Pregnancy two


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Pregnancy two

  1. 1. Two
  2. 2. Last chapter we met Flora Solei, a woman recently movedto Laguna Isle from Riverblossom Hills. At the ImmigrationOffice she was assigned a challenge to waive fees. Herchallenge was to get pregnant a hundred times with ahundred different men. Avri Day was the first geneticdonor though not too happy about it. Flora realized shedidn’t exactly care once she gave birth to triplets: Arnica,Chamomile, and Borage.
  3. 3. It was hard to believe it had only been a few hours sinceshe had given birth. Chamomile greedily sucked milkfrom the bottle. Flora smiled, Arnica and Borage werealready upstairs in their cribs. Chamomile was quieterthan them as greedy as she was. Flora knew life as asingle mom with triplets was only bound to get harder.But it was nice this quiet moment with her little girl.
  4. 4. She just started to go back to sleep when Arnicacried in the other room. Flora sighed and pushedthe covers back. Good thing she didn’t have to worktoday.
  5. 5. The sun was already up by the time she got allthree settled and back into their cribs. Sheheaded back to bed herself hoping to get somesleep when they were quiet.
  6. 6. She managed to get a decent amount of sleep beforethey woke up again. It was already late in theafternoon. She had to work tomorrow, who wouldtake care of the babies, a nanny?
  7. 7. Once the babies were settled she called into workand quit her job, there was no way she was goingto hire a nanny. She had enough funds to last atleast until the end of the week. And there was stillthe genie she could wish for more money whenthings got tight.
  8. 8. Then she dialed Derek’s number, hoping he stillwas willing to help her with the challenge. Hequickly agreed to come over as late as it was.
  9. 9. “You look tired is everything alright?” Derekasked they kissed.“I want to show you something.” She smiled.
  10. 10. She took him up to the nursery to show off herbabies. Something changed in his face as hereached down to touch sleeping Chamomile.
  11. 11. He straighten and stared at her.“I want to give you one of your own if you’lllet me.” She said quietly.
  12. 12. “You tease an old man.” He said drawing her close tohim.“Never.” She smiled, “You’re my friend Derek, I want togive you life.”
  13. 13. Afterwards Derek laid awake in her arms.“You have no idea what this means to me,Flora.”“I have a feeling that I do.” She grinned,kissing his back.
  14. 14. Of course then the babies began to cry.“Whew.” Derek grinned as Flora changed Borage’sdiaper, “What did you feed him?”“Formula of course, silly, you don’t have to help.”She laughed.“I don’t mind. I like seeing you being a mother.”“Uh uh.” She couldn’t help but smile. Derek wouldspend the night in the nursery if she let him.
  15. 15. The babies settled, they headed back to bed.Flora snuggled against him, it was nice notsleeping alone for once.
  16. 16. In the morning, Derek had to leave for work.“Thank you for giving me this chance to have afamily.” He said before he left.“It won’t be easy, but you’re welcome.” She kissedhim goodbye.
  17. 17. The kids would not be quiet for long, Flora didn’t evenget a chance to eat something before they began to cry.
  18. 18. Morning sickness struck her when she brought Boragedownstairs. She had to leave the poor baby on thefloor. She was definitely pregnant again. Strangelyenough she was relieved that she quit her job, threebabies and another on the way were enough to worryabout without adding getting to work on time to themix.
  19. 19. She had just gotten Borage settled and was about topick up Arnica, when she noticed Armando waitingoutside. She was a little surprised to see him, but shesettled Arnica for a moment and went downstairs tolet him in.
  20. 20. She greet him with a kiss.“You’re not pregnant anymore.” He said eyes dancing.“Well, I am, again, I’m just not showing.”“Oh?” He looked at her confused.“Would you like to see the babies? It’s their birthday in afew hours.”“Sure.”
  21. 21. Arnica was crying again and Chamomile joined hersister. Armando retreated to the relative quietness ofthe kitchen and help himself to lunch. Flora quicklychanged both of the girls diapers and settled them tosleep.
