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A number of potential existential
threats to global humanity exist
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VirtualVet's Offering


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Talk to us to find out how we can work with your organization navigate EU Animal Health Law, address Antimicrobial use in agriculture and drive technology adoption on farms.

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VirtualVet's Offering

  1. 1. VIRTUALVET A BUSINESS TO MAP GLOBAL ANIMAL DISEASE A number of potential existential threats to global humanity exist within animal agriculture. As the demand for meat and dairy products rises with global incomes, these threats need to be monitored and managed. At present policy development is hampered by a lack of timely data about animal diseases and the treatments of them. Some of these diseases are zoonotic, in others the treatments are themselves the cause for concern. Monitoring schemes for pharmaceutical use in agriculture are currently paper based and not integrated or logged to databases. Inventories of drugs used and statistics are based on sales rather than usage and disposals. Many software schemes for recording drug use or animal disease are too slow to keep pace with the treatment process or rely on connectivity to the internet. Similarly the marking of pharmaceutical products do not link seamlessly to databases of treatment and best practice. Our objective at Animal Disease Tracking Ltd (trading as VirtualVet) is to develop integrated software apps, data acquisition and aggregation systems managed through a control centre with the tools to collect and aggregate data from multiple sources in real time. Our aim is to build digital global and local maps of animal diseases and their treatments so that subscribers can immediately assess the risk of disease in a particular group of animals of food shipment. Find out more about our initiative at Follow us: @VirtualVet_EU • Consultancy on policy to governments and organisations. • Develop software & support services direct to veterinarians and farmers and their management solution providers. • Training packages to ensure compliance with best practice globally. • Provide dynamic maps of animal disease incorporating trade flows, animal movements, migrating animals and weather models. THE COMPANY’S OFFERING INCLUDES: