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Why IoT is so important for insurance companies


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In this webinar, we are discussing the importance of IoT for Insurance companies.

For whom this webinar series? Sales, technical pre-sales, sales, support SO’s and integrators, IoT platforms.

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Why IoT is so important for insurance companies

  1. 1. Simple Hardware Company Introduction, Product Portfolio & Financial Plan Why IoT is so important for Insurance companies Pavel Sodomka Founder & CEO of Simple HW
  2. 2. About this webinar Who is this webinar insight for? Sales, technical pre-sales, sales, support SO’s and integrators, IoT platforms. Technical level: intermediate Format: 30 mins presentation + 15 mins Questions & Answers session Speaker: Pavel Sodomka, CEO at Simple Hardware
  3. 3. • Insurance owns a large clients base • Insurance has money • Insurance companies need to differentiate (esp. as online only and P2P insurance is coming) • They need to diversify their incomes and leverage their customer billing relationship • They need stories/content/PR Unique position of Insurance companies
  4. 4. • 26 insurance companies in the Czech republic only • SimpleCell, Simple Hardware, T-Mobile running pilots with the biggest ones Market situation
  5. 5. • Over 300 000 clients • Using SimplePack Door and SimpleLeak • In preparation for 12 months • Developing their own application • Distribution through the biggest CEE online shop and through their agent network Selling the solution not giving it away free of charge
  6. 6. Try to guess what percentage of insurance is insurance risk? In insurance we trust - WHY?
  7. 7. 7-10% so very little interested in lowering in insurance risk but: Customer acquisition - tangibles Customer retention - lock in Insurance brand in households New income Content/Story/PR/Innovativeness Most important ? In insurance we trust - WHY ?
  8. 8. Mobile phone application In insurance we trust - WHY ?
  9. 9. Strengths • easy to understand • easy to install • massively scalable - needs lot of connectivity • they are rich • not touching internal processes • relatively short sales cycle • NB-IoT limited due to pricing In insurance we trust WHY IDEAL for SIGFOX- SWOT Weaknesses • needs smart Sigfox coverage • insurance IT dept. overloaded • needs proper project and PoC definition and execution Opportunities • Simple Hardware preparing for SOs and integrators Insurance Sales Kit ROI, TCO, mobile phone app, brandable presentation, devices, demo scripts, qualification, discovery, solution validation checklists, handouts Threats • gateway based systems (KBC) • badly performing hardware • badly performing network • lack of support
  10. 10. How many insurance companies are there in your country?
  11. 11. ● Insight 6: In LEGO boxes we trust - why we don't do end-to-end solution and the role of partners in Sigfox ecosystem. ● BONUS Webinar: Why do we all need to use CheckFox? And why is it so Sigfox special? REGISTER HERE Register for more
  12. 12. Now it is time for your questions!
  13. 13. Thank you for your time! For all webinars please visit