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Alcinen height passion week 1


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Alcinen height passion week 1

  1. 1. The story of a Prosperous BACC ~Passion-Week 1~
  2. 2. Welcome back to Alcinen Heights, my Prosperous BACC of Doom! Okay, maybe not of Doom, but it sounds nice. Anyways we start Rotation 1 with Jules Passion, the founder of Alcinen Heights. Arbor Watch has seasonalrotations so I’m going to week rotations just to see all the differences.
  3. 3. I put Jules in a house I built a while back. It already has a partial tomato garden growing and the outside looks pretty.
  4. 4. The inside not so much. The kitchen alone makes mecringe. I guess I was having trouble on how to design the kitchen.
  5. 5. Here’s the tomato plants. Hopefully they’ll survive better than they usual do on the first rotation.
  6. 6. Jules did a crossword puzzle while waiting for thewelcome wagon. There wasn’t much to do after she furnished her house.
  7. 7. It wasn’t long before Katy Mcgraw came on behalf of the gardening club. And then Lexi Supernova, Rex Canine and Clarence Philippine followed. Clarence of course wasn’t shy at all.
  8. 8. Jules makes a quick lunch and invites everybody inside.
  9. 9. Jules and Clarence can’t get enough of each other. Poor Lexi is totally excluded from the conversation.
  10. 10. Lexi gives up and heads home. Katy manages to makepoor Rex cry. Come on really Rex? Your name is REX forcrying out loud. You gonna let an old lady pick on you?
  11. 11. I have Jules send Katy away, no one makes Rex cry.
  12. 12. Of course like I often do left the computer running and walked away for some reason or nother.Anyway, it’s now Tuesday and Jules is gardening in her underwear. Classy, Jules.
  13. 13. After the garden is tended, Jules digs for treasure.Poor girl is woefully broke. Lucky she seems to have a knack for digging up the good stuff.
  14. 14. She manages to scrape up enough money for a shower, thank goodness. Jules was getting stinky.
  15. 15. Wednesday starts early. Maybe we can get enough funds to start a business. I want to be able to count the other families as soon as possible.
  16. 16. After a quick breakfast of poptarts, it’s back to the garden.
  17. 17. Jules quickly gets here bronze gardening badge.
  18. 18. Jules switches to digging, there’s not much for her to do around the house yet until she gets some more money.
  19. 19. It’s Joy! From Arbor Watch, how’d you get here sweet heart. Joy spawned as one of the strays, well rightnow her name is Libby. But let’s fix that. That’s funny,Bane’s lineage made it all the way from Arbor Watch.
  20. 20. Jules manages to dig up quite a bit of junk. All the more to use towards a decent business.
  21. 21. Joy/Libby comes back around and Jules startsbonding with her right away. I’ll have Bane’s genetics in two towns….
  22. 22. No sooner than Jules goes to sleep that theweeds spring up and bugs attack her garden. It’s a never ending battle.
  23. 23. The next morning Jules bought Passion Fruits, AlcinenHeight’s first business. There she would sell her veggies and other groceries.
  24. 24. A quick turn in the garden before she can head off tothe new store. She’s lucky enough to get an invite to Peerless Park.
  25. 25. I picked the absolute worst street to place all thecommunity lots on. The ground is extremely hilly, I guess I’ll have to built around that.
  26. 26. Lucky RealPollyMogs has great tutorials on how to buildaround terrain. There’s not much to do yet so Jules just hangs out while the customers play around.
  27. 27. Lex Canine seemed to take offense to Sandy Bruty. Lex leave her alone. I like her. You not so much.
  28. 28. In case you were wondering, woohoo does indeed produce grandkids.
  29. 29. Even after the long work day, Jules didn’t really sleepmuch that night. Crossword puzzles just kind of suck you in. But hey look she got a table and chairs.
  30. 30. Friday means bugs, lots and lots of fragging bugs. Ishould have bought Jules ladybug houses instead of furniture.
  31. 31. There’s one good thing about bugs. Don’t tell the idea bug.
  32. 32. The nice thing is Jules is super easy to keep happy now. So off to Passion Fruits she goes.
  33. 33. Soon there was enough money to get a second thingy and a bit of a back wall started.
  34. 34. Jules quickly gets her bronze cashier badge, but I missed the thingy.
  35. 35. Right before Jules heads home, Chuck Ghoti appears and has a breakdown. I’ve barely started and I’ve got a shrink visit.
  36. 36. Back home, Jules rings up Clarence, hoping he won’t mind plantsimmyness.
  37. 37. Of course it didn’t take long for Clarence to come over. Plantsimmyness or not.
  38. 38. Shyly, Jules asks Clarence on a date which he glad to accept.
  39. 39. Love is in the air.
  40. 40. Needless to say they got a dream date. After playing forso many years, you end up being able to do these in your sleep. Now I’m going to dream about having a dream date.
  41. 41. Luckily, Jules doesn’t need to sleep now, so she can tend the garden all night. I need to get her one of the lamps.
  42. 42. Jules always has company, the strays are omnipresent in her little garden.
  43. 43. Saturday brings in the harvest, 106 tomatoestotal. Half for the family and half goes to the store.
  44. 44. Snow covered tomatoes are delicous.
  45. 45. The reporter comes but then leaves without saying anything.
  46. 46. Both witches also make an appearance. Jules greets them both,but sends Brandi on her way. No need for roaches. Icky things.
  47. 47. Jules got home just in time to greet Wang the local leader of the pack.
  48. 48. Saturday rolls into Sunday with another garden shot.
  49. 49. Joy/Libby finally came around again, Jules spent hours playing with her.
  50. 50. Jules finally can adopt her and Bane’s bloodline joins Alcinen Heights.
  51. 51. The sun sets for Sunday, a short daybecause my no Sunday work rule is being carried over at least for now.
  52. 52. Rotation: Week 1 CAS Available: 1/1 Businesses: Households: 1 of 1 Passion Fruit –Jules- 1 Playable Sims: 1 University Funds: $0 Careers: # Of Total Residents(PS + Neighborhood Worth: $16,473 Gravestones): 1 # of Fires: 0 Community Lots: 1 # of Burglaries: 0 Business Districts: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 Universities: 0 # of Graves: 0 Downtown: No # of Careers Topped: 0 # of Plat Graves: 0 SM: 2 # of Impossible Wants: 0 # of Shrink Visits: 0 Population: 2*Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211