A short corporate guide to Simplyhealth


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We have updated our brochure for large employers, to include the latest products and information.

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A short corporate guide to Simplyhealth

  2. 2. 20,000businesses choose us as their healthcareprovider. Over 200 of these havemore than 1,000 employeesWe’re experts in providing access toquality healthcareFirst impressions are important. You may already have a good idea of the typeof company we are, and have a thorough understanding of the health plans weprovide. Here are some things that you might not know about Simplyhealth:1Laing and Buisson Health Cover UK Market Report 2012ten yearsWe’re pleased to say that our corporateclients stay with us for ten years, onaverageWe have always followed mutualvalues, so do not have shareholders. Ourprofits are reinvested into the business forthe good of our customers and donated tohealth related charitiesWe rebranded to Simplyhealth in 2009, buthave been around for 140 years. You mayhave known us in the past as HSA, LHF,BCWA, Remedi, Medisure or HealthSure.We recently purchased Denplan andGroupama and as it stands today, wecover nearly four million people withhealth plans; more than any othercompany in our sectorOur corporate clients include:AstraZenecaBritish AirwaysThe Co-operativeJohn LewisPartnershipPwCRoyal MailTescoWilliam HillWe’ve specialised in self funded healthplans for 25 years and are now one of theUK’s largest providers, managing£85 million of claims expenditurein 2012. In fact, we are the experts’choice, and manage the employeehealthcare schemes for most of the UK’sprivate hospital groupsWe’re the UK’s biggest health cashplan provider1, and are experts inproviding private medical insurance and selffunded health plans2
  3. 3. Whatever the size of your businesswe have a health plan to fitWe have a wide range of health plans for you to choose from, and we’ll work withyou to tailor a plan that suits your workforce and business objectives.Self funded health plansA bespoke healthcare solution that puts youin control of what is covered. A self fundedarrangement means you only pay for claimsincurred, not an annual premium. It’s cost and taxefficient.Private medical insuranceA range of comprehensive and cost effectivecover to help your employees at times of ill health.Health cash plansIdeal for your entire workforce and can becompany paid or employee paid. It providesmoney back towards everyday healthcare, suchas dental appointments and eye tests.Dental plansAllow employees to claimmoney back on theirdental costs by offering acompany paid or employeepaid plan arranged by Denplan.Bespoke plansYou don’t have to settle for an ‘off the shelf’solution. We can provide a bespoke cash planif your company is looking to pay for more than1,000 employees, and develop a unique privatemedical insurance solution for more than 500employees. We’ll manage the cost of your privatemedical cover and ensure your employees receivesuitable care.Accident plansA company paid or employee paid plan thatprotects against the financial impact of a seriousaccident.Early intervention serviceProvides rapid access to private treatment,without the need to purchase private medicalinsurance or health cash plans. We have helpedsome clients reduce their absence by as much as20%.PartnershipsOffering our health plans to your customer basecould add value to your product offering.Simplyhealth Independent LivingMobility and independent living aids to help fulfilyour employer duty of care needs.3
  4. 4. You can expect world class personalcustomer serviceAt Simplyhealth we can be bothered, which means we’re committed to deliveringexceptional personal customer service at all times.Our vision is to inspire people towards better health. Here’s how we show our clients that we can bebothered.Partnership philosophyWe specialise in healthcare, which gives us aunique perspective so we can work with you tooffer a solution that’s tailored to your needs andbudget. We won’t push one particular plan butinstead take the time to understand what’s rightfor your business so you can make an informedchoice.Better healthInspiring people towards better health is at theheart of our business. Our plans can offer supportwith issues in the workplace such as stress,back pain and absence management. We’ll evencome in to explain how our plans work to youremployees, so they can make the most of them.Personal serviceThe Institute of Customer Service recognises thatour customer services team is world class, andwe have achieved its sought after ServiceMarkaccreditation.We try to avoid automated telephone systems, sowhen your employees call during opening hoursthey’ll speak to a person in one of our UK callcentres.For complex private medical insurance claimsyour employees will have one contact to helpthem through diagnosis and treatment. We canalso arrange all of their appointments for them.ServiceMark™ accredited4
  5. 5. Simplyhealth Managing CareWhen it comes to private health, Simplyhealth aims to provide the right care atthe right time for the right cost. We deliver this in three ways: through innovation,our expertise and our commitment to world class customer care. Theseprinciples ensure that our suppliers deliver quality care for your employees andcost effective outcomes for you. We don’t lose sight of the patient as an individualand we respect and value you as our partner.Right careRight care isn’t just about hospitals and treatment,it’s also about ensuring your employees getappropriate care for their illness. Helping peopletowards better health is at the heart of ourbusiness and ingrained in our company ethos.Right timeRight care at the right time gives you and youremployees peace of mind when you need usmost. You can be confident that your employeeswill be seen quickly and cared for in a way thatmakes the most of your healthcare budget.Right costManaging care is also about managing costs.Simplyhealth reduces unnecessary healthcarecosts through our astute negotiation, challengingcosts and managing and engaging with providers.Speak to your key account manager for moreinformation about Simplyhealth ManagingCare and our evidence to show how it works.Simplyhealthmanaging careRight care, right time,right costCare-Takingcareof your Innovation-Helpingyourpeoplepeopleeverystepofthe way tomanagetheirhealthExpertise - Shaping solutionsto suit your business needs5