  22. 22. “Sorry about that, they should fall asleep now.”She said caressing Armando’s face gently.“It’s okay.” He said grabbing her wrist, “I’vebrought you something, with you being a singlemom and all.”“What?”
  23. 23. “It’s an energizer. I figured the baby, um babies,would wear you out. This is a little pick me up tohelp out on sleepless nights.”“It looks like something you made in garage.”“I may have, ignore the pizza stains, just try it.”“Alright, if it hurts I’m going to push you in it.”
  24. 24. The machine sparked and crackled, but the momentshe stepped into the water she felt a rush of energy.Her stomach felt full and the quiet exhaustionheadache pounding behind her temples went away.
  25. 25. She kissed him when she got out.“That was amazing, thank you!”“I knew you would like it.” He tweaked her nose.
  26. 26. He helped her set up for the triple birthday. Shewent up to get Arnica while he cleaned the remindersof lunch up.
  27. 27. “Man you got heavy.” She teased her little girl,Arnica looked a lot like her except with dark hair.
  28. 28. She fed Arnica some smart milk and rushedher off to the potty. She knew it was closeto time.
  29. 29. Arnica figured out the potty in one go. Flora wasthrilled, one less diaper to change.
  30. 30. She plopped Arnica in the nursery and broughtChamomile down. Chamomile gurgle happily kickingher feet at the cake.
  31. 31. Chamomile looked more like Avri, but Floracould see traces of herself in the grinningtoddler.
  32. 32. She barely got Chamomile to the potty in time.Upstairs she heard Borage start to cry, it was toolate for him. But that gave her more of a chanceto get some smartmilk in him. Chamomile gother bottle after she got off the potty.
  33. 33. Last but not least it was Borage’s turn, Armandowas a little hoarse from singing ‘Happy Birthday’at the top of his lungs, but he made the effort forBorage.
  34. 34. Borage looked the most like his father. She coulddefinitely see Avri’s nose. She felt a little guiltyabout not calling and telling Avri about his children.But he had made it clear that he wasn’t interested.Besides Armando and Derek might not be the kids’father but they both showed that they cared more.
  35. 35. “I gotta go, Flora. But it was fun tonight.” Armandosaid.“Of course, it’s late.” Flora picked up Borage andsettle him on her hip, “Thank you for staying so late.I really appreciate it.”“No problem, chica.” He kissed her cheeked and left,trudging through the thick snow.
  36. 36. “Mummumum.” Borage said sleepily as shetucked him in his crib.Flora kissed him on the forehead and turnedout the light. He was the spitting image ofAvri except his eyes. He had her eyes. It wasa wonder that a little boy could look so muchlike a grown man.
  37. 37. She was exhausted, but the house was a wreck. Shefound herself using Armando’s machine. Hopefully itwouldn’t be bad for the baby inside her. But it wasthe only way she was going to have time to clean thehouse.
  38. 38. Flora snuck a little time on the computer. She had beenemailing Anna Pokémon when she could. Armando hadmentioned that she indeed was the local legacy founder.Flora emailed a plea for toddler help. Anna had had sixchildren herself, the first four being quads.
  39. 39. It wasn’t long before three toddlers werescreaming to get out of their cribs. Arnica beingthe first one awake, woke the other two.
  40. 40. A the top of the stairs, Flora’s second pregnancylet itself be known. She got a little fluttery feelof excitement, she was gotten to have anotherbaby. That wasn’t rational at all especially sinceshe had three kids already, but she couldn’twait to see the look on Derek’s face when hesaw his baby for the first time.
  41. 41. Borage and Chamomile quickly picked up potty-training afteranother session before breakfast. Flora let relieved no morediapers for a day or so at least.
  42. 42. She finally got a reply back from Anna whosuggested toddler blankets so the little ones couldup themselves to sleep. And they would get upwithout waking up the others. Anna didn’t usethem herself but had heard good things. Flora waswilling to try just about anything.
  43. 43. The kids took to the blankets like moths to a porch light.Flora found herself with some unexpected downtime.
  44. 44. She woke up after getting reacquainted with herplate. She rubbed her eyes, how long had shebeen asleep? She could hear giggles of a little girlin the front room, but she was so exhausted.
