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Oil and gas

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Oil and gas

  1. 1. Simulating Excellence S a G 1G D a m
  2. 2. CONTENT 03 About Us 04 Our Expertise 05 Our Services for the Oil & Gas Industry 06 Conceptual Design Services 07 Simulctnis Onion Model Philosophy 08 Internationally Accepted Design Guides
  3. 3. V § 3 :1 ; .,. :. s: V/ At Simulanis, we believe in perfection and excellence through our consultancy services. We deliver cutting-edge technical services using industry's leading practices, backed by intensive research. We work in close collaborations with our clients to deliver solutions of the highest order of technological advantage and asset efficiency. Our innovative service offering is aimed at addressing critical challenges faced by the client. Simulanis Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an active emerging company, formed by a dynamic group of individuals to provide best-in-class consultancy services in the process engineering domain. We pride ourselves to operate under the leadership of a respectable team of directors possessing a rich experience exceeding lO0 man-years within the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) sector. Through our services, we aim to provide solutions related to Process Research, Modelling, Simulation, Integration and Optimization to companies active in the domain of oil & gas, pharmaceutical, bulk & fine chemical and research & development (R&D).
  4. 4. Y . A V 7 I «Cl, 'E, l§1C; ll, l:f: l.; ’E. j£ We work closely with our clients to critically analyse issues relating to offshore, onshore and refinery processes by providing preliminary (feasibilityl conceptual) and comprehensive (basic and detailed engineering) process design support, capital and operating cost estimates, process safety analysis and design, operational troubleshooting amongst a host of other process engineering services. Our innovative process engineering services and solutions are backed by intensive research and reviewed by a team of experts, showcasing our proficiency in resolving critical problems faced by our clients. We provide our oil & gas clients with the following services: i_L. C l_l'_lei_l_ia_i: é- «fir-1_r-yiiczt 7. We have a team of well-qualified engineers and industry experts, with broad experience in process design, operations, and process safety within a range of oil, gas, and refining operations. As part of delivering consulting solutions ’ p _ for off—shore processes, we help our clients to investigate specialist concern ' ' ' ~ areas such as safety, physical space constraints, and platform weight issues. . . ‘I Our skills in the offshore processes extend from offshore platform drilling to ' ‘ . Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) operations. " ‘ ‘I . . 1- an ‘ '}-. i’- s p. .. ‘f .31?? ?’ ’| m -. ' ' It. . 1 -l": ‘-: ‘:*: ‘.é. '~‘. ..r, ~.'. ..‘«. ..c: i-’uv: ---. -‘la’ - . _l. ._l l-Vt i:1t. _rfaie. I_i_n_i V ill _r rrcxrza-iei. ~i1n 13 )3; fit . .,. -,': .k _4.: ..~' ’ ,7. . ,; _ ; 't. _,; .‘~ - - Cl} L 4.: -.. .: , l.‘. ..5l: “. V. -1'-‘. ".". 's-.3]-"’yl‘ We offer consulting services specifically meant to help our clients overcome W"; “’““"""1.’ j’ 3" 7 ‘. li fi: v,— «f the typical challenges encountered in upstream oil processing. Our service »_ t A -j ~l". ':"‘~7}_1‘_-. _ " I . ;'l1'~'. JE. ' offering for the upstream oil processes encompass the following: .d. _-‘_'i 4: -9; g’ ‘[3 ; '1< C) Oil and Gas Separation "" 0.; .3 Flaring reduction / elimination 1.; ,; ‘i C) Glycol dehydration I) Desanding I) Desalter design , ‘ ‘}‘i: .i. -2 I_P‘rfc L; ., irxrial/ s‘: l1g’, l I We offer real-time solutions for processing of high-pressure gas streams by offering support in the following areas : 7% Slugcatcher specification -3 Hydrate prediction and prevention v Amine absorption » Dew point control unit Gas pipeline compression ‘. f V Flow metering 7. l -_ _- “' '-"¥ _ . I . , _ - "Ln"'l' cc 7 . ! L” --a- — 04 ' L -- L _N I. ?'l§ +-. .—-4 i— __ " ‘ "
  5. 5. 1.3 Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Processing and LPG Fractionation ' We have extensive capabilities in conducting feasibility studies and recovery process analysis for NGL Processing and LPG Fractionation. Following are some of the areas of our expertise in the offshore gas processes: 0 Merox treatment 0 Benzene extraction 0 Advanced column control 0 Condensate stabilization Q) iC5 rich extraction 2. Refinery Processes We are fully adept in handling some of the most complex oil refining processes. We provide full support towards the design. simulation, integration and optimization of the unit operations involved in the processes, some of which are: 0 Atmospheric Distillation Units 0 Vacuum Distillation Units 0 Hydro processing units including hydrocracking and hydrotreating , 0 Alkylation units '4 0 lsomerisation units 0 Fluid Catalytic Cracking units Coker units 0 Reforming units 0 Crude Desalter Unit 0 Merox Unit 0 Claus unit (Amine gas treater) lehtsln achieving lower operating costs by exploring a variety of design alternatives for processes through intensive research, modelling, simulation, integration and optimization. We help our clients to make well-informed decisions on all technical aspects of complex operations. We perform economic modelling of refining processes, forecast operational parameters, perform feasibility studies of projects and offer integrated solutions to optimize the processes. A new wave of digital revolution has taken centre-stage within the refining industry and we aim to capture this in the form of our service delivery by proposing digitization and virtualization of the facilities with a view to accurately analyse the models and facilitate real-time visualization.
