Spring 3 Lillard


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Spring 3 Lillard

  1. 1. ~The Ninth Season~ ~Lillard (Bertino)~ By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch! And it’s really Dagmar and Brandon’s turn this time I promise. You would think with only five families I wouldn’t get so mixed up.
  3. 3. This badly angled shot is to show I forgot to empty Brandon’s inventory last rotation. Well here it is, a lot of books and other random junk. I sold most of it, except the clothes. I don’t know what outfit he had so I just added those to the wardrobe.
  4. 4. Dagmar and Brandon are very much in love with each other. In case you have forgotten Dagmar is the first Daisy in a Daisy Chain Challenge. I linked the rules of the challenge on the Boolprop thread. That reminds me that I should probably keep score for the mini challenge.
  5. 5. Dagmar pops as Brandon walks away. According to Daisy Chain rules Dagmar and Brandon have to be married for at least five days. Long enough to have a child. And since I love mixing genetics, Dagmar is going to have at least one more child.
  6. 6. Brandon and Dagmar are pretty much ACR fodder, with them being both Romance sims I pretty let ACR take its course. Luckily that means they’re both almost always platinum.
  7. 7. Dagmar wakes up starved. I feel a little bad making her get pregnant again. Hopefully just one child this time around.
  8. 8. Brandon washes the dogs, like most Arbor Work dogs Joy and her pups insist on getting filthy every few days.
  9. 9. Speaking of pups, Dagmar sends Pepper to try for puppies with Leroy.
  10. 10. Success! Bane’s great grandpups will be born soon! I’m so excited.
  11. 11. Brandon wants to be a Hall of Famer, but since it’s not unlocked yet I’ll let him do the next best thing. He purchases Lillard Train and Tone, Arbor Watch’s very own gym.
  12. 12. Of course before he goes to the gym, Dagmar wants to go to Bertino’s Bolts. I really need to improve this place. Probably not going to happen this rotation though.
  13. 13. Dagmar somehow manages to juggle customers and the robotics bench. Even while being heavily pregnant.
  14. 14. After closing time she invited Orlando Bertino over for a quick date. The poor boy is shy and reluctantly gives into Dagmar’s charm. And just in case you’re wondering Orlando is an adult. I aged him up on Abby’s or Sammie’s birthday I believe.
  15. 15. Orlando managed to boost up Dagmar's aspiration to use the last energizer charge before going home.
  16. 16. Brandon is still washing dogs when Dagmar gets back home.
  17. 17. As soon as the dog is clean, Brandon and Dagmar go on a date. They may not be the best couple. But they love each other.
  18. 18. After the date, Brandon feels good enough to go to Lillard Train & Tone. Impressive isn’t it?
  19. 19. Melissa Fancey and oh what’s her face are the first customers. Brandon thinks Melissa is quite comely.
  20. 20. They have two bolts for each other. Not as awesome as Dagmar’s three bolts. But Brandon will eventually need a second wife and is a romance sim to the bone. So is Dagmar for that matter. They both rolled constant make out with X number of sims, woohoo X number, public woohoo X. Brandon and Dagmar were made for each other.
  21. 21. Melissa leaves after a while and Brandon takes up with Vyn Scott. Of course Amber decides to photo bomb for us.
  22. 22. Thanks to Brandon’s Don Giovanni zen, the gym is rank 1 by the time he energizes and goes home.
  23. 23. Day Two begins with date drop offs. No goodies yet. Oh well.
  24. 24. It’s Sunday meaning it’s Family Day. I borrowed the idea from Raebeth on Boolprop shamelessly I might add. Willow Valley is an excellent read, one of my favorite BACCs. Shameless plugging over, Dagmar invites her teenaged children to meet their new stepdad.
  25. 25. It’s the first time she’s seen the kids since she left and she’s very glad to see them. Friendly hugs all around!
  26. 26. Juan Vega and Hannah walk by. I always love seeing the sims walk their dogs. It’s so sweet.
  27. 27. Brandon runs over to greet Juan. Brandon you’re supposed to be bonding with you step children. Sigh.
  28. 28. There now everyone can make friends. Brandon rolls the want to become friends with Cassie and Leon which is awesome. He’s doing a little better than Lilly.
  29. 29. All too soon it was time for the kids to go home. Dagmar saw them off and then spotted Tiffany, a stray. Darn strays they always run off at a critical moment.
  30. 30. Orlando came over and left Dagmar a gnome as a date gift. Thankfully Brandon was asleep.
  31. 31. As soon as Day Three begins, Brandon wakes up and head to the gym.
  32. 32. At first he behaves himself. Working on his bronze sales badge.
  33. 33. Of course then Melissa shows up and Brandon rolls the want to go on a date with her.
