Winter 1 vega


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Winter 1 vega

  1. 1. The Fourth Season: Winter Vega By: CanImarryapony Arbor Watch: A BACC
  2. 2. Wintertime in Arbor Watch! No snow as of yet, but it's a coming. I can feel it in my bones. In this chapter Amber's and Komei's second child is due, and Bane's puppies are going to grow up. Not to mention Abby's Childifing birthday.
  3. 3. Of course the chapter starts out with a birth, Amber goes into labor at 1 in the morning, luckily Komei's up too.
  4. 4. Meet Sammie, she's blonde like her mother and has Amber's custom blue eyes. She's friggin' cute, but all babies are.
  5. 5. Poor Sammie's birth is heralded by vermin. Bane supervising while Komei takes care of the offensive pest.
  6. 6. All my sims sleep schedule is out of whack. So Amber and Komei get a little shut-eye. Amber snoozes on the couch so Abby can play around on the floor. Komei”s in the bedroom to keep an ear on Sammie.
  7. 7. Because everyone needs baby spam, here's Komei and Sammie.
  8. 8. Speaking of spam, take one last look to enjoy puppy/toddler spam. It's finally 11, it's time for the puppies to grow up.
  9. 9. First up is Joy, she doesn't loo half bad, I was a little worried for a bit, but Bane and Cleo mesh well. Joy has Cleo's heavier muzzle and brown spots. She has Bane's furry accent things on her chest and tail. Both her parents have a stout build, but Joy looks more like her father, it's hard to tell.
  10. 10. Strength definitely takes after his dad. Though Cleo gave her son his heavy muzzle and brown spots. Strength is a little more slender than Joy and has Bane's green eyes.
  11. 11. I had Amber shoo Faith and Fierce awake, a little mean, but I wanted to see how they turned out. Faith looks like Strength, big surprise, except she has floppy ears instead of point ones. Oh she has Cleo's short stubby tail.
  12. 12. Last but not least, Fierce. He's probably my favorite. He takes after Cleo in coat and build. He has Bane's eye color. Fierce also has a long tail with the accent thingy magigs, I forget what they're called. Joy was the only pup that ended up with Cleo's brown eyes, all the others have Bane's green ones.
  13. 13. If you want one of the pups, or Bane for that matter, tell me and I'll upload them.
  14. 14. Amber takes Joy and Fierce up to More than Food to give them both to Julien.
  15. 15. However, Julien throws a wrench in my plans by not taking either dog. He keeps shaking his head saying he has no money. She's giving them to you not selling, stupid.
  16. 16. Back home, Amber teaches how to talk boosting Abby into platinum last minute.
  17. 17. Birthday time, Komei again is taking Abby to the cake. You can see her crib is already gone. I moved Sammie's crib into the living room and added a bed in the master bedroom for Abby.
  18. 18. Amber is sure not to miss this one, but I'm not sure she can see anything behind the fridge.
  19. 19. Abby grows up cute, her face stays nice and pretty. You never know if a sims face is going to explode *pokes legacy heir*
  20. 20. I'm so glad Abby is finally a child, she's another pair of hands that I can force to clean. It helps that she has ten neat points too.
  21. 21. Of course Bane likes that there's another pair of hands to scratch his belly.
  22. 22. Even though all the puppies are adults, there's still a bit of an issue with peeing in the house. Day Two starts with house breaking.
  23. 23. The school bus arrives as Komei heads off to the store. The first child of Arbor Watch is officially in school. Yay!
  24. 24. Komei calls in Angie to help with the register, I feel bad for the poor girl she just isn't keeping up with the line. And their too poor to hire another cashier to help.
  25. 25. Komei sent her home and took over the register himself. She'll get a bronze badge eventually. The store made no profit because I had left it in shambles last rotation. But it's only five stars away from level 8.
  26. 26. Back home, Amber lets Komei watch over Sammie while she tries to get all the dogs bathed. Washing six dogs turns into an all day nightmare. Fortunately Faith was the only one to make a daring leap from the tub and she wasn't all that dirty.
  27. 27. Abby brings home Gallagher Newson. Hah I spelled his name right first try. Anyway, he's very interesting looking, too bad that by the time I can put him in the neighbor Abby will be too old. Maybe he can marry one of her relatives, but I want his genetics. As questionable as they are.
  28. 28. Sammie's turn to have a birthday, Amber finally gets to toddler toss.
  29. 29. Little Sammie feels the need to botch the first cake. Of course poor sims have to buy two cakes.
  30. 30. Sammie's cute, looks a lot Komei, she has Amber's nose which is a bit of a blessing. Sammie's more balanced than her sister, she's neat, extremely outgoing and active, a little playful and very nice.
  31. 31. A quick little makeover to give her a more girlish haircut and Sam's as cute as a button.
  32. 32. There's nothing like a rousing game of toddler toss. After the birthday, day two comes to close with everybody all tucked into bed.
