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Fall 2 vega


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Fall 2 vega

  1. 1. ~The Seventh Season~ ~Vega~By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch and the first Powerpoint chapter. Isn’t lovely, I got it for Christmas. Tell me what you think of the new layout even if you think it sucks, I needs the feedback.
  3. 3. I wasn’t going to do this at first, but apparentlyPowerpoint 2010 lets you edit pictures in a photoshop noob friendly way. I want to play around with a few effects, mainly lightening up dark shots.
  4. 4. Day one starts like every good should start with a balance breakfast. Too bad Amber decided to ruin the shot bywaving her plumbbob around. I should really start turning those off whenever I enter a lot.
  5. 5. Soon the girls are on their way to school, and I send Amber and Komei off to work. I must admit, on some levels theVegas are a little bit difficult to play. Despite having a large number of dogs, they’re fairly easy to play and don’t havethe same sense of chaos the others houses have right now.
  6. 6. Again with the plumbbob waving, girf. I love the bookstore, it’s almost self sufficient now. Eventually Iwant to expand it so it has the same cozy feel that Barnes and Nobles used to have before they took out all the couches and chairs.
  7. 7. I love this shot, a rare look at the store at night.
  8. 8. Once home, Amber lays down for a nap while Komei chows down on some leftovers. They always end upwith a ton of extra food. I’m not sure why I even bother making them cook.
  9. 9. The only thing I hate about the girls going to school is they come with their fun bars tanked. Poor kids barely have time to get it enough to do their homework before it’s thing for them to go to bed.
  10. 10. Some puppy spam because they’re adorable. I can’t wait to see themgrow up this chapter. Isn’t Strengthcute, I want Bane’s grandpups to be born already.
  11. 11. Abby starts learning her father’s trade. She’s going to takeover the clothing store for sure. Though I almost want to move it because the layout is barely functional.
  12. 12. Poor Abby also spends a lot of her little free time in front of the mirror. She wants to get to the top of the entertainment career and needs to max her charisma before adulthood.
  13. 13. And because I feel the girls will benefit more from a hands on life, Sammie is stuck cleaning random things like sinks.
  14. 14. BANE! Arbor Watch’s first haunting. Im sorry Bane, but pet ghost are still a little too freaky for me.
  15. 15. Frammit, Amber, it’s two in the morning go to sleep, you too Komei. The bed isn’t even awesome enough for youguys to have an excuse. I swear these two pop out of bed the second their energy bars are full.
  16. 16. At least I can get something productive out of them.
  17. 17. Sammie’s favorite dog is Ben. She won’t leave the poor thing alone.
  18. 18. Komei finally got a gold badge in sewing, woot! Too bad Idon’t really like the custom outfits very much, I feel that Eaxis should of tried harder there.
  19. 19. With the gold badge and a couple outfits in tow it’s off to the store! I caught Komei looking out the window! I almost never catch these shots in time.
  20. 20. Oh cool, Arbor Watch has it’s first custom genetic townie, Payton something or another, who wants to be everyone’s best friend. He’s sporting some eyes that I recentlylearned to genetize, I think they’re Helaene’s. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for eyes and my downloads is full of them.
  21. 21. Store spam, looks like Payton is areviewer person, but he left before saying anything.
  22. 22. Amber mans the store, while Komei works on more clothes. Poor Komei he spends most of his time on the sewing machine.
  23. 23. Once home, Komei turns in for a nap, that’s what you get for getting up a two in the morning, jerk.
  24. 24. The girls return home and settle into their evening activities. Abby is taking absolutely forever with maxing charisma, I wonder if she’s going to be to pull it off.
  25. 25. To feel like less of a slave driver, I gave Abby a break and let her talk to the boys she’s being bringing home fore school for her sister to hit on.
  26. 26. Amber and Komei go to bed early, leaving their daughters the their own devices. Despite being mundane, I do lovethese girls, the Vegas are definitely high up on my favorites list.
  27. 27. On Day Three I was messing around in the sims folders and ended up having to do a system restore which reset the motives of everybody and did this. Can’t complain too much I almost lost everything.
