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Summer 1


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Even Komei needs love.

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Summer 1

  1. 1. The Second Season: Summer Vega By: CanImarryapony Arbor Watch: A BACC
  2. 2. Already it's time for summer in Arbor Watch, at least Amber isn't having to deal with stifling 100 degree weather. Note to self move out of Texas. Any how let's go on with this BACC.
  3. 3. Amber's summer begins with sleeping on the couch. I had to wake her up to scold Bane, but she's too rested to go back to bed. Which means couch nappings. Anyways this rotation I hope to add some new arrivals to the Vega house.
  4. 4. You know the saying be careful what you wish for. Well I got my wish for recessive genetics. Turns out Amber has three bolts for Komei Tellerman...and you can't deny three bolts. So much for whining about black hair.
  5. 5. Amber finally makes enough money to buy a toilet for the store. Yay now she can work longer days. Although she only has $27 left in her bank account.
  6. 6. Amber closes up at 6, leaving Amber's Tales as a level three business and $197 in the bank. I'm avoiding her restocking the bookshelves until she has some more money. She's gonna need the little bit she has to make it through the rest of the weekend.
  7. 7. Amber makes a quick pop tart. After she eats, I'm gonna make her call Komei up. Hopefully they'll have all girls.
  8. 8. He is kind of sweet, the first thing Komei does is offer Amber a backrub.
  9. 9. I think I might actually like them together. You can't beat triple bolts no matter what anyone says.
  10. 10. Amber and Komei have a quick date. I wanted to try to get him moved in, but Amber was too tired to make it all the way to dream date and marriage. I settled for a great date, and Komei will be call back tomorrow since I have decided sims will not work on Sundays.
  11. 11. As soon as Komei leaves, the tomatoes are ready to be harvested. Amber harvests 10 from the first plant and then sells the rest.
  12. 12. Amber found the rose of Komei and sat it on the table while she ate her yummy burned spaghetti.
  13. 13. Amber heads to bed, hopefully going to bed alone for the last time.
  14. 14. After breakfast Amber calls Komei over for another date.
  15. 15. Being three bolters their relationship moved quickly.
  16. 16. As soon as Komei fell in love with her, I made Amber propose.
  17. 17. Needless to say he accepted. Yep, I like them together surprisingly enough.
  18. 18. Komei also moved in. I think they'll have a little wedding party another day. Joe Graham will be upset if Amber got married without him there. Komei is a fortune sim and brought in $15,000 which I'm going to save until Reno Day. He's also a lieutenant, but not for long and he's a scorpio 6/5/8/3/3
  19. 19. Amber immediately calls Joe to tell him the good news, while Komei makes some lunch.
  20. 20. Bane watches Komei like a hawk, no newcomer is stealing his Amber. Or maybe it's cause Komei is making grilled cheese. Who knows?
  21. 21. Well Bane doesn't hold a grudge against Komei, he immediately begs for pets and attention. Now we need to find a lady dog for Bane.
  22. 22. Amber earns herself a bronze gardening badge and replants the garden for summer.
  23. 23. The couple had a really tame night. The next morning I set up the wedding, now I just need to get the guest here and we can a party. Hopefully the game weather will hold. It's beginning to act like's gonna rain.
  24. 24. Komei called his side of the wedding guests. Komei is friends with most of the maxis townies.
  25. 25. Amber invites Joe Graham and Camryn Lee over as her guests. Komei's guests already begin to arrive.
  26. 26. While waiting for Joe and Camryn, Amber and Komei chat up the guest. Even Bane helps, all the women are lining up to play with him, it's so cute.
  27. 27. Joe finally arrives. Now on with the marriage.
  28. 28. And Komei Tellerman became Komei Vega, which admitedly doesn't have quite as nice a ring to it. I love him and Amber together.
  29. 29. Please ignore my bad picture placement. Figures Amber would be a cake shover. This is the first big fun sim wedding I've had in awhile. Mainly because it has cake.
  30. 30. Soon the cake was put away and the champagne brought. Komei had this lovely bottle in his inventory. Joe kept toasting Komei. So everyone had to pee and then Komei and Amber had to kiss after every toast.
  31. 31. The wedding party's a success. I should have booked them a honeymoon. Oh well they can always go on one later. The party's score was a good time.