  33. 33. Though it didn't stay quiet for long, Day three begins with toddler chaos. Amber naps on the couch while Sammie runs around the house looking for dogs to torment.
  34. 34. Of course big sister tickle fights are always important.
  35. 35. Playing with Sammie got Abby's fun up enough to finish her homework.
  36. 36. With Abby in school, Amber and Komei call the nanny to babysit Sammie and escape to the store. It's the first time they have been able to go together in a while.
  37. 37. Business was booming the moment they opened the store. Within a few hours Amber's Tales was a level 8 business. I chose to do the money perk again, even though I don't like to. I'm tired of everyone being poor.
  38. 38. They closed up at seven and restocked the store. And had a little date, Amber and Komei usually hover low green, nothing like a date to give them a much needed boost.
  39. 39. Of course platinum mood means glowing toddlers. Amber and Komei returned home. Since Komei taught Abby to walk and Amber taught her to talk they're going to do it vice versa on Sammie.
  40. 40. Abby doesn't could home with any friends, darn I was hoping she give back someone. I need her a husband and it's never too early to start looking.
  41. 41. Without a tv, playing red hands is one of the quickest ways to raise fun.
  42. 42. Homework is evil, Abby only has time to play a game of red hands, do her homework and then go to bed. No time to play, poor kid.
  43. 43. I love Sammie, she's so cute. If only there was more puppies to toddler spam her with.
  44. 44. Abby ends up on couch at bedtime, nevermind her bed is empty. Silly sims.
  45. 45. Day four is a snow day, much to Abby's excitement. Time to break out the winter coat and play.
  46. 46. I was about the same age as Abby when I built my first snowman. I love snowmen.
  47. 47. Amber and Komei call the nanny and head to the shop. The reporter shows up again and gives Amber's Tales a second Best of the Best Award.
  48. 48. Komei gets his Gold Sales badge and bronze restocking. Making him very happily platinum. Amber's Tales reaches Level 9, I haven't decided which perk to use. They also make the first real profit in awhile.
  49. 49. More toddler spam. Not a lot happens on day four, all the dogs get baths and the family relaxes.
  50. 50. I wanted Amber and Komei to have another baby. At first I thought I didn't get the option because Amber's too old. But she's ten days away from elder hood, that's plenty of time to have another kid. Then in writing this I realized, with four sims and six dogs the house is too full. Whoops.
  51. 51. Day Five means RENO DAY!!!!!! I'm happy, their house is so crowded. Anyways here's a the top view. I made the kitchen waaay bigger, opening up space the foyer. Though it makes the living room look tiny. I'll have to fix that later. Both the bedroom and the bathroom was expanded. Eventually there will be a separate bedroom for the girls. But this will work for now. Before Reno, they had $10,300ish and now they have $2,852.
  52. 52. Here's the kitchen, eventually I want to change the counters to that country theme, but it's too pricey to do just the moment. Looking at it now, I think I should move the light above the sink and put a window there. Hm....
  53. 53. And the dining room, they don't quite need all those chairs yet. It looks a little bland, I'll have to figure something out for it.
  54. 54. And the first meal in the new kitchen is pancakes!
  55. 55. A FIRE finally!!! Oh wait fires are suppose to be a bad thing. Well no one was hurt. Finally the first fire of Arbor Watch.
  56. 56. Komei doesn't have much luck with the next meal of omelettes either. No more fires, but definitely crispy.
  57. 57. Amber leaves Komei to take care of the kidlets, and head off to the store.
  58. 58. Amber called in Angie to run the register, Angie finally earned her bronze cashier bronze and got a much deserve raise to $25 an hour. I want to make that much an hour for being a cashier.
  59. 59. Back home, Bane got in a fight with Balin the wolf and lost. Poor Bane, he's getting old.
  60. 60. Looked who walked by, Abby finally will have a friend she can call unlike Gallagher. Marsha is one of my favorite townie kids, despite her incessant phone calling.
  61. 61. Six o'clock mean birthday for Sammie. No more toddlers for a bit, unless Amber is going to get preggers again.
  62. 62. More lousy picture placement. But Sammie is pretty plain looking, but I like. I had to change her haircut because Seomi's no longer her fit her right. The new one, from XM Sims, makes her look older but suits her better.
  63. 63. A cute picture of Komei's girls together, I love the differences between the two and yet they still look similar
  64. 64. It took a bit of juggling to get all the beds in the one room, but aren't they cute all together.
  65. 65. That's it for this chapter. The Vegas donate $289 to the university fund and had the first fire. Hopefully it won't take another 4 rotation for the second one.
  66. 66. Rotation: Winter 1 Households: 1 of 2 Playable Sims: 5 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 5 Community Lots: 2 Business Diststricts: 0 Universites: 0 Downtown: No SM: 2 Population: 10 CAS Available: 1/2 University Funds: $584 # of Fires: 1 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0 Businesses: Amber's Tales - Amber Vega - 9 More than Food - Julien Cooke - 0 Careers: None *Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211 ~Stats~
  67. 67. Happy Simming!