to their young target audience as once again the drawings are easily replicable.
  7. 7. Unlike most albums, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover doesn’t have his name nor the album name on the album front cover, this is probably because that’s the message he wants to send to his audience, his album name is ‘Because The Internet’ the fact that we live in an internet based society, the likelihood that you don’t know who he is is slim, therefore, he doesn’t need to write his name or album name as the audience he is aiming at already know who he is and the name of his album. The front album image is not typical of a rap album, it’s soft and relaxing, opposed to other rap albums whereby the artists are showcased as ‘hard’ or wealthy, this album cover would be more associated with softer genres of music such as jazz, not rap or hip-hop. This album cover could depict a new approach to rap,. As the album was released quitte recently in late december 2013, it could be a representation of a new rap era. The typography is consistent all the way throughout the digipak. Childish Gambino – Because The Internet cards when they were younger and those who are younger who find this format of the album cover visually appealing. The main image is a close up of Donald looking directly into the camera, this direct eye contact allows for a connection from him to his audience as they will feel he’s directly looking at them, this helps him create a bond with his audience even though he is not direct in contact with them, because they will feel like the album is just for them as there is this non-direct direct form of contact. The album cover clearly has a colour scheme/house style, there's a gradient from brown to pink, the colours of the shirt he’s wearing slightly contrast but also are consistent with the gradient in the background. The colours used are soft and somewhat feminine. when looking at the album cover a sense of calmness is felt. The colours used are remiciment of the sunsent which links to the idea of a paradise island, this feeling correlates with the graphic print of palm trees on Donalds shirt, the palm trees represent paradise and a relaxing environment. His relaxed posture in the album image and the somewhat lack of direction in his eyes also represent some kind of utopia’ This is what he could be trying to imply to his audience, that his music is calm and rewarding.. The album cover is actually hologram that you can move around to reveal the main image of Donald sitting there, this is unique as no other albums are like this. This format of the album makes it appeal to a wide target audience, those who are old and used to play with holographic
  8. 8. Inside cover The inside cover for the album (alike the actual CD) is a very intricate pattern and has different illusions, it’s a complete juxtaposition to the front cover, there’s much more detail and more colours opposed to the front cover where there’s a basic gradient and a single medium close up image. There’s not a typical housestyle with the digipak nor does it have consistent typography, there’s a definate theme of abstract which is evident from the elbarote detail on the front cover (holographic image). This album doesn’t follow the conventions of a typical rap album, it steps more into pop/alternative by the use of colours and elaborte designs. Never the less, red is definately a staple colour for the digipak The album also comes with an online screeplay to read along with each specified album track, this has never before been done with a rap album, this shows an element of consistency as it’s abstract which as previously said, is an evident theme of the digipak. This online scripts follows the title of the album ‘because the internet’ as the screenplay is only available on the internet showing some consistency between the title of the album and the content There’s limited text throughout the album design, there’s none shown on the CD nor the album cover and on the back cover and track listing, it’s very limited, This album is very visual based and is more about the aesthetics rather than the text. The use of bright colours connote something exciting and happy and almost a sense of nostalgia with the 70’s like patterns and holographic imagines
  9. 9. The main image on the front cover is a black rectangle with white lights around it creating a white glow, this simplistic album cover is quite appealing to it’s target audience, as they are a alternative/indie rock band, the dark greys and blacks are colours commonly associated with rock. The album cover doesn't’ contain any images of the band, just their logo of a black rectangle, this could be in order to attract a certain audience – their core fans who know them and respect them purely for their music and to attract people who are mainly interested into the music opposed to the bands looks which is stereotypical for boy bands- they gain a fanbase according to their visual appeal. This album cover is fairly simple , although it does not scream rock, there are some definite connotations to it. The 1975- The 1975 The typography used is consistent throughout the album, the use of the light to make the bandname/album glow as well as the lightten rectangle follows the theme of a contrast between light and dark which is consistent throughout the album design. The fact that the album is self-titled could be to show that because the band are fairly new they want to broadcast and advertise themselves as much as possible, so when people think of their music they think of the band and vice versa. The boldness of the album title shouts rock, with rock being a loud genre of music, the loud font is a definite representation of the genre,. Never the less, sterotypically rock albums are quite bold and have a wide use of colours and bold images where as this album only has a stand-out name, the rest of it is visually lacking in colour. Front cover
  10. 10. The album follows a simple grayscale colour scheme, this is a huge juxtaposition to their music which is a mixture of synth pop and alternative rock. This colour scheme is consistent throughout all of the bands released material, EP’s etc. The CD is matte black which follows their house style, alike the album cover the CD lacks vidsual aestetics, there’s no text which is unlike a typical album The back of the album contains a track listening and company acknoledgements, this is very typical of the back of an album, once again the grayscle colour scheme is used The inside album booklet contains pictures of the band members, this helps appeal to a female audience who will find them attractive and will listen to their music because of this, this also reinforces their origional fanbase who know who they are this imagery can be seen as something of sentimental value Colour scheme Back cover & Track listing
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