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Veda week 3 t thomas


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Tyler Thomas starts his first week on his own.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Veda week 3 t thomas

  1. 1. Week 3 T. Thomas
  2. 2. We’re back in Veda! Tyler Thomas is finally living it up on his own. He moved in across the street from Sapphire Azul. He’s a pleasure/fortune sim with a LTW of being a Professional Party Guest. I built a club for him, he just has to get enough money this rotation for the building and the fee of $15,000.
  3. 3. David and Samuel came by and the three of them whipped up a nice little two bedroom house.
  4. 4. Tyler ran out of funds before finishing the interior. But he had a house of his very own.
  5. 5. First thing he did was start his tiny garden.
  6. 6. “Hey kitty.” Tyler noticed a cat hanging around. His mom wasn’t a fan of pets, but he had a soft spot of cats.
  7. 7. “Hi Gretchen.” “Hi Tyler, David and you did a good on the house.” “Yeah.” Tyler agreed, it felt a little awkward talking to Gretchen as an adult. “Let’s get out of the rain.” He offered.
  8. 8. Michelle Tse and Phil Azul also came over. Tyler couldn’t help but notice how attractive Michelle was. He loved long red hair.
  9. 9. “Hey Michelle, do you want to go on a date with me?” “Um sure why not?” She smiled.
  10. 10. He gathered up his nerve and planted his first kiss on her lips.
  11. 11. “Tyler, you’re so sweet.” Michelle said. “You’re not so bad yourself.”
  12. 12. “Move in with me.” He said impulsively. “Sure, why not? Living up in these hills is way better than stinky Pine Grove.”
  13. 13. Michelle moved in with $7,000, she’s a fortune/romance sim that wants to be a business tycoon.
  14. 14. The tomatoes were coming up nicely. Tyler carefully pulled the weeds away from the tiny plants.
  15. 15. Tyler told her all about his plan to a club. Michelle wanted to help out. The best way to funds fast was digging. She started a hole next to his.
  16. 16. Tyler found a treasure chest. “Alright, just thirty thousand more to go.” Tyler cheered. “This is going to take awhile.” Michelle sighed. “Yeah, but it’ll be worth it.”
  17. 17. Life wasn’t all hard work. “Ooo this is the best part.” Michelle whispered. “This is were he gets bitten right?” “Shh you’re missing it.” Watching scary movies with Michelle was nice. He felt all warm inside.
  18. 18. Wednesday morning, Michelle found herself feeling rather sick. “What did I eat?”
  19. 19. She also decided it was time to make a change. She took down her hair and washed out the hairspray. Its natural waves came out, she pinned half of it back away from her face.
  20. 20. “Ty, I know men traditionally do this. But I can’t wait. I love you so much my heart could burst.” “What is it, Michelle?” Tyler asked.
  21. 21. “Would you marry me?” “Holy cow, Michelle that’s a huge ring! I don’t need that, I would marry you without it.”
  22. 22. “Oh Ty.” She hugged him tightly. “Let’s go ahead and get married, it’s a Veda tradition.” “What about your mom?” “Oh right, I’ll call her over right away.”
  23. 23. He invited his sister and step dad too. “Jeez, I can’t believe he’s getting married already.” Julie whispered. “Shh, baby enjoy the wedding. You’ll be having your own soon enough.”
  24. 24. “It was a good idea to invite Mom. She looks so happy.” “You should know, I’m always right.” Michelle grinned. “Can it and kiss me already.” Tyler retorted.
  25. 25. Tyler took Michelle’s last name. He figured Seth could carry on his family name. He would be a Tse.
  26. 26. “You go Ty!” Julie cheered. “Well done, son.” Joe agreed. “That’s so sweet.” Joyce sighed, she wiped tears from her eyes. Her eldest was a married men.
  27. 27. They all had a simple dinner of mac and cheese to celebrate.
  28. 28. “Congratulations dear.” Joyce said hugging Michelle tightly. “I’m sorry we couldn’t have a bigger party, I haven’t been feeling well.” “Oh?” Joyce grinned suddenly. “You get your rest dear, I’m sure you’ll feel better in a few days.”
  29. 29. “That’s what Joyce was grinning about.” Michelle said. “I’m pregnant.”
  30. 30. “Congratulations founder’s son. This is but a token for your successful marriage.” Jessica Steele said setting down a magical lamp.
  31. 31. Tyler let Michelle sleep in. He earned his bronze gardening badge while tending the tomatoes.
  32. 32. “I am the great all powerful…” “We’ve already met, you don’t have to say that every time.” The genie sighed, “Wealth?” “Wealth.”
  33. 33. They finally had enough money to buy Tyler’s club. He sent off the $15,000 in fees to Veda’s bank account in Pine Grove.
  34. 34. He purchased the building, he called it Tyler’s. He was so creative.
  35. 35. It wasn’t a very large building. But Tyler liked it, he couldn’t afford anything much bigger.
