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A Tv slidshow on all the demographic informatrion on a giving show on the channels

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Tv shows

  1. 1. TV Shows And Channels Erin Nuttall
  2. 2. ITV 1, 2, 3 • The people who would be more likely to watch Some of the shows can be serious, dealing with Murder, they would most likely to be on ITV1, but then on ITV2, the programs deal with funny, and not serious shows, like The Only Way is Essex. • But during the day it has a wide rage of kids programs, during 7am and 9am. But then puts on reality shows like Jeremy Kyle.
  3. 3. Broad-church • • This link talks about what the show is about who wrote, directed it and who appears in the program.
  4. 4. • So the Demographic for ITV would be for people who either, like a good brain teaser, like Broadchurch, so it could target people in a couple who would like to spend time together, also for people who are from the age of 20+. • But on ITV2, it could deal with more of the people who don’t have a day time occupation, the programs will be an easy narrative to deal with, mostly to do with reality, so it would be funny, and wouldn’t have much to think about.
  5. 5. BBC • BBC one, has a wide range of shows that they put on, from The Escape Artist, to Doctor Who, to science programs Like Brian Coxs’. • But on the channel BBC3, that channel deals with the comic side to television, like Russell Howard Good, News, Family Guy and American Dad. • And the same with BBC2, it is like BBC One, it deals with reality shows, like Antiques road show
  6. 6. Have I Got News For You • es/hignfy.shtml • Gives all the information about how long the show has been on for, and what you will mostly find on the show.
  7. 7. • During the morning time on BBC2, it could target the elderly audience say 60+, because it is all to deal with easy sittings, like Antique Road Show, Home Under the Hammer. While BBC1 during the day, shows sometimes talks about politics, and has soaps on, so it would all be an easy watch for maybe families liking Eastenders. But later one it would like ITV, go into more serious shows during the week days, at the weekend, they deal with something that maybe the whole family could watch.
  8. 8. E4 and Channel 4 • Channel four deals with some comic shows, such as 8 Out of Ten Cats, but it does also have the latest news, and put on documenters, like Dispatches. • But on E4, this deals with on comic shows, with maybe a bot of romance to it, but they are all easy shows. There is nothing to do with a serious drama, it puts on shows like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.
  9. 9. Press release, The big bang Theory • • This talks abut a specific episode on The Big Bang Theory, who is in it, and what they thought of the episode.
  10. 10. • The Demographic for Channel for would be for able 18+, it doesn’t cater for children like on the BBC, it will deal with maybe couples, who are interested in documenters, but also families who love the comedian side to television. • E4, however is mainly based for young people 16+, it doesn't tackle real life, it doesn’t put on the news, they are all shows that are easy to watch and have happy ending in them.