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Veda week 3 summers


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The Summers Tackle Week 3

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Veda week 3 summers

  1. 1. Week 3 Summers
  2. 2. Welcome back to Veda! These updates just keep coming out eh? I’m really enjoying this challenge. We’re with the Summers this time. David is holding eldest son Nathaniel and his wife Gretchen is holding baby Joseph.
  3. 3. There’s one other resident of the house. David’s youngest brother Samuel. He found his own place in the paper first thing. We’ll see him after we finish here.
  4. 4. “Say Mommy, Nathaniel.” Gretchen begged her son. “’Omamama.” Nathaniel laughed. “Well that’s close enough.”
  5. 5. “Hey Sapphire!” Gretchen finally gave up on teaching Nathaniel. She’d catch him later. Time to call her best friend. “Hey Gretchen you should come over and see Marina.” “Come over and see Joseph!” She retorted.
  6. 6. David came home with a promotion to Architect’s Apprentice. His boss was really impressed with him. The only thing he didn’t like was he wasn’t working as closely with Sapphire, she was a good assistant.
  7. 7. After a shower, he installed their stove. It was about time they had hot food.
  8. 8. David came home with another promotion to Draftsman. He was now in charge of designing the buildings. He couldn’t believe it.
  9. 9. He was also given a drafting table to perfect his skills. He couldn’t wait to use it.
  10. 10. But there were more important matters at hand. “Who’s Daddy’s birthday boy?” David asked his son. “Nathaniel is!” He laughed.
  11. 11. Together David and Gretchen redid the kitchen. Even replacing the new stove with a better one. They wanted everything perfect for the boys’ birthday.
  12. 12. Gretchen decided to throw a party. She called over a few friends. It would nice to see Sapphire.
  13. 13. It didn’t take long for the guests to arrive. Nathaniel couldn’t wait any longer. Cake was done right away.
  14. 14. “Blow Nathaniel!” Gretchen cheered. “Cake!” He blew as hard as he could. Gretchen hoped no one minded a little slobber on their icing.
  15. 15. David was already tossing Joseph. Joseph was a spitting image of his brother. But was way more playful and kind. Though he was a bit of a slob.
  16. 16. “Yay I can eat all the cake I want now!” “Nice try, but one piece and then off to bed with you.” David said.
  17. 17. While no one was looking, Nathaniel snuck himself a second slice of cake.
  18. 18. He got Uncle Samuel’s old room. It felt big and empty, not like a little boy’s room at all. He wished he could sleep in his parents’ room.
  19. 19. “It’s kind of weird having an empty crib.” David said. “It wouldn’t mind trying for a girl.” Gretchen admitted.
  20. 20. The next morning he finally got to use the drafting table.
  21. 21. Gretchen was also honing some skills of her own.
  22. 22. “Daddy can I help?” “Not today buddy. But how about I let you do the next drawing?” “Yay!”
  23. 23. “That didn’t take long.” Gretchen retched. She was already pregnant again.
  24. 24. “There’s not a lot of kids on this bus….” Nathaniel complained. “Well there’s only seven of you guys out here that have to go to school.” The bus driver shrugged. “Daddy said I was going to lots of new friends.” “There’s lots of kids in Pine Grove.”
  25. 25. Now that Joseph was a little older, Gretchen actually had time to work on her gold robotics badge. With a gold badge it would be easier to get a job at the science lab in Pine Grove.
  26. 26. She never imagined her life, being a housewife. Tending children while David worked. She kept telling herself it was a for now thing. But they didn’t have a choice, she needed the badge and there wasn’t any child care options in Veda.
  27. 27. Nathaniel brought home Hope Erde with him on his first day of school. Making friends with the Pine Grove kids was hard, but at least there was a few kids around his age from Veda.
  28. 28. “Alright, buddy, Hope’s gone home, so let’s get your homework done.” “Aww, I don’t want to.” “That’s too bad, you got to do it anyways.”
  29. 29. “Oof, baby that wasn’t nice.” Gretchen gasped as her baby kicked.
  30. 30. “You ready for school, bud?” “Yes! Hope said she’d play with me again!” Nathaniel said excitedly, “Seth and Samantha only play by themselves.” “Those are Joyce’s twins right?” Gretchen asked. “I think so.” David replied.
  31. 31. “David, I need you to fix the smart milk machine today. Joseph hasn’t had any yet.” “Alright, I should be able to fix it after work. I don’t want him being behind the other kids at school.” “But Joseph doesn’t got to school.” Nathaniel asked confused. “He will soon. Baby brothers grow up fast.” Gretchen explained.