  36. 36. It had the important things, a dance floor, bubble blower and a bar. He set the ticket machine to $15 an hour.
  37. 37. “Hey Joe, thanks for being my first customer.” Tyler said. “No problem, your mom is real proud of you. I am too, it’s nice to see Veda having it’s own community lot.”
  38. 38. Michelle’s pregnancy progressed. In the wee hours of Friday morning.
  39. 39. “Hey pretty lady, you want to go one a date before I go to work.” “You betcha.”
  40. 40. Tyler needed a good send off. One of his first customer’s of the day was a reporter from Pine Grove. She was very unusual looking.
  41. 41. She looked like she was having fun on the bubble blower. Tyler crossed his fingers. He needed a good review.
  42. 42. “This is a good place you got started Tyler.” Chrys said. “Thanks Mr. Summers.” “It’s nice to get away from Magnolia and the kids.” “You should bring Thistle sometime.” Samuel chimed in. “Maybe, if you can pry Daisy away from him. She and him spend all their time in the garden.”
  43. 43. “Do you think Chrys would actually let Thistle come by? It’d be nice to do something with all us guys.” Samuel said. “Probably not, he didn’t even want Thistle to go to school. Thistle told me.” Tyler sighed, “It’s a weird thing, Mom says it’s a tradition with the witches back in our old town.” “David said the same thing. I don’t know if it’s a good tradition for Veda.”
  44. 44. Ivy Copur gave Tyler’s rank 1.
  45. 45. “Congratulations, Tyler Tse, even though personally, I think you’re revolting. Your establishment is a diamond in the rough. I’m giving you the best of the best award.” “Thanks?”
  46. 46. Not everything was going so well. Gordon King was back and looking for more things to steal.
  47. 47. “This shows these settlers to buy expensive cribs.” Gordon grumbled.
  48. 48. Michelle and Tyler didn’t have time to worry about Gordon. “Baby!!!!!” Michelle screamed.
  49. 49. Michelle gave birth to a baby girl. “Hi there Claire.” She told her baby. “Claire is a beautiful name.” Tyler agreed. “I wonder where she got those blue eyes.” Michelle said. “I guess both of us carry blue eyes. I’ve never met my father.” Tyler shrugged. “Me either.”
  50. 50. He couldn’t believe he had a daughter. It was kind of strange she was very close in age to his younger brother, Calvin.
  51. 51. “Hey there kitty.” He spotted another cat roaming around. “Strange that there’s so many of you running around up here.”
  52. 52. After work, Tyler invited his parents and sister over to meet Claire. “She’s so tiny.” Julie said cradling her. “My first grandbaby.” Joyce couldn’t stop grinning.
  53. 53. “Oh Boolprop! She’s crying what do I do??” “She needs a diaper change.” Tyler laughed. “You can have her back then.”
  54. 54. Michelle was trying to make dinner when the stove erupted into flames.
  55. 55. “Ty, you need a bigger table if you’re going to keep inviting us all over.” “I guess you’re right.” Tyler hung his head. “Michelle, don’t eat in the kitchen, come stand in here with us.” Julie called.
  56. 56. “Who’s Daddy’s Claire bear?” Tyler said. Claire laughed and shook her fists.
  57. 57. “Hey Samuel, hey Ty!” “Thanks for coming over Daisy.” Tyler waved back. “You said you had a baby, Thistle and I couldn’t resist coming by to see.” She grinned. “It’s her birthday tonight, Julie’s coming over later.”
  58. 58. “OMG!!! Julie!!!” Daisy waved. “DAISY!” Julie shouted back waving excitedly. A/N: I’ve never seen two sims so excited to see each other. Too bad Tyler isn’t friends with Noah too. The three girls are best friends.
  59. 59. Tyler did the honors of bringing his daughter to the birthday cake.
  60. 60. “There’s Claire Bear!” Tyler said catching his daughter. She was very much like him. A little sloppy, but outgoing and kind.
  61. 61. That’s for this chapter. Thank you so much reading. Finally there’s a community lot in Veda. Both Tyler and Michelle are counting on it to open up spots in Business and Slacker careers. And what’s with all the robberies? The Summers household is up next! Happy Simming!
  62. 62. Total Sims: 30 Adults: 17 Teens: 2 Children: 4 Toddlers: 4 Infants:3 Sim Multiplier: 6 Total Population: 180 CAS: 1 Town Funds: $46,120(+$15,000)(+ $8,000) Community lots: 1 Tyler’s – Tyler Tse - 1 Free Lots available: 5 Careers: Politics – Joyce Thomas Architecture – David Summers, Sapphire Azul Criminal – 2/2 Law Enforcement – 2/2 Education - Magnolia Fires: 2 Burglaries: 3 Universities: NO Downtown: NO Business District: NO Airport: yes Running water: Yes Basic Electricity: Yes