  32. 32. After the wedding guests leave, Amber proceeds to seduce Komei.
  33. 33. Amber and Komei share a quiet dinner of spaghetti. I just realized it was day three and Amber still hasn't been to Amber's Tales. Though Komei moving in takes care of the monetary need for going.
  34. 34. I know you guys love all these phone call shots. They're the best. Anyway the point of this one is that Komei is calling the pet adoption service to find a girly for Bane. I'm not sure if this is allowed, but you can adopt kids why not pets.
  35. 35. Bane's lucky lady is Cleo, the German Short-haired pointer. She's cute, but has some bad habits. Hopefully her and Bane will get along.
  36. 36. So far so good. Hopefully they can keep this up.
  37. 37. Day 4 starts routinely domestic. Amber sips juice while Komei makes himself pancakes.
  38. 38. Such a lovely picture, only Amber could smile while she's throwing up. Amber is preggers, yay for Komei babies....I think.
  39. 39. Komei and Amber head up to the business, Amber wants a gold sales badge so Komei mans the register and Amber helps customers.
  40. 40. At first I thought the guy in the tracksuit was Komei's townie replacement, but turns out he's a reporter. Despite being a open air bookstore, Amber's Tales gets a positive review and wins a Best of the Best Award. Well I guess since it's the only store in Arbor Watch it is kind of the best.
  41. 41. After one of the shelves ran out of books it's time to close up for the day. Amber and Komei didn't actually turn a profit because of having to restock, but tomorrow is Reno Day. After reno Amber's Tales should be bouncing with business and dollars.
  42. 42. This is to show how sweet Krunk-like Komei really is. They get home and he immediately gives Amber a backrub.
  43. 43. Cleo is getting along with Bane, but she's iffy with Komei and Amber. But that really doesn't matter too much, it's Bane she's gonna have babies with.
  44. 44. Now Amber looks like Lupe again, ah well. As you can see Amber finally got her first baby bump.
  45. 45. I couldn't help but giggle a little when I saw what the dogs were doing. Someone was walking by and Bane, the big bad guard dog, barks and Cleo just whimpers. Bane's protecting his lady.
  46. 46. Day Four ends with Amber sneaking a midnight snack of spaghetti. I think that is officially Amber's favorite dish, she's worst than my simself with cereal.
  47. 47. Day Five begins with housework. It's weird not having a maid to clean up after my sims. I'm so used to everything being cleaned and taken care of. But Amber and Komei have to spend a few hours a day cleaning up after themselves. I like it, it's character building. I don't get to have a maid, either do my sims muhahahaha.
  48. 48. It's Reno day! Komei heads off to the store alone, since it's hard to work a pregnant sim. No more open air book market, hello fairytale bookstore. I'm not entirely happy with the gray brick, but it'll do for now.
  49. 49. An overhead view, I used almost every bit of the $11,300ish they had in saving. While it wasn't enough to completely finish the store. I was able to floor and wallpaper the sales floor and bathroom. I also added two new bookcases.
  50. 50. Time to give this baby a trial run.
  51. 51. I was right about the bouncing, this picture doesn't do it justice but the books basically sold themselves. Amber's Tales is officially a level 5 business. And I just realized that Komei has a gold register badge and a bronze sewing badge. Oh the possibilities
  52. 52. Komei closes up at six, raking in a record profit of $96 with full restock.
  53. 53. Because they'll eventually need to reno the house with Komei jr. on the way. Amber sets to work painting to give in some extra cash.
  54. 54. Bane and Cleo finally have a good relationship. It's time for Bane babies.
  55. 55. I can barely wait. I'm gonna populate the whole neighborhood with Bane puppies.
  56. 56. Speaking of babies, Amber gets her second belly bump.
  57. 57. Amber and Komei hit the hay early, therefore ending this rotation. I'd have to say it ended up being a pretty nice summer.
  58. 58. Rotation: Summer 1 Households: 1 of 1 Playable Sims: 2 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 2 Community Lots: 1 Business Diststricts: 0 Universites: 0 Downtown: No SM: 2 Population: 4 CAS Available: 1/1 University Funds: $35 # of Fires: 0 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0 Businesses: Amber's Tales (Amber Vega) Rank 5 Careers: None *Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211 ~Stats~
  59. 59. Happy Simming!