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Continuing on

  1. 1. A Round Robin Legacy FABULARES ANIMALIA
  2. 2. Welcome to Fabulares Animalia, a round robin legacy. Finally time for generation two. Sorry it has taken so long to get my part started. For a quick recap, the Founder was Starr Reisenden a poly technician settled down to explore Earth. She landed in Veronaville and married Chester Gieke. They had six kids together: Andromeda, Ursa Major, Bootes, Castoria, Orion, and Polla. As soon as the children were old enough, Starr sent them to continue her mission. She was growing old and no longer had the energy for such a pursuit. Castoria after traveling for weeks landed in Riverblossom Hills. And this is her story.
  3. 3. Mission Entry: 1 So I am here, in Riverblossom Hills. It seems a nice enough town. I found a spot of uninhabited land at the end of a street. Though someone must have been here before from the ashes around the old fire barrel. I hope no one minds me fixing up the old place. I can’t quite afford a house.
  4. 4. I lit a fire in the old barrel. I had come into town in winter. Thankfully there was no snow as of yet. As I warmed myself one the flames, I wondered about the mission my mother laid upon my shoulders. To explore Riverblossom Hills and all it contained. A daunting task. I wish my brothers and sisters were here. They would ease the winter silence.
  5. 5. I managed to build myself a small house. It’s all I had the money for. I quite like the floorplan. I just hope it’ll be big enough for when I start having children. Mother said I must at least have three.
  6. 6. There wasn’t a lot to do at the house. I decided I would begin my mission today. The silence of my house is beginning to depress me.
  7. 7. The locals where quick to invite me into a game. Their community an open and happy one.
  8. 8. “Come have hotdogs with us dearie. There some fine young company for a cold day.” One elderly lady offered. “Thank you.” I smiled, she had told her name, but I am horrible with them.
  9. 9. “So I hear you’re new in town.” The dark haired man said with a wink. “First day here?” “Aw leave her be, man. She hasn’t even settled in yet.” The blonde kicking the other man under the table. “Now why’d you to that for I was just making conversation.”
  10. 10. At that point I surmised that the conversation would degrade from there. I went down hill to the ice skating rink. I had never attempted the sport, and I must stay it is very difficult.
  11. 11. Eventually I got the hang of it. I was still unstable, but no longer lost balance. This was fun.
  12. 12. I headed home shortly after. I realized I needed to find a place of employment. Working would allow me to get to know the locals in a more professional setting. I settled on an ad looking for test subjects. I knew aliens, even half aliens were high sought after in that particular line of work.
  13. 13. The carpool came quickly and I was off to my first day of work. I lacked the needed skill points for a promotion, but any money would be helpful.
  14. 14. After work I spent the rest of the time studying. It did not take I long as I had thought to refresh my skills.
  15. 15. I had several hours before work the following day. I went back to the park where it seemed most of the town gathered. I spoke with all the men present though I was thoroughly unimpressed with them all. The spouse hunting activity was harder than I thought.
  16. 16. I decided to start a garden. It seemed everyone had at least a small garden. I want to fit into the culture to learn more about the people of Riverblossom.
  17. 17. After darkness fell, I invited Andrew Martin over for a date. Despite his initial come on, he seemed pretty nice. I wanted to get to know him better, and maybe learn more about his home.
  18. 18. “It’s beautiful tonight.” Andrew smiled. “Yes, the temperature is perfect.” I agreed “I wasn’t talking about the weather, Cas.” I’ll admit the lame pick up line is cute.
  19. 19. And like that my spouse hunt was over. I love Andrew Martin and want to spend my life with him.
  20. 20. “Will you move in with me?” I asked Andrew. “Cas, I have a son, he would have to move in with me, I can’t leave Jacob behind.” “I won’t ask you to, have him move in as well.” “Then of course we’ll move in with you.”
  21. 21. Jacob arrived a few hours later. I felt nervous, what if he didn’t like me because I would be inferring with the relationship with his dad.
  22. 22. “Andrew, I have something important to ask, how does Jacob feel about us?” I asked my beloved. I hadn’t had the chance to talk to the poor Jacob, but I didn’t want him to feel like I was trying to take his recently deceased mother’s place.
  23. 23. “I had a feeling you’d ask that question.” Andrew smiled, I loved his smile. “Jacob and I talked last night about it, We were tending your garden. You know what he said to me?” “What?” “About time Dad. That stinker.” “Oh good.”
  24. 24. “In that case, Andrew Martin will you marry me?” “Yes, I believe I will.” He grinned at me. I know it was unorthodox for me to ask him, but I wanted him to take my last name. I was so far away from home. I didn’t wanted to lose my last connection to my family. My beloved understood.
  25. 25. As soon as the sun was up, Andrew and I set up the chairs and wedding arch. He wasn’t much for wasting time. I prepared myself and he called his aunt and all his friends for the wedding.
  26. 26. It was a quiet affair, surrounded by his closest friends, and well I suppose our son. I just hope I can be a good friend for Jacob.
  27. 27. We cut the cake shortly after the exchange of rings. I gently fed my beloved cake. My research said to shove it in his mouth, making as much mess as possible. But I couldn’t bring myself to.
  28. 28. The guests departed. Andrew’s aunt dragged Jacob away with them. Muttering something about privacy. I’ll have to write her a thank you card for her. Andrew and I spent most of the afternoon upstairs together. I heard the strange sounds of a lullaby echoing through my...our bedroom. I wonder what it means.
  29. 29. That’s it for this chapter, sorry it’s taken so long. Happy Simming!