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Simplyhealth back care factsheet for buisnesses


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7.6 million working days are lost every year due to work related musculoskeletal disorders.

We can help prevent back pain becoming a problem for your business.

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Simplyhealth back care factsheet for buisnesses

  1. 1. Key facts FactsheetAn estimated 583,000 people in Great Britain sufferfrom a musculoskeletal disorder they believe wascaused or made worse by work. We can help preventSource: Health and Safety Executive statisticsMusculoskeletal injuries make up 57% of long-term back pain becomingabsence for manual workers and 46% ofnon-manual workers. a problem for yourSource: CIPD Absence Management Survey 20117.6 million working days are lost every year due to businesswork related musculoskeletal disorders.Source: Health and Safety Executive statistics44% of all work related illnesses are musculoskeletaldisorders, with agricultural, construction and postaland courier industries seeing the highest rates.Source: Health and Safety Executive statisticsBack pain is one of the most commonmusculoskeletal problems. Alongside the upperlimbs, they make up 80% of all issues.Source: Health and Safety Executive statistics If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us on 0845 075 0063 visit or email us: For more information on musculoskeletal disorders visit 1207024 Simplyhealth is a trading name of Simplyhealth Access, registered and incorporated in England and Wales, No.183035. Registered office: Hambleden House, Waterloo Court, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1LQ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Your calls may be recorded and monitored for training and quality assurance purposes.
  2. 2. What you can do What we can do to help you How we do itDealing with back pain How a plan from Simplyhealth Here’s an example of1. Get your staff involved can help how it worksTalking to your staff about ways tocounter back pain is good because Simplyhealth plans are flexible enough to suit the needs of your business and your budget. They can help you address problem areas including “ One of our associate directors was involved in a minor road traffic accident that threw his back out. Under the plan he was able to claim „they know what they find difficult and sickness absence and help your employees feel valued. money back for the regular osteopathy treatment he needed. He wasoften have good ideas about how to really grateful and wonderfully impressed that he could provide bank Evidence showsimprove things. that good relationships details and be paid directly into his account.Involving employees and safety between employers and Basic Simply Cash Plan employees are important inrepresentatives in discussions about plan Our plan covers your employees for everyday treatments Gerry Scrase, Financial Controller, David Lock Associates the successful managementhow to improve health and safety will of back pain problems and starts from just £1 per employee, per week.also make it easier to agree changes, Source: HSE The basic plan lets employees claim £150 annuallyand employees will be more likely Here’s how we’ve towards treatments including physiotherapy, chiropractic,to follow procedures that they have osteopathy and acupuncture.helped to design. It also provides up to £500 annually towards the cost of diagnostic consultations and scans. helped others “2. Assess the risks and find ways to avoid or reduce them The Trustees recognise that healthy staff work more efficiently, and encourage our staff to take advantage of all elements of the policy,Five steps to assessing risk in your business: including responding to the first twinges of back pain with chiropractic, Choice 4 - Managing absence „Step 1 - Identify the hazards physiotherapy or osteopathy treatment. The fact that there is no need (25p per employee per week) for a GP referral and no excess removes two of the main barriers to earlyStep 2 - Decide who might be harmed and how • Telephone access to Human Resources experts action.Step 3 - Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions • Help with getting employees back to work Julie Alsford, Director of Finance, Age ConcernStep 4 - Record your findings and implement them • Provides expertise in occupational health, nursing, osteopathy and physiotherapyStep 5 - Review your assessment and update if necessary3. Know what your obligations are as an employer• Keep a record and analyse sickness absence so you can spot any Simply medical insurance trends early An effective way to give your employees access to diagnosis and treatment. We have a number of options depending on the size• Use an occupational health provider if you are worried about the and needs of your business. number of employees affected by back pain• Invest in effective sickness absence management Preferential Our most comprehensive option that provides extensive levels ofThe Health and Safety Executive website has a wealth of information like medical cover, benefits and associated services.this about minimising risk in your business and gives guidance on specific Accessibleindustries: An ideal starting point for health cover providing excellent value money and a wide range of medical benefits.