  6. 6. l Conceptual Design Services Design basis development Steady-state / dynamic process models Preliminary cost estimation Identification of potential barriers I Techno-economic evaluation Process Modelling and Simulation Services 000000 Conceptual process plan Modelling and simulation solutions using industry's leading platfroms Detailed mass & energy balance Heat exchanger design and rating System hydraulics analysis On-site modelling and simulation support Front-End Engineering Design Services ’ 0 Refining conceptual solutions 0 Flow assurance simulation 0 Process equipment datasheets 0 Operating and control philosophy of the process 0 Piping layout design Process Safety Services Facilitating Process Hazards Analyses (PHAs) including HAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, FTA, etc. Conducting process safety compliance audits Safety Integrity Level (SIL) selection analyses l Detailed Design Services l Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) P&lDs P&| Ds for utilities Equipment Specifications (process level) OSHA inspection preparation Developing Process Safety (PSM) & Risk Management Programs (RMP) Equipment, Line, and instrument Lists 000000 Capital and operating costs estimates it Technical Due Diligence We perform technical due diligence if a company/ financer wants to gather information about another company wherein the former wants to make an investment, do business with, or is a prospective merger/ acquisition target. We offer a broad range of due diligence of 0 Debottleneckmg and Capomy evolucmons services, some of which are mentioned below: 0 Energy Conservation Studies 0 Relief Device & Flare System Evaluations 0 Flare Header Studies 0 Relief Valve Sizing Validation 0 Utilities Evaluations 0 Troubleshooting & Process Optimization 0 Providing the clients with information relating to the strength and potential liabilities of the project with a detailed report on the project design and the assumptions made. 0 Reviewing the quoted project goals and technical capability. 0 Providing the client with complete background information of the I t. 0 Operating Procedure Development projec _ 0 Providing full support towards designing, construction, optimization, 0 Pmcess D°°”ment°t'°n Development operation and maintenance of the assets. 0 Omsite Operator and Engineering staff Training 0 Identifying key risk areas and opportunities for increasing efficiency 0 Process Commissioning & Startup Assistance and performance. 0 Analysing and evaluating impact the assets might have on existing operations or on the operations being developed in terms of operability, health or safety considerations. 0 Review the CAPEX and OPEX of the project. 0 Pilot Plant Planning, Design, and Oversight Assistance 06
  7. 7. Simulanis Onion Model Philosophy Research 1. Process Research Through intensive Process Research activities, we analyse process alternatives from a design, control and operations perspective and evaluate efficient solutions with the aid of world-class research tools. We assist R&D divisions of companies to perform an extensive background research on specific industrial problems. Access to some of the world's most respected and acclaimed scientific resources, research tools and technical databases (listed below) which enable us to provide our clients with a truly wor| d—c| ass output. Online Research Databases Compendexz A comprehensive engineering bibliographic database that delivers scientific literature related to Fuel Technology, Metal groups, Petroleum Engineering, etc. SCOPUS: A multi-disciplinary database containing abstracts and citations for academic journal articles covering science, technology and medicine. Knovel: A technical database containing validated engineering content which includes leading reference works and databases from leading technical publishers. Knovel is one of the most preferred databases due to its optimized searches and data analysis tools.