  28. 28. Of course being up at three in the morning, means puppy play time!
  29. 29. And there’s always this, girf.
  30. 30. I want them to grow up already, but I have to wait until day four.
  31. 31. Komei gives Angie a raise at the bookstore. I have to make a note to grow her up at some point.
  32. 32. At the end of the day Amber and Komei are exhausted. Sometimes the space/time wobble between communitylots and home lots is annoying. Because if they leave now, they’re going home tired and will sleep all day.
  33. 33. Though nothing a quick dream date and an energizercan’t fix. I’ll try not to become too addicted to those things.
  34. 34. Since they didn’t finish their date until almost one in themorning. I went ahead and sent them to Komei’s Klothes.
  35. 35. Needless to say they earned a little bit of money and Idecided to let the townies keep their maxis clothes. IDK, for some strange reason I don’t feel the urge tomakeover all the townies with CC. Call me an odd duck.
  36. 36. Dagmar’s replacement, darn I was hoping for Sheldon or Pao. I forget her name though.
  37. 37. Well I couldn’t fix Amber’s and Komei’s old bed so I justwent ahead and bought them a brand new one. Isn’t it shiny?
  38. 38. Afternoon Day three was rather dull.Komei took a bath and Amber tried out the new bed.
  39. 39. Goofing around I had Amber do some digging, but she didn’t have much luck.
  40. 40. The kids get home from school and it’s skilling right away. I’m so evil.
  41. 41. Day Four starts at the most ungodly hour in the morning. Why can’t you people sleep!!!!
  42. 42. Sammie’s wolf friend shows up again. I hope Ican eventually turn Sam into a werewolf, that’d be cool.
  43. 43. Speaking of wolves and dogs andthings. It’s day four, birthday time! Take one last look at the puppies.
  44. 44. Ben is no surprise, he’s a collie. And Hannah looks like a lab mix. I love her little brown ear.
  45. 45. Aww, nothing like sibling love.
  46. 46. Sammie finished her painting, it’s so pretty. Andshe got invited to My Muse….I think I might have a plan for Sammie when she moves out in rotation nine.
  47. 47. It’s Saturday so time for the girls to learn how to manage the business. Mainly Abby since she’s taking over things after her parents.
  48. 48. With both of them at the register things don’t go too badly.
  49. 49. Abby also goes to More than Food to pick up a birthday cake. Though I don’t why she went in her pjs.
  50. 50. Komei I’m not ready for this. Not one bit.
  51. 51. I almost want to say something about the shorts, but they’re so Komei. I would keep them, but Idoubt I could stare at them for any length of time.
  52. 52. Of course Amber is taking the whole thing in stride. At least she doesn’t look like a cougar anymore.
  53. 53. It’s finally day five. And that means Reno Day! Of courseKomei is up at the earliest possible and already plugging away at sewing.
  54. 54. Abby’s up early too, and playsaround a bit before working on her charisma.
  55. 55. First things first Komei needs a makeover. I’m going miss his long hair, but I think this turned out better.
  56. 56. Since the house needs some serious remodeling I need everybody off the lot. That means Abby gets to collect bugs in the rain until she can go hiking. Now of course Icould’ve just sent everyone to a lot and made them come right back. Oh well.
  57. 57. I expanded the living room and remodel the second bathroom. The whole house is yellow, I needed something a littledifferent. I think it turn out nicely. I forgot to take a picture of the rearranged old living room. Ohwell. And of course the game was being stubborn and wouldn’t let me fix the ceiling.
  58. 58. I guess you can kind of see what I have done from thispic. I don’t think Amber likes her new living room very much. She thinks TV will rot the girls brains.
  59. 59. Of course Sammie tries out the new mirror first.
  60. 60. Komei finally maxes arts and crafts and is in the zone. He also gets a nice shiny plaque from Mr. Face One.
  61. 61. Aren’t Strength and Hannah so cute together. Just like Bane and Cleo. I can’t wait until they have babies.
  62. 62. Speaking of babies. There’s just enough room for one.
  63. 63. And that’s where I leave you for now. Onward to the Cookes!
  64. 64. You know you wanted to see Komei in the bathtub again.