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Cassandra DataTables Using RESTful API


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Cassandra Data Tables

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Cassandra DataTables Using RESTful API

  1. 1. CASSANDRA Data Tables as REST API
  2. 2. Problem Scope1
  3. 3. This project will provide a GUI and a service layer on top of Cassandra, exposing data(and services) via REST API. ● Exposes Cassandra data tables as a REST API for huge volumes of data. ● Build a web-based user interface to expose the API and enable querying. ● Enable pagination of results for convenience and readability of the user.
  4. 4. PROCESS MODEL Automatically organize data into tables using Cassandra. Display results with pagination Assemble collected data. Provide REST API for querying the database. Display contents of database in user friendly format.
  5. 5. Logical Flow Home Page Rest call Backend Server Parsing Cassandra Query Processing Realtime O/P with pagination
  6. 6. Implementation Details
  7. 7. Populate the cassandra database o Build cassandra keyspaces and column family o Populate the database according to the data provided. Query input o Queries are received using RESTFUL API calls. o The REST query is parsed and converted into a database query and then the database is queried.
  8. 8. Displaying Results o Details related to queries are retrieved from the database. o Error handling in case of invalid queries is done. o Pagination is done to handle large data. One page is displayed at a time. o UI is built using Jinja2 and HTML, bootstrap.
  9. 9. List of APIs provided ◦ QueryColumnFamily ◦ CreateKeyspace ◦ DropKeyspace ◦ ListKeyspace ◦ CreateColumnFamily ◦ DropColumnFamily ◦ ListColumnFamily
  10. 10. Technologies Used ★ User Interface ○Jinja2 ○Bootstrap, HTML. ★ REST APIs ○ Flask ★ Communication to cassandra ○Python Driver ○Cql Engine
  11. 11. Benefits for the stakeholders Efficient handling of large data. A simple User Interface for querying the data. Using REST APIs makes querying simpler and robust. Provides a better interface for retrieved data with pagination.
  12. 12. DEMO
  13. 13. Place your screenshot here HOMEPAGE
  14. 14. Place your screenshot here KeySpace Operations
  15. 15. Place your screenshot here Creating KeySpace
  16. 16. Place your screenshot here Dropping a KeySpace
  17. 17. Place your screenshot here Listing KeySpaces
  18. 18. Place your screenshot here ColumnFamily Operations
  19. 19. Place your screenshot here Listing ColumnFamily
  20. 20. Place your screenshot here Query Cassandra Result
  21. 21. Thanks! ANY QUESTIONS?