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Where the most popular Youtube stars are today


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What happens to Youtube stars after their fifteen minutes of fame? Do they get longer than fifteen minutes or do they disappear as quickly as they appeared? We looked at 19 of the most popular Youtube videos to find out

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Where the most popular Youtube stars are today

  2. 2. Views1,627,750,761Time At The TopSix MonthsLast SeenGetting booed at aperformance ofGangnamStyle at theItalian World Cup FinalPSY : GANGNAM STYLE
  3. 3. Views97,650,781Time At The TopOne MonthThe LatestKony is still at largeand the campaign hasbeen described as a‘gimmick’ in somecirclesKONY 2012
  4. 4. Views461,807,828Time At The TopFive MonthsThe LatestDue to headline atCanada Day festivitiesat Parliament HillCARLY RAE JEPSEN
  5. 5. Views39,967,492Time At The TopOne MonthThe LatestCurrently developingtheir own mobile gameOK GO
  6. 6. Views19,420,950Time At The TopSix WeeksLast SeenMaking a follow-upbookSHIT GIRLS SAY
  7. 7. Views13,993,840Time At The TopTwo WeeksLast SeenAppearing in an onlinead for headsets.comCHUCK TESTA
  8. 8. Views53,338,336Time At The TopTwo MonthsLast SeenRecording a musicvideo with Dave DaysREBECCA BLACK
  9. 9. Views150,619,353Time At The TopFour MonthsLast SeenRecording a new musicvideo, due for releasesoonWALK OFF THE EARTH
  10. 10. Views26,162,756Time At The TopFive WeeksLast SeenIn a Volkswagen ad atthe SuperbowlEHARMONY CAT GIRL
  11. 11. Views1,450,780Time At The TopFive MonthsLast SeenSuing Apple forcopyright infringementand due to appear in afilmAIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT
  12. 12. Views10,324,217Time At The TopFive WeeksLast SeenAppearing in other adsDOLLAR SHAVE CLUB
  13. 13. Views27,124,084Time At The TopFive WeeksLast SeenStill being a babyDRAGON BABY
  14. 14. Views34,683,736Time At The TopTwo MonthsLast SeenWith an album atnumber five in the UKchartsBGT : CHARLOTTE & JONATHAN
  15. 15. Views32,474,471Time At The TopOne MonthLast SeenBeing nominated foraviator of the yearFELIX BAUMGARTNER
  16. 16. Views32,818,723Time At The TopThree WeeksLast SeenCreating more videoson his Youtube channelFACEBOOK PARENTING FOR THETROUBLED TEEN
  17. 17. Views15,611,532Time At The TopFour MonthsLast SeenParodying Call MeMaybe, with 19 millionviewsOVERLY ATTACHED GIRLFRIEND
  18. 18. Views22,996,681Time At The TopOne MonthLast SeenTrying to fix worldsadness, in a videowith Thomas LennonKID PRESIDENT
  19. 19. Views26,510,377Time At The TopTwo MonthsLast SeenWorking for KRAFTFoods and writing abookGOLDEN VOICE
  20. 20. Views52,045,904Time At The TopTwo Years (ongoing)Last SeenBeing a generalcelebrityJENNA MARBLES