  32. 32. David’s boss liked his building designs, she promoted him to architect.
  33. 33. He found the loose wire in the smart milk machine and fixed it. Joseph could finally have a bottle.
  34. 34. He took over child care so Gretchen could take a break. “What did you get into Joseph? You’re all sticky.”
  35. 35. Gretchen smiled, David was so sweet with the kids. And Nathaniel was making friends with Samantha Thomas over the phone. They were positively domestic. She turned the page, though most mom didn’t read about creature robot cross breeders in their spare time.
  36. 36. David finished his drawing, a blueprint of a car. He hung it above Nathaniel’s bed,
  37. 37. The baby woke Gretchen in the wee hours of the morning. “You’re the last one.” She told her belly.
  38. 38. “Say highchair, Joseph!” “Highchair!” He laughed. “That’s great Joseph!” she smiled. Not to compare her children, but teaching Joseph was a breeze compared to coaxing Nathaniel to talk.
  39. 39. Nathaniel invited Iris Linden home with him. “Where’s your servant?” She asked. “Servant? We don’t have one.” Nathaniel answered puzzled. “Who does all the cleaning then?” “My parents.” “That’s so weird.”
  40. 40. “The boss really likes you.” Sapphire laughed, “Congrats on getting promoted again.” “Yeah, she made me full partner.” David smiled back, “You’ll be climbing the ladder soon enough.”
  41. 41. Joseph’s birthday came up fast. “Happy birthday Joseph.” “Cake!” the toddler laughed. “Just like Buddy, huh?” David laughed.
  42. 42. “Look how big I am!!!!! Momma, Dad do you see?” “Yes, now let’s eat some cake.” Gretchen laughed.
  43. 43. “David! The baby’s coming!” Gretchen yelled as the contractions began.
  44. 44. “Yes! A girl at last!” Gretchen couldn’t stop smiling. “David you got any name ideas?” “Let’s name her Tamara, after my mother.” “Aww, David.”
  45. 45. “Here take her, I think I feel more contractions.” “You’re having twins???” David gasped, but gently took his daughter. “I think so.”
  46. 46. Tamara’s twin brother was born with the rising of the sun. “I think we’ll call you Samson.”
  47. 47. Nathaniel was too short to use his dad’s drafting table. David cleared off the easel for him to use intead. “Dad, do you think Mom will let me use her robot station next?” “Eh, perhaps after your birthday.” “But that’s so far away.”
  48. 48. Nathaniel and Joseph sent Sunday morning playing outside. Nathaniel stopped suddenly. “I don’t feel too good. My throat hurts.” He complained. “You should probably tell Momma.” Joseph replied.
  49. 49. She sent him to his bed. “This is stupid.” He whined. There wasn’t anything to do in his room.
  50. 50. Gretchen sprayed the roaches she found next to the house. Hearing Nathaniel’s stuffy nose and hoarse throat scared her. There was no medical assistance out here. The flu could be deadly. She couldn’t risk the rest of her family getting sick.
  51. 51. His eyes felt dry and tired, like someone was trying to bake off his face. But his body was cold, he changed into his warmer pajamas and slipped under the covers. Maybe a nap would help.
  52. 52. “Hey Joseph, where’s Nathaniel?” “Momma made him go to bed early.”
  53. 53. “Hey, is Nathaniel okay? Did he get in trouble?” “No, just a little fever, he should be okay. I just got a little scared, there’s not a doctor’s office or hospital anywhere near here.” “I know, it’s one of the only downsides to living on this mountain.”
  54. 54. Babies grew up fast, that evening was the twins’ birthday.
  55. 55. Tamara grew up in a cute pink dress and a full head of hair. She was sloppy, but not a bit shy and very active and playful.
  56. 56. Samson looked a lot like David. But he had his mom’s hair and eyes. He was shier than his sister, but very playful and sweet.
  57. 57. David sent off the taxes for the week. They owed more than he planned for. Next week he would have to do better.
  58. 58. That’s for this chapter. Thank you so much reading! It scared me so bad when Nathaniel got sick. I had to roll a di to decide if he lived or died. I didn’t want him to die even though it would open up a place in medical. He did get better by the end of Sunday. Samuel Summers is up next! Happy Simming!
  59. 59. Total Sims: 32 Adults: 17 Teens: 2 Children: 6 Toddlers: 5 Infants:2 Sim Multiplier: 6 Total Population: 192 CAS: 1 Town Funds: $50,120(+$4,000) Community lots: 1 Tyler’s – Tyler Tse - 1 Free Lots available: 5 Careers: Politics – Joyce Thomas Architecture – David Summers, Sapphire Azul Criminal – 2/2 Law Enforcement – 2/2 Education - Magnolia Fires: 1 Burglaries: 3 Universities: NO Downtown: NO Business District: NO Airport: yes Running water: Yes Basic Electricity: Yes