  45. 45. She used the machine again, feeling a little guiltyand worried that she would become too dependenton it. But she didn’t have a choice. Only Borage wasstill asleep, both Arnica and Chamomile were cryingattention and food.
  46. 46. She spent the afternoon playing and even started toteach them how to talk. Chamomile’s first wordwas ‘highchair’ of all things. Borage’s was ‘Momma’and stubborn Arnica refused to make a sound. Shewould have to try again tomorrow. Chamomile wasthe only one to start talking reliably.
  47. 47. Soon all three were back on their blankets asleepand drooling. Flora yawned she didn’t have theenergy to go back upstairs to her bed. Sheplopped down on the couch and fell asleep.
  48. 48. Chamomile got up before her brother and sister.Momma was no fun. She had pulled Momma’s hairbut she didn’t move and Chamomile was hungry. Shefound Borage’s old bottle on the floor in the bathroom,that would do.
  49. 49. She threw the bottle aside and her insides feltweird. She leaned over and blue stuff came out. Ithurt and tears came out her eyes, Chamomilesniffled and started to cry in earnest.
  50. 50. “Aww poor Chamomile.” Flora said wipingher daughter’s face, “We’ll get something tosettle that tummy.”“Cookie!” Borage begged at her feet. Thecouch hadn’t been all that comfortable tosleep on. Flora said setting Chamomile backdown, but toddlers waited for no one.
  51. 51. In the midst of the toddlers, Flora’s youngest indetermined not to be left out. She hadn’t hadthe time to call Derek. She only hoped he didn’tworry.
  52. 52. She barely got the kids settled when the phone rang waking themall up.“Armando, you just woke up all the kids.” She said with a sigh.“Oops.” She could hear him laughing, “That means they’ll beasleep when I come over won’t.”“I see your plan then, see you in a bit.”“Won’t be until after work. Later this evening okay?”“Sure, I guess.”
  53. 53. She settle the babes again and took some time to fixthe shower. She was tired of having the tripletsplaying in the puddles and the water all over thefloor. Grass actually she didn’t have the funds tofinish the bathroom. The shower was a little beyondher plumbing skills but she managed to fix the leak.With only moderate use of duct tape.
  54. 54. She finally sat down with Arnica and coaxed acouple of words out of her. Chamomile andBorage were already trying to walk, butArnica preferred drawing or playing withblocks.
  55. 55. “Hey sweets, I came to see how you were holding up.”Armando said after they kissed.“Well enough. I think I may be addicted to yourmachine, it’s a lifesaver.”“Glad to know I was useful, it only has five uses so Ibrought you another.”
  56. 56. A/N: I’m going to try to keep these interruption minimal,but I have a confession, Flora was on the brink ofstarving and passing out and she was in the high greenso I had her go on a date with Armando, but she wassimply beyond the point of no return. Scared that thischallenge was going to be over before it had begun, Imaxmotived. I’m sorry, I’ll try not to let it happen again.
  57. 57. Armando soon had to leave, and Flora found herself fullof unexpected energy. Borage was pulling himselfupright with the furniture so Flora helped him out andhe was soon toddling about everywhere.
  58. 58. “Not yet!” She screamed when the familiar laborpains started, she hadn’t called Derek yet.
  59. 59. Before she had the chance to think about muchmore, Dill Solei came into the world. He had hisfather’s skin tone and her eyes. She wasn’t sure ifthe blonde hair was from her or Derek, but Dillwas cute either way.
  60. 60. That’s it for this chapter, two down only 98 more to go. I wasn’tgoing to name the kids in alphabetical order originally, it justkind of happened. Anyways, Avri counts as the Popularity dadand Derek’s the Elder dad. Armando is going to be the BlackHair dad if you haven’t already guess. Next chapter hopefully,Flora will meet a few more men. If she doesn’t I still need a‘daddy’ that’s a female.Most of you know what dill is, aherb commonly used in cooking. Ibet you didn’t know that Dill seedsare sometimes used in tea.Arnica-5/8/9/3/1Chamomile-3/6/10/3/3Borage-3/8/10/3/3