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Pregnancy six


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Pregnancy six

  1. 1. Six
  2. 2. Welcome back to Herbal Medicine! Last chapter Flora gave birth to twins, Ginger and Geranium. The older kids are hard at work trying to get enough money to go to college. I’m being mean and making them have at least five thousand saved before I send them off. That why at least they get to have a little bit of a life as a teen.
  3. 3. Chamomile grinned has put the final bolts of the engine back on. Her part of the car was done at last. Once Borage finished the body they could sell the car. She could hardly wait. The school bus driver honked impatiently. Chamomile sighed, the body would have to wait until later.
  4. 4. The house was quiet, the twins fast asleep and everyone else gone to school. Flora picked up the phone. Time to start the whole process over again. She sighed as she dialed Jay King’s number.
  5. 5. While she made her conquest with Jay, Borage was making conquests of his own. With Gabie from across the street.
  6. 6. After some finishing touches, Chamomile and Borage finally finished their car. “We should get another.” Chamomile decided. “We could get two.” Borage said thoughtfully, “Dill will be able to help us.” “If you can pry him away from the garden.”
  7. 7. So they sold the first car and purchase two more. They divided up the rest of the money between them for their college funds with a little left over for their mom.
  8. 8. Flora used the money to remodel the upstairs closet into another bedroom. It wasn’t great, but now there were enough beds for everyone. At least until the twins grew up.
  9. 9. “Euca, why don’t we have a daddy?” Foxglove said looking at her daddy dolls, “Everyone else at school has a daddy.” “Dill has a daddy.” Euca said, “Mr. Derek says he loves us too. And Momma calls Mr. Ben on your birthdays.” “But why don’t they live with us?” “I dunno. Maybe cause the house’s not big enough.”
  10. 10. Flora wasn’t able to get a hold of Jay the next day. She called up Nolan Chin instead. He was a trifle young to her taste, but he was more than willing.
  11. 11. Flora had to briefly interrupt their date for the twins birthday party. She held Geranium while Arnica volunteered to grab Ginger.
  12. 12. They grew up into tuxes. And poor Ginger was bald. Flora could she both their father, Amin, and her in their faces.
  13. 13. Geranium was quick to be potty trained, but Arnica whisked Ginger off for a make over. No sister of hers was going to be bald.
  14. 14. While the other kids took over Geranium and the cake, Flora struck it up with Nolan again.
  15. 15. Being a romance sim, Nolan was more than ready for a quick fling. Flora didn’t pressure him, he was still in college, young and full of himself. She had plenty of help with the younger children with there being so many teens in the house.
  16. 16. Borage found he couldn’t sleep and spent the night working on one of the cars. He managed to max his mechanical skill. Working on junkers should be a breeze now.
  17. 17. By morning it was finished. Dill had done most of the work on the engine and Borage finished up the body work. It netted them another five grand. Borage brought another junker and split the money in between the eldest four. Other than Dill, they were more than halfway to their goal.
  18. 18. Flora spent the day with her girls. Her stomach was upset most of the day, but she hadn’t thrown up yet. This by far was the easiest pregnancy so far.
  19. 19. “Thanks for your help Mom.” “No problem, Dill.” Flora smiled, “It’s such a beautiful day out here.” “Yep. Maybe one day we can have a green house so the bugs don’t get to the plants so bad.” “One day.” Flora said absently. There was so much more that needed to be fixed up first. She did hope one day Dill would get a green house.
  20. 20. “Momma, Momma I got an A+!” “That’s great Eucalyptus. Now get cleaned up and your homework done. It’s your birthday tonight!” “MOM!” Arnica called from the porch, “Mr. Armando is here!”
  21. 21. “Armando!” Flora rushed into the house and kissed him, “What are you doing here?” “I heard it was someone’s birthday. Thought I’d drop in.” “It’s Euca’s. I’m so glad to see you, where’ve you been.” “The city is wanting to make a rail line to Downtown, I’ve been buried in paperwork forever.” “I’m glad you came by.”
  22. 22. Armando and Flora finished their date just in time for Euca to blow out the candles. She decided she wanted to have as many romantic partners as possible. And be a Celebrity Chef.
  23. 23. Flora was awaken in the middle of the night by her latest child announcing it’s presence. Thankfully this time around she hadn’t been as sick as she normal was. Maybe her body was getting use to the constant pregnancies.
  24. 24. The boys were up early to work on the cars. The eldest three were closing in on the needed five grand to go to college.