  34. 34. After Melissa leaves then it’s Brandi. Sigh.
  35. 35. Back home, Brandon enjoys domestic bliss. Giving the dogs more baths, because someone *CoughPepsicough* likes to roll in filthy puddles. And I named him after the second most awesome drink ever. The first is Dr. Pepper of course.
  36. 36. Melissa drops off a piano to tell Brandon how fantastic he is. *sells*
  37. 37. Shortly after sunrise Dagmar goes into labor. Yay!
  38. 38. And Matthew is born and promptly put on the floor. And is rescued by Brandon. Matthew has red hair and brown eyes. Where’d the red hair come from? Oh well not going to complain on that note.
  39. 39. Brandon’s eager to be a father. Hopefully that will continue when it’s time for Matthew to have a diaper change.
  40. 40. Dagmar head to work to get out of the house for a bit.
  41. 41. Dagmar hired Brittany Wendland and Marion Hamilton to help out with the store. So she could focus on sales and making robots.
  42. 42. Sometime during the day Goopy showed up. I figure since Brandon was gallivanting around, it wouldn’t hurt for Dagmar to have some fun. Though thinking about, Dagmar did start gallivanting around first with Orlando.
  43. 43. Goopy was more than willing. Sigh.
  44. 44. Back home Dagmar found some goodies in the mail box.
  45. 45. Both were from Orlando. I feel a little bit like Dagmar is taking advantage of a younger man. She’s being a bit of a cougar. Since theoretically he’s Abby’s or Sammie’s age.
  46. 46. Oh well there’s more important things going on like puppies!
  47. 47. Bane’s line continues on through Ginger(dark gray) and Cinnamon(light gray). I’m excited to see what they look like but that won’t happen until next rotation. Ginger is a girl and Cinnamon is a boy btw.
  48. 48. Soon the car pool comes to pick up Dagmar.
  49. 49. Brandon invites Sarah McCarthy inside as the car pulls away.
  50. 50. Brandon settles Matthew for the night.
  51. 51. Brandon then gets Sarah buttered up enough to ask her on a date. Luckily she was nervous enough not let it get very far.
  52. 52. Day Four brings Dagmar a promotion to Home Video Editor. Yay!
  53. 53. Goopy also brings Dagmar a present. Woot!
  54. 54. It’s hard to see but he brought the expensive vase. *sells*
  55. 55. Dagmar goes to her store briefly. The reporter comes by and gives her the Best of the Best award. Apparently open air markets are a thing in Arbor Watch.
  56. 56. Back home, Brandon befriends Cassie and get to work with Leon.
  57. 57. Darkness falls and it’s Matthew’s birthday.
  58. 58. Isn’t he cute. Looks like he has Brandon’s eyes and mouth, but Dagmar’s nose. 2/9/2/10/10 Another ten nice points. I wonder if I’ll ever have mean sims in Arbor Watch?
  59. 59. One bottle of Smart milk later and Dagmar settles down to teach Matthew some important skills.
  60. 60. Day Five gets Dagmar invited to Will’s Garage which we’ll probably never go to. Because what kind of garage doesn’t have cars?
  61. 61. Matthew’s only toy is the rabbit head. I want to open more slots in the Entertainment career.
  62. 62. And it’s RENO DAY!!!! Here’s the new and improved Lillard house. There’s still needs to be more dog beds, but hey whatever. This will probably never be a big house like the Cooke’s across the street, but I like how the layout ended up. It’s great for a small family with one or two kids.
  63. 63. And that’s a rap for the Lillards onward to the Goodies!
  64. 64. Rotation: Spring 3 Households: 4 of 5 Playable Sims: 29 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 29 Community Lots: 10 Business Districts: 0 Universities: 0 Downtown: No SM: 4 Population: 116 CAS Available: 6 University Funds: $10474(+34) # of Fires: 8 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0
  65. 65. Businesses: Amber's Tales - Amber Vega - 10 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 2 Komei's Klothes – Komei Vega – 3 Smithe's Underground – Ethan Smithe – 2 The Toy Chest- Ethan Smithe- 3 Bertino’s Bolts- Dagmar Lillard – 2 Goodie Blooms – Herbert Goodie – 1 Vega Tykes – Juan Vega- 1 J&J Bakery – Julien Cooke – 0 Lillard Train&Tone – Brandon Lillard -1 Careers: Business – 1/1 Law Enforcement 2/2 Slacker 0/1 (Dagmar Lillard) Entertainment 1/1 Architecture 1/1 Criminal 1/1
  66. 66. +1 Successful engagement attempt +2 Successful Marriage attempt +2 Child Born +1 Townie marriage +6 Dagmar had two affairs. +15 Brandon had five affairs. ----------------------------------------------27 Points total