  6. 6. Our key account managersWe only employ experienced key accountmanagers to help you decide what type of planyour business needs, and the most effectiveways to implement it. Our key account managersgo through a rigorous recruitment and trainingprogramme and are experienced in large scaleimplementation. Their consultative approach willensure your plan runs efficiently and smoothly.Our team are highly experienced in developinginternal communications strategies that meet yourbusiness requirements and help you to make themost of your plan.In most cases, your key account manager willbe appointed following your initial contact withSimplyhealth. They will be with you throughoutthe implementation of the plan and on an ongoingbasis so you can be confident that we will deliverwhat we promise.If you’d prefer your employees to pay for theirhealth cash plans, we have one of the largestworksite teams in the UK who will visit them atwork.Our awardsWe have won many awards for health plans andcustomer service. In 2012, Simplyhealth wasnamed Best Health Care Insurance Provider atthe Personal Finance Awards, while Denplan wonthe title of Best Dental Plan Provider at the HealthInsurance Awards, both for the third year running.The 2013 UK Customer Satisfaction Awardsalso saw Simplyhealth scoop the CustomerCommitment Award and Denplan the QualityService Award.The type of company we areWe can trace our history back to the first hospitalsavings schemes that helped communities tokeep their hospitals and access the medical carethey needed.We have always focused on healthcare soour customers can rely on us for specialistknowledge.Throughout our 140 years, we’ve never strayedfrom our mutual values. Our mission is to helpmore people feel better, which means we put ourcustomers, clients and communities first.Each year we donate at least £1 million tohealth related charities and local causes closeto our office locations in Andover, Bristol, Leeds,Manchester and Winchester.In a world where so many people can’t bebothered, we’re proud to be the healthcarecompany that can.6
  7. 7. Don’t take our word for itHere’s what our customers have to sayClient: Tesco PLCPlan: Corporate voluntary cash planClient since: Over ten years“Simplyhealth provides us with a tailormade cash plan for all levels of Tesco employees,helping with everyday healthcare costs for boththemselves and their families.This remains one of our most popular voluntarybenefits.The support and regular contact I receive fromour account manager is second to none and themanagement reports and marketing material areboth simple and self explanatory.The team are always willing to explore alternativeways of working within the Tesco framework tooffer the best voluntary healthcare options for ouremployees.It is a pleasure to work with Simplyhealth.„Louise CaseyUK & ROI Benefits Manager, Tesco PLCClient: SyngentaPlan: Self funded health planClient since: 2000“We have an excellent relationship with ouraccount management team at Simplyhealth andthey’ve always been proactive and very handson. They’ve reported back on how employeesare using the plan and analysed trends which hasreally helped our HR strategy.Now we have a plan that we can control, adaptand monitor which means we can always keepcosts in check, saving us in excess of £100,000per year. We know which benefits our employeesare using and we’re more in tune with the impactand value they have.We want to recruit and retain talented employees,so our health plan is a great way of showing whySyngenta is such a great place to work.„Nick CansfieldHead of UK Operations, SyngentaClient: William HillPlan: Self funded health planClient since: 1985“We decided to offer a bespoke self fundedhealth plan in 1985 to provide our employeeswith a cost efficient healthcare benefit with realvalue. During that time we have built a very goodrelationship with our administrator at Simplyhealth,and our account manager June, who has reallygot to know the profile of our business. Shekeeps us up to date with any new healthcaredevelopments and constantly reviews the plan toensure that it fits with our requirements. Althoughthe healthcare benefit is not something you everwant to have to use, it gives our employeespeace of mind and a sense of relief to know thatthey have it. Those that have used the plan havereceived great service and have always spokento friendly and knowledgeable people. The mostimportant thing is that Simplyhealth makes thingseasy for them.„Marcella MeechanHead of Group HR, William HillClient: Yorkshire Building SocietyPlan: Company paid cash planClient since: 2012“Having reviewed our total rewardspackage, we removed a benefit that was nolonger useful to our employees. With the budgetwe saved, we have implemented a health cashplan with Simplyhealth. A health cash plansupports our strategy to help employees takecare of their health and their health costs. Wechose Simplyhealth because of their reputation,their ability to reach all of our employees acrossour 285 sites and their expertise in large scaleimplementation and communication. Our tailormade cash plan has been well received byemployees, and the support we receive from ouraccount manager and the rest of the Simplyhealthteam is unrivalled. When Simplyhealth say thatthey adopt a partnership philosophy, I’m pleasedto say that they really do.„Simon WallHR Business Partner, Yorkshire Building Society7
  8. 8. We’re here to help your employees and your businessFor more information about Simplyhealth, please visit:www.simplyhealth.co.uk/businessCall 0800 980 7433Email forbusiness@simplyhealth.co.ukFollow us on Twitter:@simplyhealthUKFind us on LinkedIn:www.linkedin.com/company/simplyhealthWatch our videos on YouTube:www.youtube.com/user/simplyhealthUKGet involved on our blog:www.simplyhealth.co.uk/blog/businesses1205031-EMP-LCB-0411Private health insurance Health cash plans Dental plans Self funded health planswww.simplyhealth.co.uk/socialmediaSimplyhealth is a trading name of Simplyhealth Access, which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority andregulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Simplyhealth Access is registeredand incorporated in England and Wales, registered no. 183035. Registered office, Hambleden House, Waterloo Court,Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1LQ. Your calls may be recorded and monitored for training and quality assurance purposes.