  25. 25. Euca decide to try her own way of getting college money. Dating gifts. Orion Starr was the first date. He had the dreamiest eyes and was about to leave for college himself.
  26. 26. She was the first Solei to score her first kiss.
  27. 27. It was the best first date a girl could expect. “I’d like to hang out again, before I go I mean.” “We’ll see Orion, my mom needs so much help around here.” “Maybe you could come to my place.” “I’ll ask Mom.”
  28. 28. “Hi Juan, I love your red hair, is the curl natural?” “Why yes it is.” “Wanna go on a date with me?” “Didn’t you just go on a date with Orion?” “Well yes, but he doesn’t have red hair.” “Not a chance, he’s the son of a simself, I don’t want to be smited when you break his heart.”
  29. 29. “Stupid boys.” Euca grumbled switching to Arnica’s favorite way to get funds. As luck panned out she was also the first Solei to find a portion of Pirate Steve’s treasure.
  30. 30. After a brief moment of thought, she divided up the funds between her older siblings and herself. She could’ve gone to college before them, but that wasn’t fair. They had poured over a thousand into her account so she would have a head start. “I saw that Euca, thanks.” Chamomile smiled. “Well it was the least I could do, you three are so close.”
  31. 31. Flora woke in the early hours of the morning to find Ginger still awake. Ignoring the water puddle on the floor, made by Ginger herself, Flora stole the opportunity to teach her youngest to walk.
  32. 32. Borage finished yet another car, painting it silver. He grinned broadly, with the sale of this car he and his triplet sisters had enough to go to college.
  33. 33. Flora booked Arnica, Borage, and Chamomile rooms to stay at a dorm. They were required to stay at a dorm for at least the first semester. She couldn’t believe it, her oldest children were leaving home. Using her sleeve she wiped tears away. She was so proud of them her heart could burst.
  34. 34. A few hours later the new baby remind Flora, while her eldest were moving out, there’d were still plenty of little ones. “Just don’t be Quads okay baby.” She told her swollen stomach.
  35. 35. Euca ended up calling Orion over. “Umph!” Orion exclaimed surprised, “I thought you weren’t going to call.” “I change my mind, you’re leaving for college today. After that you won’t have time for me anymore. I figure let’s have fun while it lasts. Then you can find your one true love.” “Well, that’s straight forward enough.” Orion said with a shrug.
  36. 36. They hung out together as long as they could, switching between pillow fights and making out. All too soon for Orion, his mom called and said the taxi was due any moment. “I hoped you were the one, Euca.” He said as he turned to go. “Believe, I’m not.” She grinned the a wry smiled, “She’s out there, Orion.”
  37. 37. After Orion left, Flora brought Geranium outside to learn to walk. It was such a pretty day outside despite it being a little cold.
  38. 38. The rest of the afternoon was quiet. Flora and Arnica spent some time in the kitchen together getting ready for the twins birthday that evening. Chamomile was determined to finish the care in the driveway being she left. She painted yellow and gave the money to Euca to divided out for the younger kids.
  39. 39. Soon it was six and time for a double birthday.
  40. 40. Flora threw a party, inviting over a few friends. Though she was unable to get a hold of Amin Chen, the girls’ dad. His answering machine said he was at work.
  41. 41. Geranium went first.
  42. 42. Then Ginger. “Yay! We got matching pajamas!” Geranium cheered. “Sweet! Best birthday ever.” Ginger cheered clapping her hands.
  43. 43. After the party a taxi came to take the oldest kids away. Flora gave them each a tearful hug and made promise to call.
  44. 44. Dill stood in the garage scratching his head. Borage talked him through how to fix the body. But he had forgotten some steps…Maybe Euca would be willing to help out.
  45. 45. Just before sunrise, Flora went into labor. “Mom! What do I do?” Euca ran right into the door panicked. “Shut the door!” Flora half shouted.
  46. 46. As Euca tangled herself from the door, little Heather was born. “Red hair huh?” Flora mused, “Nolan must dye his hair.”
  47. 47. Well that’s it for this round. I’m so glad the eldest three went off to college. It was a close run, now the house is a little less crowded. Thanks to Ani-Mei for giving me the name for Heather. She was only a few hours away from being born and I didn’t have a name picked out. Though I think my game’s extremely biased against boys. There’s only been seven born to the neighborhood, and I can’t tell you how many girls. Also I’m thinking about downloading some baby daddies. I can’t promise they’ll show up in this challenge since I’ll townify them. But you if have any available sims, feel free to link them on the Boolprop thread. Heather mainly used for UTI and other bladder issues. Though if made into a tea if can be used to relieve colic.