  8. 8. Science Direct: Fastest growing comprehensive scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from a large number of peer-reviewedjournals and books. Web of Science: A citation indexing service provided by Thomson Reuters which gives access to multiple databases for cross-disciplinary research, facilitating in-depth exploration of specialized sub-fields. British Library: The world's largest library holding more than 150 million item items including manuscripts, publications, magazines and patents. Proquest: Provides archives of sources such as technical papers, dissertations, and aggregated databases. SciFinder: A comprehensive database of chemical and bibliographic information comprising of substances, reactions, patents and journal references. Reaxys: A database for information on chemicals and data from published literature includingjournals and patents. ' Internationally Accepted Design Guides API guides: API publications, technical standards, and online products provide proven, sound engineering and operating practices and safe, interchangeable equipment and materials. These guides also lay the foundation of practices to safeguard health, ensure safety and protect the environment. TEMA Standards: The TEMA standards and software provide guidelines for the design, fabrication and repair of tubular heat-exchangers. These standards provide for the design of heat-exchangers for petroleum processing, general commercial application and chemical process service. DIERS: The Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS) develops methods for the design of emergency relief systems to avoid reduce the frequency and consequences of the incidents of overpressure. ASTM International: International standards for the development of high—quality, market-relevant technical standards, used worldwide to improve quality, enhance safety, and facilitate market access. ISO 29001 : The guide defines the quality management system requirements for the design, development and service of products for the petroleum industry. —
  9. 9. 2. Process Modelling A We deliver Process Modelling solutions to facilitate quick evaluation of process decisions, elimination of infeasible alternatives, and achieve safer design parameters. With advanced capabilities in mathematical and computational analysis, we provide our clients with modelling solutions that result in quality improvement, lower time—to-market, safer operations and optimized profits. We use the following platforms to model unit operations and complete processes using simulation and programming tools to relate input and output variables: Simulanis 3D Plant Game” Mathworks MATLAB”", and other leading modelling software such as MATHEMATICA, MATHCAD, MAPLE and OpenMode| ica Programming Language Platforms — Visual Basic, JAVA, C, FORTRAN COMSOL Multiphysics Aveva PDMSTM Solidworks Ansys° Fluent“ Cadmatic 3D AutoCAD | nterGraph Smart Plant 3D Micro Station for PDS-3D 000000000000 3. Process Simulation We are equipped with industry’s leading software tools and platforms to conduct Process Simulation studies for a variety of industries. For oil & gas industry, we offer simulation support for modelling processes from upstream, through gas processing and cryogenic facilities. We perform our simulation studies using the following advanced software: Aspen Basic Engineering Aspen Capital Cost Estimator Aspen Distillation Synthesis and Rate-Based Distillation Aspen Energy Analyzer Aspen Fired Heater Aspen Flare System Analyzer Aspen HYSYSP Aspen HYSYS“ Amines Aspen HYSYSP and Plus” CatCracker Aspen HYSYSP Crude Aspen HYSYSP and Plus” Dynamics Aspen HYSYSP and Plus“ Hydrocracker Aspen Plus” Hydrotreater Aspen HYSYSP Petroleum Refining Aspen HYSYSP and P| us° Reformer Aspen HYSYS“ Upstream and Upstream Dynamics Aspen Shell & Tube, Plate, Plate Fin and Air Cooled Exchanger Aspen Utilities Planner and On-line Optimizer 000000000000000000 09
  10. 10. 4. Process Integration We follow a holistic approach for process design wherein we consider the interactions between different unit operations whilst analysing individual units in an integrated manner. Through this approach, we help our clients to achieve lower overall utility costs, lower emissions and better energy management. We employ Pinch Analysis techniques for designing and integrating processes to maximize heat recovery and reduce utility consumption by calculating thermodynamically attainable energy targets and identifying how to achieve them in the most efficient manner. We use tools developed by AspenTech and other leading products to perform comprehensive process integration exercises for our clients. Through our Process Integration services, we endeavour to fulfil the following operational objectives of our clients: Optimization of heat exchanger networks for minimum energy consumption. Minimizing the load of utilities for individual processes. Checking the greenhouse gas emissions from the process. Optimizing the configuration of new crude oil distillation systems. Identification of heat pumping opportunities. 000000 Design and optimization of hydrogen distribution network. 5. Process Optimization Identification of major energy saving opportunities and reducing operating costs for the plant are one of the primary objectives while performing detailed design. As part of this activity, we evaluate site utility requirements, perform improvement studies and optimize the utility requirements. We perform such activities using the following tools: GAMS and other programming tools (VB, C, FORTRAN ) Other open source optimization tools such as DWSIM, JModelica, etc. Simulation based optimization tools SC| SSOR"‘ Methodology 0000 SC| SSOR"” Reduce capital and energy costs by 10-30%
  11. 11. iii 2 NR . $.. i. i . .. , . . ..P. ... ... .n
  12. 12. Email: suppoIt@simu1anis. com m m . m n M W Registered Office Design Office 260, Defence Colony Flyover Market C-4, Lajptrt Nagctr III New Delhi - 110024 New Delhi - 110024 Fax: +91-11-41017922 Telephone: +91-11-41017922 No part al this publication may be reproduced. stored in at relrievuble system. or tranruutred in any form or by any means — eiectronic . mechanicaL photocopying, recording. or otherwise. without the perrniuion of Simulanis. sirnulanur owns the copyright lor the training content except where otherwise indicated by a third puny’: proprietary notice. Images, troclemarla and brands are also protected by other intellectual property laws and may not be reproduced or appropriated in any manner without written permlnlon of their respective ownen.

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